South Africa, Namibia · 11 Days · 11 Moments · November 2017

Roomie Road-tripping

10 December 2017

The last day of holiday started with a walk with Tam and her bulldog Wally. Then back to the Flat where we had a champagne breakfast. The only way to start your day. I spent the day prepping with Mish for her interview tomorrow- hope that she gets it, before packing then Rocko Mamas for lunch. Way too much was eaten and I feel too full to fly. Home finally, a fantastic holiday but I’m glad to be home. The collies were super excited to me, still the best dogs

9 December 2017

So no rest for the wicked as the HIIT trainer would say, as a whirlwind of a day started early with a walk with Goebie. We then went to Tasha’s for breakfast before heading to the Field Market (Christmas Edition). The market was really interesting and we managed to get bunting and some little stockings. We then went to Parkhurst where we managed to find Christmas presents for mom and Lisa, before Craft’s famous milkshakes. It was then time for Mish’s hair appointment. That was pretty boring, but I made some good progress on the new Philip Pullman book. Mish booked for me to come visit her new gym, which involved an hour and a half of HIIT and then yoga- which actually turned out to be really fun except for my legs killing me now. Dinner was a joint affair with Andrew’s family at Merik???

8 December 2017

Packed up the Flat and left for Windhoek, not too much happened on the drive back as geese was exhausted from working on her thesis. Traffic leaving Windhoek was awful, so I’m lucky that I managed to come for my trip just before the holiday rush. We had a quick lunch with Erica and Pieter before packing up and leaving for the airport. There was nobody working at the desk, so we queued for an hour with the aircon in the airport not functioning. On arriving back in South Africa, I nearly missed the last Gautrain back to Sandton due to a storm creating a shortage of engineers. Got on in time though and made it to Mish. I saw her new Flat for the first time, which is really cool.

7 December 2017

The morning started dull and dreary so when my alarm went off I promptly rolled over and went back to bed. Gesa’s project did not go according to plan, so we decided to pack up and visit ???????, which is surrounded by a lunar landscape. The drive there took us part massive stretches of nothing and the landscape was completely barren. We had milkshakes and wandered around the camp before heading back to Swakopmund. I then left geese to her work and took a trip around town. Stopping for ice-cream and to look at the lighthouse before chilling on the beach for a while. Swimming for the first time out to the buoy in the bay. It was far too hot so I took a look around the crystal gallery, which had some amazing stones. Europahof

6 December 2017

The morning started cold and dreary, with a catamaran tour departing from Walvis Bay. We nearly missed the cruise after getting the wrong directions from a customs guard, before being greeted by Bobby- the seal with a Mohawk. He followed us across the gang-plank onto the catamaran where we met the pelicans. The cruise was amazing, but freezing; visiting the lighthouse and the seal colony. The colony is huge with approximately 50000 seals. Lunch was served on the catamaran with oysters (from the oyster farms) and champagne being the drinks of the day. We then drove south from Walvis Bay to the salt mine and to look at the flamingoes. Whilst they weren’t close enough to picture nicely, they covered the horizon. While driving home, we stopped at Dune 7 and climbed it, before returning back to Swakopmund for ice-cream and a beach session. We visited geese’s grandma for a chat, then returned to Brau Haus to continue working on geese’s assignment. A truly amazing day- but so tired!

5 December 2017

Our first day in Swakopmund started off cold and dreary looking. We decided to go quad biking, with me being brave initially in my shorts. But bravery soon departed and I quickly stuck some long pants on because it was freezing- in a desert! Quad biking was incredibly fun, trying to set the highest track on the rollercoasters- the big dunes. We returned dusty but enthusiastic for some ice-cream from the proclaimed best ice-cream shop in Swakopmund. Lunch was at Brauhaus, where I was told I had to eat traditional German cuisine; this consisted of a schnitzel and a stiefel- basically a boot of beer. 2l and many bathroom trips later, I’m now a German. The afternoon was spent lounging on the beach, before sundowners with Gesa’s gran.

4 December 2017

Today’s the day that we set off for Swakopmond. We stopped off at Spitzkoppe on the way, which was absolutely stunning. We saw the arch and the rock pools- although there was no water in them. We were the only ones there, so we took a nap under the arch, which was the only cool place around. Walking up rock pools was a mistake as the heat and lack of water nearly killed me, but the view from the top was worth it. There was terrible corrugation on the road, so geese and I looked like wild travellers trying to find the flat spots. We arrived in Swakopmund and went to go visit Gesa’s grandma before enjoying the sunset on the peer with dinner that evening and her grans flat.

3 December 2017

We woke up early and went for a walk around Avis dam with Ronda and geese’s parents, before coming home to a massive breakfast. We then just spent the day swimming and playing board games, with a braai in the afternoon. We were joined by Wilko and Ingo for sundowners at Gocheganas Which was amazing before taking our drinks and relaxing by the pool. On the drive back the super moon was rising, and it looked like a sunrise it was so bright.

2 December 2017

The morning started out with geese having forgotten her bikini in South Africa, so there was a trip to the shopping centre first thing- once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. We then left for a trip to Midgard, which is about an hours drive outside of windhoek. Midgard is a gigantic estate with 2 huge pools and loungers to sit and enjoy the day. It was previously owned by one of the wealthiest men in namibia, who pumped money into it- so it has a car museum, amphitheater, sleeper cars for cheap accommodation and three restaurants. Unfortunately with his death it’s begun to degrade but it was still fantastic, offering us a buffet for lunch with some of the best coffee I’ve ever tasted. We were joined by Gesa aunt and uncle, but unfortunately her cousins were sick. The drive to and from Midgard was beautiful and we saw a herd of giraffe and oryx. On returning to Windhoek we joined Gesa’s school friends for a quick drink and then home for a much needed sleep.

1 December 2017

Boiling hot in the mornings, so my day started at 6am. We had breakfast at the house before heading out to visit Christ Church, which is the oldest church in Namibia. We then crossed the road to look at the National Museum of Namibia. I managed to convince Gesa to take me Christmas shopping and found a successful little haul of presents. Geese then showed me around Windhoek, showing me where her childhood happened; before a quick trip to meet up with Wilko, Ingo and Uta. I was stuffed full of cake there before it was off back home to meet up with Erika. We had a quick lunch at home before driving to Heja Lodge for coffee and cake- cake and baked treats being one of the major food groups apparently. Gesa and I then left the three sisters and made our way to River Crossing where we enjoyed sundowners whilst watching the sunset over Windhoek.

30 November 2017

Leaving for 44 Joseph Mukwayo Ithana Street, Windhoek at 4:47. Breakfast was at FG’s farm in Klawe before switching driving places to push to the Namibian border. The border crossing was, like always, a pain and the machine refused to read my fingerprints. Which means I’m basically the perfect thief in Namibia as they don’t have my prints on the database. We took a wrong turn whilst stuffing our faces with wimpy and drove 50km in the wrong direction before the tarred road suddenly gave out... not the route to Windhoek? The landscape was barren, but beautiful and the drive gave perfect of time to enjoy it. Also spotting a special treat of a herd of wild horses. Arrived in Windhoek at 9:20, still singing our lungs out to golden oldies and in high spirits. An awesome road- trip and great start to our Namibian trip