United States of America · 10 Days · 10 Moments · July 2018

David's Owner Op Adventure

4 August 2018

So my current load (as of now) is 2 giant electrical transformers. Easy to secure, shipper put the tarps on for me, all I had to do was bungee the tarps down. That process wasn't too bad, what was bad, was the 2.5 hours it took to go 10 miles because of a lane closure for construction. Talk about wasting time on my clock! I wanted to make it to the Ohio and Indiana state line but thanks to that delay I didn't have the hours. Only made it as far as Jefferson, oh and I had to get a paid spot because all the free ones were taken at 10pm at night! Oh well. It's morning now and my goal is to get as close as possible to the receiver in Wisconsin.

3 August 2018

3rd and final skidsteer delivery. Couldn't get the gooseneck off so they had to drive it onto another trailer from the side. That was very annoying. No loads in the area so I had to deadhead all the way back to VA for my next load. Good fuel economy, but sucks because I still have to pay for fuel and cents per mile into things like my maintenance account. I'm not exactly happy about it. 350 dh miles. It adds up.
Delivered 2nd skidsteers bright and early. Nothing much else to report about it.

2 August 2018

This was the first town I delivered one of the skidsteers in. That morning someone decided to try to take the express route to the bottom of the mountain. In other words someone drove off the side. No idea the condition of the drivers. 2 heavy haul wreckers were in the process of pulling the vehicle(s?) up. All I could see was them and emergency crew. My 2nd delivery was in Columbus oh, but I just didn't quite make it in time. They stopped receiving at 5p, I got there at 530. Since I couldn't deliver till the next morning I parked at the Hollywood casino and took a lyft to the movie theater and Walmart. Saw the new mission impossible and spent too much at Walmart haha.

1 August 2018

After delivery of the loader I went down to Sanford, nc to pick up these 3 skidsteers. The load had 3 delivery stops. Loading was quick but securement took some time because it was so hot I had to take several breaks.

31 July 2018

So I picked this bad boy up last week in Shippensburg, pa. Had to swap out my brand new flatbed trailer for an rgn in Aberdeen, md. I delivered the loader Wed morning. Nothing to glorious, pretty quick turnaround time. Was my first time removing the gooseneck from an rgn though so that took some time to figure out.

30 July 2018

Little bit delayed in posting an update. Delivered that one mess of a load to Philly on Monday morning. Bit interesting... While it wasn't illegal for my truck to be where it was, it certainly wasn't a truck friendly area haha. Even with closed axles and taking my turns as wide as I could, I still curb checked 2x. After I delivered the load and got everything put away I went down to Aberdeen, MD to swap out my flatbed trailer for an rgn (removable goose neck) then made my way to Carlisle, Penn to shutdown for the night. When I got to the petro in Carlisle I discovered my old company truck parked there. I decided to park next him and say hi as well as welcome him to the company as he had only been with ats for about a week.

27 July 2018

Well yesterday was quite a long day. Not very productive in terms of milage. Delivered load that I picked up in Galveston over in Bolingbrook, IL. That was quick and easy. Then I drove on down to Joliet IL to get the load I have now. I got there about 11:30 am and didn't escape till after 6-7pm! Didn't start loading me till around 12:30-1pm,finished about 2:30 then I had to tarp and secure the load. I already don't like tarping as is but this one was a pain because I had to lift my tarps on top of the load and unroll it but with very few places I could climb around on the load. It took both of my long tarps (24' long ea) plus my smoke tarp to cover it all. While it did take forever to tarp and secure I'd say I did a really good job! This load delivers Monday morning in Philadelphia, PA. The first 2 pictures show how narrow of a space I had to back into and last 3 are of my tarped load.

26 July 2018

So I got a lv 2 inspection this morning. Got pulled into weigh station and found out the hard way that I was overweight on trailer axle by about 4k lbs. Luckily I just got a warning because I was able to spread the axles. On a tandem axle you can have 34k lbs, spread axle allows for 20k each. However before letting me go they did a level 2 inspection on the truck and trailer. Both are brand new so passed no problem. Other than that, pretty boring day. Drove about 630 miles. I have about 145 left to go tomorrow morning to deliver this load then I'll be picking up my next one going from Joliet IL to Philadelphia PA. That one delivers on Monday.

25 July 2018

Picked up this 20k lb crane base plate yesterday in Galveston, TX. It was quite the hurry up and weight process. I usually try to get to my customers at least 30 minutes early. Well this was at the port and security would not let me in even 20 min early! Made me turn around and go park down the road in a dirt lot until 8am. Once I returned I had to wait in line, then check in at the shipping office. That's where the fun started. My load info didn't have any kind of bol number and the guy at the window wouldn't let me go to loading area until I gave him a pick up number. After multiple calls to my dispatcher and over an hour wasted my company got a rep to come to office to take me where I needed to go. Then I had to wait in line again for about 4-5 other trucks to get loaded. That was about another 2 hours or so. Once it was my turn it took about 10 minutes to get loaded then I went over to the securement area and strapped down the load. Then I had to wait for a truck to move.