United States of America · 13 Days · 13 Moments · February 2016

David's Truck Driving Adventure

11 March 2016

Dropped our load from ky and now we're on our way to pick up a load in a different part of Houston that trainer is taking to Harlingen, tx. My journey with him ends here in Houston though. I gotta spend a little more time here with one of the local day cab guys to practice backing more. Terminal is having me stay in hotel for that. Been a long 3.5 weeks and it's going to be interesting to re adjust to not living in moving box with trainer.

10 March 2016

So trainer drove the last leg of the trip to our shipper here in Kentucky. It was supposed to be a drop n hook but loaded trailer wasn't ready yet so we had to wait, should have been ready around noon, sadly it wasn't until about 3pm. We have hooked it up and now we're on our way to Houston, TX to deliver it. On a side note the location tag for this post is off because I forgot to make it at shipper. It's not far off though. The picture attached is one I had my trainer take (I was driving) while we were in VA almost to WV last night.
Arrived at cosignee in Jeffersonville, oh. Dropped loaded and picked up empty. On our way to next pick up now.

9 March 2016

Arrived at our cosignee last night in Chester, VA but they closed at about 2pm AND our delivery was not scheduled until tomorrow so we dropped the loaded, grabbed an empty from a yard Knight uses next door (couldn't ask it to be much closer) and brought it then parked for the night. This morning we hooked back up to loaded and they let us leave it at a dock, then we hooked back up to our empty and drove to our current location in south hill, va. This load is going to Jeffersonville, OH. Then we pick up a load in Hebron, ky to take to Houston, TX. This state is so dang beautiful.

7 March 2016

Katy, TX. Had to get pm done for truck, get my updated medical card info, etc from terminal. Soon as we're done here we'll continue onto Chester VA.

6 March 2016

Picking up a load of medical supplies to take to Chester, va

5 March 2016

Back in Edinburgh, TX. Our next load picks up in Lauredo, tx but not till tomorrow. In the mean time I'm going to boarder fest in Hildago, tx to see guns 4 roses and walk this way perform. That load is going to Chester, VA.
Arrived at our cosignee for a load from Mt Vernon, TX to Victoria, TX. They're closed right now though till 6am.

4 March 2016

We arrived at our destination. Dallas, TX. Very long drive from Pueblo, CO.

3 March 2016

So after a very frustrating day in Chicago (the trailer we picked up from Lowes was nasty, smelled like shit and a bunch of dirt, so next shipper rejected us and we had to find a new clean one, then by the time we got back they were closed for the night) we finally picked up our load that's going to Stockton, CA and made our way over to Denver, CO to t call it to a different driver. Now we are in Pueblo, CO getting a load from Mission Foods (yeah the tortilla company) to take to Dallas, TX. This is actually one of the prettier places we have picked up /dropped off at. Not nearly as industrial looking as other places.

1 March 2016

Delivered a load of tomato plant stands to the Lowes dc here.

29 February 2016

Columbus, OH. Dropping off a load and picking one up to take to Illinois.

27 February 2016

Edinburgh, TX. Picked up a load to deliver to Columbus, OH.