North America, Europe · 15 Days · 59 Moments · September 2017

David & Harriet's Journi to Europe

16 September 2017

In our Paulaner tent and having a blast with old and new friends! Prost!
Octoberfest this way! Prost!

15 September 2017

Pre-Octoberfest! Wirsthaus Restaurant. Took us forever to find this local favorite because we can't follow German directions very well. 😜Delicious Bavarian food. We met a cute couple from Pennsylvania that were on 3 week Holiday to celebrate their 1 year anniversary. The young kids do it right now... they love to travel.
And we're off! Prost!!
On our way to and arriving in Munich. Can't wait to meet up with the Sweesy's and get Octoberfest kicked of right!

14 September 2017

More castle pics before it started raining like crazy.
Pictures on our way to Fuessen to see King Ludwig II's castles. This restaurant in a cute village had the best food. Their red cabbage was great. The pictures of Neuschwanstein are kind of foggy because it was rainy.

13 September 2017

The mad king's castles. Turns out his younger brother was even crazier.
Walking around Fuessen.
On our way and arriving in Fuessen.

11 September 2017

Posted some pictures from Salzburg. We took the Fräulein Maria bicycle tour. It was s great way to see the city and sites from Sound of Music. The tour guide used to live in Cherry Grove and is now married to an Austrian!
Round 3 of the Sound of Music.
Round 2 of the Sound of Music pics.
The hills are alive. Here's the first of many pics from our Sound of Music bike tour around Salzburg.

10 September 2017

Salzburg at night.
Our hotel in Salzburg.
Enjoyed the Stiegl pale ale at their famous spot at the foot of the fortress.
First pics in Salzburg. Visited the fortress at the top of the city. Doing the Sound of Music bike tour tomorrow morning.
Swan Lake! They probably wanted some bread....
Views of the lake at dusk overlooking Hallstatt, Austria.

9 September 2017

Enjoying Hallstatt's own beer and Bailey's n coffee before taking a cab back to Overtraun. The last ferry is at 4:30.
Taking in the charms of Hallstatt, a city that came into being some 4,000 years ago.
Pictures of the lake, mountains and Hallstatt as we take the ferry from Obertraun.
Visiting the Abbey in Melk before heading to Hallstatt via the A1 (autobahn). Napoleon made it his headquarters twice.

8 September 2017

It was a magical night in Melk, Austria. We met a charming couple from Salzburg. Looking forward to Hallstatt tomorrow.
Visiting King Richard the Lionhearted's prison before he was released for a "king's ransom." It's on a castle on a high ridge in Durnstein, Austria.
We arrived at Melk! The drive along the autobahn was quick at 130! Beautiful too!
Our last stop in our hotel lobby in Vienna. On to Melk!
The threat of Irma is front page news in Austria

7 September 2017

The opera house in Vienna. Note how patrons can enjoy it from the outside. It's sold out every night. And, yes, once this fat lady with a beautiful voice sang, it was over. Truly.
At a park in Vienna.
Amazing lunch, mocha (espresso) and apple strudel with cream sauce at the famous Sperl Cafe.

6 September 2017

Out for beer and schnitzel in Vienna.
Visiting Museum Quarter.
Blue China from the Hofburg Palace. The Hofburg is the home of the Habsburgs from 1300's to 1918 when the monarchy ended. Next is the famous $60 million gold salt cellar made by Cellini. It was stolen in 2003 and recovered from it's wooded burial spot in 2005. This is in the Habsburg's "Kunsthistorisches" museum that was built to house their royal dynasty treasures. This museum had many paintings by Rubens, Rembrandt, Bruegel, Durer, etc.
This is our hotel in Vienna. Keep scrolling to see all the angles of it. It is huge! Bigger than a New York apartment. It was in a great location. Close to the great Opera House and the Ringstrasse.
Lunch in Vienna.

5 September 2017

In Bratislava. The Creeper, cathedral, castle, and Danube. Six miles of walking and 20 floors, so says our steps app.
Great friends, food and drinks all around Bratislava.
To Bratislava, Slovakia we go!

4 September 2017

Amazing craft beers in a Budapest dive.
Serbian food in Budapest.
Enjoying the relaxing and restorative thermal baths in Buda.
Touring the Hungarian parliament.

3 September 2017

Nighttime cruise on the Danube.
Double espresso, Melange and "the Opera (chocolate cake and ice cream, essentially)" at the New York Cafe, the "most beautiful place in the world for a cup of coffee."
Enjoying a local cold one.
Visiting the largest synagogue in the world outside of New York: the "Great Synagogue."
The Europeans know a little something about food. As Hannah told us, our hotel's breakfast by itself is worth the stay.

2 September 2017

Balazs, our bartender at the Bistro Fine, vigorously shakes up a Woodford Reserve Double Oaked masterpiece for me.
Our hotel, Moments, is drop-dead beautiful! Keep scrolling to the left to see all three pics ....
Our first day in Budapest. Our room in a former palace, David in front of the Basilica of St. Stephen (and a wedding there in the next picture), on the Chain Bridge over the Danube River. Worn out with no sleep but the vibe gives us energy!!
Hungarian beer and beef stew at a local family restaurant.
Enjoying a day on the Danube in Budapest.
First view of the scenic Danube. Landing gear down. Vaca starting in earnest in 10 minutes. 😁

1 September 2017

Delayed out of RDU because of heavy rain and lightning. 1:30 until London arrival. Then, connection to Budapest.
Ready to go!