United States of America · 3 Days · 14 Moments · September 2016

Our 1 year anniversary to NYC

25 September 2016

A few final views of the concrete jungle before we leave this morning!
Made it to Times Square last night and didn't quite find the spot where David proposed but we made do! The trip has been so memorable. I am so grateful for this man and our marriage🙏🏼

24 September 2016

Sky lounge💜
My husband did good on these seats! So excited and can't contain ourselves!!!
Waiting for the show to start
New Amsterdam Theatre
Heading to the show
Cuddle time and relaxation before our show tonight😍
Lunch from little Italy🍕
Spent the day looking for Pokémon at the national museum of history🏙
Our breakfast at Alice's tea cup Chapter 1☕️

23 September 2016

Dessert at Sugar Factory with my sweet man🍭🍫🍪
The beginning of our trip🍎
This morning we departed for NYC from DC around 630 (638am to be exact). David and I were both up around 4am with anticipation building for our anniversary trip back to NYC after a year of marriage. David showered and shaved then grabbed McDonalds. We called the uber and said goodbye to the pups at 530. As we depart DC I remember all the other "roads" we have been down together; some of them much "dirtier" than now. But I am reminded that with this sweet man there aren't many things we can't face together! Our weekend is somewhat planned: tonight check in at club quarters midtown and a late evening of drinks at sugar factory. Tomorrow we have a day of shopping and Pokémon hunting as well as a planned anniversary dinner at restaurant Patrick! Then it's off to see our first Broadway show: Aladdin. I am so excited and can't wait to document this trip! :)