South Korea, Australia · 9 Days · 37 Moments · April 2015

David's odyssey through South Korea

26 April 2015

End of trip flight to Melbourne.

25 April 2015

Changdoekgung Palace on the Seoul City Tour
Breakfast Seoul style. Bulgogi and egg sandwhich

24 April 2015

The Avengers Age of Ultron in Seoul
Even the chips are protected
Nike in Korean
Busan - so much Cass to see
Stumbled across the Busan market selling all sorts of live wriggly things.

23 April 2015

Tent bars and street food in Busan
Hahoe folk village at Andong

22 April 2015

Beautiful sunset
Gyeongju home stay - amazing place we are sleeping on the floor
On the KTK to Gyeongju
Hot spa pools Busan
Hae-Undae beach

21 April 2015

Busan - wow
The most amazing suspension bridge. Busan
The worlds largest department store
Beach at Busan
On the KTX train from Seoul to Busan. Very fast!

20 April 2015

Itaewon including a Hendriks Gin bar.
War museum planes
Visit to the fish market

19 April 2015

Adventures in Seoul and Gangnam

18 April 2015

Mekju time!
BBQ time in Seoul. Cannot believe how many restaurants here!
Lunch time!
Cherry blossom
DMZ train at Dorosan Station
In the DMZ
A view into North Korea
Heading to the DMZ on the USO tour.
Good morning Seoul