Australia and Oceania, Asia · 33 Days · 38 Moments · December 2016

Yung tour 2016-17 Hong Kong, Zhaoqing, Seoul

6 January 2017

We're home after a long flight. Zoe was unwell for most of the trip but she made it! It was raining when we got home but otherwise he to was nice. And we were all jet-lagged!

5 January 2017

Final day in Hong Kong! We packed everything and took the bags down to check out. We then had lunch with Yi Poh, Uncle and Auntie (he was determined to pay!) We had difficulties being contacted because I changed our sim cards. We then got some last minute souvenirs for the trip. We even had coffee at Beans! We then got back to the hotel and waited for the van (who also had difficulties contacting us!) The check in at the airport was smooth. We had dinner at the airport and then walked to the terminal We're in our way home!

4 January 2017

A late start after a massive day. We had a small breakfast then off to lunch with the cousins again, this time at a buffet hot pot. It was very relaxing and filing! The children cooked their own food, prepared their dessert and got their own drinks. They even gave some to us! Zoe got a new pair of Adidas superstar! We then went to the science museum again. Jenny left early to get the washing at Cheung Sah Wan. We got some more souvenirs. We also got Jacky Cheung and a Kubo and the two strings DVD. We then travelled back to Tsuen Wan for dinner with Jenny's cousin. After we got to the hotel, we went to get some dessert at the Bean. Incredible desserts!

3 January 2017

More Disneyland pictures!
Disneyland! We started the day with breakfast st Italimomo. Phoebe meet us there. We then took all of our bags and went down to be picked up by Joanne (for the children) and the go go van for the rest of us. The children went to Disney first and we went to the hotel in Tsuen Wan to drop off the luggage first. After that we took the taxi to Disneyland. It was a very quiet day for Disney and so we went in many rides. The children went on around 14 rides! Some multiple times. We got a picture from hyperspace Mountain (the third time) and we had dinner at Disney. After the fireworks, we got some souvenirs. We went back to an almost empty car park and then we were joined by Steve who brought us desserts.

2 January 2017

Cleaning up day We began the day with a more traditional HK breakfast and then spent most of the day cleaning and packing for the journey back. The children were at their cousins' place and they rode bikes, bowled, played Street fighter ( Caitlyn's fav game) and ate a lot of food. We went to pizza hut for dinner with the cousins and had dessert afterwards. We then took the bus home.

1 January 2017

Happy New Year! We started the year by going to Church with my Auntie and Andrew. It's a church that's near where they live. It was great seeing Auntie and her friends at church! We then travelled to Sai Ying Pun to visit Angel and hey father. Jenny used to live there a long time ago but hey building has been demolished. The afternoon tea was nice! We walked around the markets afterwards, had coffee, walked passed David Lane then traveled back to Samson's place for dinner. A massive dinner one again! We left the children with their cousins and headed back home.

31 December 2016

Visit to Cheung Chau! We first went to have 🍳 at IFC Maccas and then we met the rest of the family at pier 5. After a short boat ride we arrived at Cheung Chau! It was a little island with many places for seafood. We walked along the beach for a little while. We then got some noodles for lunch. Steve met us at the end of lunch and led us to Cheung Po Ja, where the pirate had hidden his treasures more than 100 years ago. However there were too many people there and so we went to an alternative beach instead. We had a small break as we walked back to the pier. However the boat we wanted to catch had left and so we stayed and had some Street food. Chips stack! Kau Fu and I were tied and fell asleep on the boat ride home and Steve took some pics of us. We walked from the pier to tram station where we took the tram to dinner. It was great to able to express our gratitude to the relatives. We then had a quick visit to the Sony test store before going home for the countdown!

30 December 2016

Had brunch at simply life again followed by another visit sky 100 (of course!) The day view was amazing! We could see the landscape more clearly. Four of us went to the science museum and Mummy went to shop at tst. There were a lot of interactive things to see and do at the museum, including the mirror maze and the T-Rex exhibition. We then met up with Ken and Sienna at a special place afterwards, where we saw Jenny. It was a lovely dinner. We caught the Number 2 home.

29 December 2016

Today was relaxing day while dad wasn't feeling well the rest of the family went with Andrew to look for Adidas superstars. Afterwards we couldn't find any. The 4 members of the family had afternoon with Andrew. After that the family B met at Davids godmothers place for a seafood hotpot dinner with lots of food. The kids learnt how to use the hot pot to cook food.

