Europe, South America · 16 Days · 40 Moments · August 2017

Our trip to South America 2017

9 September 2017

Last night drinks 🍹
We went to visit Christ the Redeemer today; its very big, very high, very hot, very busy and very impressive ...

8 September 2017

Interesting moon 🌙 in Rio this evening ... with Lucy and James drinking Cosmopolitans (I'm on the beer)
We visited Sugar Loaf Mountain today - didn't realise you need to take 2 cable cars to get to the summit, the second one gets you to the peak that we all see on the photos. It's exactly the same as a ski gondola, which is a bit odd! And before anyone comments, yes I had permission for the beard, and no I'm not going to keep it (it was an option but the consensus is not) ...
Just a few photos of the famous Ipanema beach - we've had lots of song opportunities today, from 'Rio' to 'Copacabana' to 'The Girl From Ipanema' and even an unexpected 'Whole of the Moon'!
Happy Friday from Copacabana ...

7 September 2017

We're safely in Rio, hotel has a very nice rooftop bar so we're having a drink and admiring the amazing view!
Internal flight number 5 - I can't tell you how many times we've presented our passports this holiday! Anyway, we've crossed the border and are at the Brazilian Iguazu Falls airport waiting for the flight to Rio. Get ready for plenty of Rio related song puns on the next post ...

6 September 2017

Iguazu ...
And as promised more photos of Iguazu Falls (there are lots of them, waterfalls as well as photos). The very big lizard was roaming around and sends his regards to Sue 😂
Iguazu Falls - 2x lots of photos, difficult to do it justice. Amazing, completely spectacular. Lots of 'interesting' wildlife, and bad hair for Jane and Lucy!

5 September 2017

These Argentinians know how to pour a glass of wine ... (Jane thinks Sue, Sarah and Claire will appreciate this!)
We're now in the amazon, which sounds a bit odd. Hotel as the photos show is in the middle of the jungle - very interesting, view from the balcony is basically a load of trees!
Waiting for (yet another) plane ...

4 September 2017

Just a few more, generally random, photos of Monday in Buenos Aries. Unfortunately no photos (out of respect) of the Recoleta cemetery that we visited (I know, how much more exciting can it get!). But genuinely fascinating - especially for Jane (we found the mausoleum of Eva Peron). And yes that is a photo of Jane outside a Christmas shop. Had a close call with the fridge magnet, had to get one from the airport 😳 Next stop Igazu Falls and we imagine, the abandonment of jeans! 16c in BA, forecast +30c in Iguazu 🌤
Who wants to be a (peso) millionaire 😀?
Monday in Buenos Aries, just finished lunch - the city is lovely, very historic and really European. We're fortunate with the weather, breezy and chilly but dry. Even better, it has an underground that we were able to take today! No fridge magnet so far, but Jane has managed a Christmas 🎄 decoration 😃

3 September 2017

We're now in Buenos Aries - weather reminiscent of London, roads reminiscent of Paris or New York. Nothing at all like Peru. Ate in very lovely hotel restaurant (see Jane's apple tart), off exploring tomorrow ...
Waiting for a plane ...

1 September 2017

Afternoon all - we've been quiet for 24 hours as Saturday evening and Sunday are really travelling days - we flew into Lima last night, and are now off to Buenos Aries (which is a 4.5 hour flight, with a 2 hour time difference, so we'll be 4 hours rather than 6 behind UK). We spent last night at the Lima airport hotel, which was actually fine except the wifi had broken - not good when you're travelling. Bizarrely they had Strictly Come Dancing on in the bar; not something we expected in Lima! So not a huge amount to report, and not really any photos (unless you find airports interesting!). We're delayed again - so far we've had 4 plane journeys and 2 rail trips. Only one has been close to being on time - but you have to go with the flow over here. A handful of Cusco Saturday photos are attached, hopefully something different on Monday once we've seen Buenos Aries. We're waving goodbye to Peru after 9 nights, a fascinating place with lovely people, good food, and stunning scenery.
Cusco is chilly in the evening - just back from an Italian restaurant with photographic evidence of Lucy eating guinea pig (with pasta) 😳
We're loving Cusco - what a beautiful place. And just my sort of holiday weather ⛅️
Afternoon coffee in Cusco - playing (yet again) guess the panpipe music. So far Bee Gees and Bryan Adams 😬🇵🇪
We said goodbye to a very rainy Machu Picchu on Friday morning, thank goodness it wasn't like that yesterday! We're now in Cusco at the most unusual Novotel we've ever stayed in, it's a converted Spanish colonial building as you can see from the courtyard / restaurant!

31 August 2017

The reason there are lots of photos, and not many of Jane (lovely as she is) is because me, Lucy and James had bought tickets that allowed us to climb Machu Picchu mountain. Which we did. Phew - more than 3km long, 650m of ascent it was spectacular but very ... tiring!
Warning - there are lots of photos! We've spent all Thursday at Machu Picchu, this is a selection of photos of the citadel itself. The weather was wonderful, all the arrangements went to plan, and there is far more to tell than you can convey on a blog. Anyway, it is the most amazing place we've ever been ...

30 August 2017

So we're now at Aguilas Calientes - the town at the foot of Machu Picchu. Very interesting place, we've checked into our hotel and bought our bus tickets ready for Thursday's trip!
Today (Wednesday) we left the peace of Tambo del Inka and headed for our train to Machu Picchu. You'll see photos of us sat on the platform, slightly delayed - but as Jane says there are worse places to spend 90 minutes. And the train is amazing, beats Chiltern Railways any day!

29 August 2017

As they say, 'buenas noches' from Urubamba, leaving tomorrow afternoon to take the train to MP
James with a new friend ...
Afternoon from Tambo del Inka, in the bar eating lunch. As Graham has observed, the quietest hotel ever (more staff than guests) - a contrast to the madness of Lima! Getting acclimatised to the altitude is interesting, Jane will be laying off the vino tinto for a while we think!
Tuesday morning by the pool ... making the most of our one day of non activity!

28 August 2017

We left Lima this morning for the flight to Cusco, and then onto the Sacred Valley where we'll spend 2x days before heading to Machu Picchu - scenery as hopefully you'll see is spectacular, as is the hotel. You may also notice the fireplace in the restaurant - it's chilly here!

27 August 2017

To finish our time in Lima we visited a famous park, with some very impressive water fountains, before the obligatory new form of public transport ride home ...
We spent this morning in the heart of the old city, very historic and with traffic that is second only to Vietnam. Visited a monastery and the catacombs, which was a bit spooky and then wandered around some of the parks and squares ... as you can see the citizens of Lima love a good statue and historic building or two!

26 August 2017

... And then this afternoon I managed to find an archeological site to visit (better than it sounds), wandered back through the parks, and ended up sampling the local food (and beer) 😬
First day in Peru, spent around Miraflores, where our hotel is located. Very pretty, right on the coast - lots of walking and decent weather (as James and I found out by not applying sun cream!)

25 August 2017

And we're here, Lima! Arrived at hotel 22h45 so 3+ hours later than planned but never mind. We're 6 hours behind the UK. Good flight (long - 12 hours on a plane is a long time!), nice hotel, just off to bed ...
So we didn't expect to still be at Gatwick, but BA very kindly paid for lunch at Wagamama and we should be leaving c 14h30 (2.5 hours delayed)
Here we are - at Gatwick, cases checked in and waiting for breakfast 🍳