28 December 2016

Ezekiel's Birthday! We started the day with a brief Birthday Celebration (trying to blow the star wars candle) then of to see Rogue One at the Grand Cinemas at the Elements. Rogue One was excellent! We then had lunch at Simply Life with Alan and Annie. After lunch, we took the taxi home, relaxed and went to Tim Ho Wan for dinner. Tim Ho Wan was really good for what we've paid for! Excellent dim sims! As we walked back, we had dessert then walked back home. It was a relaxinmg day.

27 December 2016

We had a later than usual start to the day! We went to Mong Kok for brunch with the girls (congee + fried dough). Ezekiel had breakfast and lunch with Andrew and the Man boys, respectively. The girls then did some more shopping while I had a quick look at the Computer Centre followed by coffee at 18 grams. We then headed to Tseung Kwan O to pick up Ezekiel. We then travelled to Siu Sai Wan to meet up with Wendy Fong and her daughter Abigail. We had a good walk along the coast (up the mountain!) We then had Hot Pot with Wendy's family (including Danny). We were joined by Tammy afterwards and had a good time of discussion. Another late night....

26 December 2016

Day camp with the Man family We went to Lei Yu Moon Holiday village with the Mans. It used to be a British regiment that trained British soldiers but it's now a place where families went for day camps. the views looked great! We did a number of things there: low-rope, archery, bike riding, air hockey and a lot of BBQ cooking, HK style. The children and the parents thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We left in the afernoon and had some Gai Dan Chai for afternoon tea. We all then went to Andrw's place for more food. Hot Pot (this is probably the most popular way people eat in HK). After another full meal, we went home. Except for Ezekiel, who stayed behind at Andrew's place

25 December 2016

Christmas Day! It's the first one we had together in Hong Kong as a family! In fact, it's the first one we had overseas as a family. We started the day by going to the 11:30am service at St Andrew's TST. There were many people there in the main hall. Many visitors. The preacher was an Australian who preached on the surprise at Christmas. We then went to have Christmas lunch at a local Indonesian / Malaysian restaurant. We then went to TST to look for some balls of happinness. However, we just got some icecream instead and walked around the foreshore. We then walked for about 40 mins to Sky100. Before we got there, we had some chips at Chips Republic. The view at the 100th floor was amazing! We had a 360 degrees view of HK. It was a great way to spend Christmas together as a family!

24 December 2016

Picnic Day! After brunch, Martin and Samson came to pick us up to Tin Sui Wai. It's a simple park with simple games but it was really fun. There was a ball on water that the children ran in. Farm animals to feed. And boats to pedal in. The children all played with bikes and others automobiles towards the end. Martin and I even sang Karaoke. We then went to a local restaurant for dinner. Great food!

23 December 2016

We went to the ancient tomb in the morning. It's around 2000 years old and it was discovered as units were being built. It's called Lee Cheng tomb and it was in our neighborhood! And it didn't have a body, at all! Jenny's uniqlo jacket wasn't really holding well only after two weeks so we took it back for an exchange. We all got new clothes as a result! We got some really good coffee at Knockbox cafe We then went to buy sneakers. Everyone got a new pair of sneakers! Caitlyn's took the longest to find. We then had dinner nearby in Mong Kok and then we went home.

22 December 2016

We left Korea separately. The Chens went first, then us, then Ken. We took the express train back which was far more relaxing. We got through the customs and made it to the plane at final call! We had Burger King dinner at the airport (one of the Burger Kings in HK) then traveled back home.

21 December 2016

Off to the snow! We got to Myeong Dong meeting place (Lotte hotel) at 7:40am and left for the Snowy Mountains. The first so was a ferry ride to Naminara Island. It was an unexpected delight! It even had its own "visas". Very peaceful place. We had local lunch followed by getting the snow gears. We then went to the snows! After a brief lesson, we skied down the slopes. Jenny didn't want to do it at first but she overcame her reluctance and skied down the slopes. We didn't have a lot of time but it was still fun. Back to Myeong Dong for dinner. Uncle Ken bought the socks for us!

20 December 2016

Lotte world! It was a short ride to Jamdil, where Lotte world was. However we went to have brunch at a food court at Lotte centre first. The centre was massive! We then went to Lotte world which was massive as well! We split into several groups, groups that were willing to wait in quese and those who didn't (not for an hour anyway). There were a number of 4d rides and some clever rides for an indoor theme park, including a slow turning 360 degrees ride that all the children went on! The trick eye like show was fun. We had dinner afterwards followed by more shopping!

19 December 2016

Suwon day visit! We had everyone together today, including Ken! We took the train to Suwon then took the shuttle bus to the folk village. Bring Winter it was fairly quiet but it was still beautiful. We walked around the village, enjoyed the folk dance and horse riding shows and had Korean lunch. Ezekiel and Chris bought a flute each! It was a leisurely stroll and we had dinner at Suwon followed by shaved ice and more shopping at Myeong Dong afterwards!

18 December 2016

We started the day going to breakfast at Gangnam. Of ask the food we could have, we had Lotteria, a Korean fast food place. After walking around for a little bit, we went to New Harvest Church, the English speaking congregation of Sarang. Great message and great service! Best that Kevin went to! We then separated and visited Sarang Church a few stations down in Sencho. It was a magnificent building, designed with ministry in mind. Had meaningful structures as well! We then went to have Korean BBQ across from the hotel. We then met up with the Chens to go to Seoul Tower. Beautiful sight seeing from Namsan! We then walked back to our hotel. Yes it was that close!

17 December 2016

Off to Korea! We got to the airport at around 8am. We got through to the terminal at around 10am with Andrew. We then took the plane to Seoul. Once we got to Incheon, we took the train to Seoul City Station then walked to Ramada hotel. We then met up with Tracey, Chris, Kevin and Rachel. We went out to dinner at the Vietnamese restaurant across the road. We had a quick visit to Namdaemun market Street dinner. We then went back to sleep at 1006, 1015, 1017

16 December 2016

We had breakfast near the Guangzhou station with Andrew and the godparents. We then went through the immigration and got on the train back to Hong Kong. We got to Hung Hom by around 3pm, where we had lunch. And then we came back to pack for Korea! (We went to the corner pastry store for dinner)

15 December 2016

Today packed up our bags to Guangzhou. It was a fairly decent bus ride to Solfitel. Once we stopped the luggage off, we went to the Chens' hotel. We then went to visit Chris' grandmother. After that we went to have afternoon tea with Mum and Dad (who were about an hour late). After a brief rest in the hotel, we went to visit our cousins (for the first time!) We then went back to Solfitel for bed.

14 December 2016

Day with no official plans! After buffet breakfast we went to the park for exercise. Jenny for interviewed by some Uni kids. We then sailed on the lake! Western Lunch at Grandpa's followed by some rest. Twin skin milk for afternoon tea! Then dinner with everybody. Fountain display at Plaza then back to hotel for rest.

13 December 2016

Had a huge buffet breakfast. Went back to visit Jenny's village today. Visited many family sites, including the graves of Jenny's ancestors. Had massive lunch with relatives. Then went to Jenny's mother's village. Followed by dinner with Choizhi's school friends. The children played slingshots in the Plaza.

12 December 2016

Going to Zhaoqing today by train! Arrived at around 4:30pm. The Star Hotel looked amazing! Dinner with Choizhi's godparents and then went to the Zhaoqing Plaza. Home for bed!

11 December 2016

Visited Sham Shui Bo Baptise Church in the morning. Had a tour of the new building. Then off to a four hours lunch! And also, Serena Gundelove was born!

10 December 2016

Brunch in the morning at Italimomo them off to Mong Kok's Moko for Uniqlo shopping. Bought over $HK2500 worth of clothes! Then Jenny did some Toy shopping before going to Birthday dinner with relatives.

9 December 2016

Ocean Park! Rides include: Hair raiser, bumper cars, Artic Blast, Rapid river, dragon. The views were magnificent!

8 December 2016

Caught the bus to Tsim Sah Tsui to have lunch with Uncle, Auntie and cousin at Scouts Centre. Walked through Kowloon Park to Hong Kong History Museum. Had afternoon tea then travelled to Andrew's place for dinner at seafood restaurant. Massive dinner!
Fun fact #1: I've seen my 7th Tesla in HK in the three days since I've been here.

7 December 2016

Day 3: visited Jenny's old school. Had first flat white in HK. Afternoon at the Peak. Watched light show in Tsim Shah Tsui

6 December 2016

Day 2 Having lunch with relatives and shopping for everyday things. Caught up with Steve and Phoebe afterwards. Had a serious upgrade on Pokemon Ho!
And we're here!

5 December 2016

On our way
Checked in, bags in. Having some morning tea
Here we go!