Europe, North America · 13 Days · 46 Moments · July 2017

Dupuis' adventure in Seattle, WA, USA

7 August 2017

We visited the EMP now called the Museum of Pop. I thought of getting myself a hoverboard.
Marc and Rachel playing ping-pong at lunch. I wonder who is winning?
Elizabeth posing in the new Seattle library, an architectural gem designed by Rem Koolhaas.
Natalie showed us some cool buildings in the city: An upside down skyscraper..., Four picture from inside the public library, a cool skyscraper and the last photo is of the Smith Tower which is the first skyscraper in Seattle.
First Starbucks !
Saw fish throwing at Pikes Place Fish Co. Fantastic skills and beautiful specimen!

6 August 2017

Set up the lights in the yard. Made barbecued halibut and salmon to celebrate my birthday all together.
Saw the Starbucks roastery. Some amazing equipment and beards!
Saw a F22 Raptor and the Blue Angels perform some amazing aerial stunts at high speed.

5 August 2017

Enjoying Seattle's excellent cocktails at the Back Door, in Fremont. Rachel had a "Paper Weight" and Elizabeth a "Pool Boy". Yum!
We went for drinks and saw an ugly troll under a bridge. We had pizza for dinner and went out to get more drinks later on.
Checking out the Fremont Brewing Company!
We walked around Discovery Park and then went kayaking in the Puget Sound.

4 August 2017

After our hike we swam in the Cold Water Lake. It was lots of fun!
Amazed to see how force of nature can shred large trees during the terrifying St Helens explosion of 1980. Winds of 500km/hour destroyed an entire forest! The last picture is of Spirit lake that rose 200ft with the landslide! Now it's shores are still covered with large dead shredded tree trunks.
Hiking Johnston Ridge to see Mount St Helens

3 August 2017

Visit to the Japanese Gardens in the Seattle Arboretum. Discovering Japanese culture through maples, ponds and koi fish and much more!

2 August 2017

Celebrating Elisabeth's 21st birthday
A Dream Lifter being unloaded. It is the biggest plane in volume on the world. It carries parts for the Dreamliner plane.
Visited Future of Flight, the Boeing super-factory that manufactures airplanes. It is the largest building in volume of the World. You can fit over 70 football fields in it! We couldn't take any pictures but it was amazing. What amazed me the most was how well organized they were in building a machine with over 7 million different parts.

1 August 2017

31 July 2017

Selfies with the space needle !
Went to Alki beach and enjoyed fresh halibut from Alaska and fries. Saw a funny looking bike ride back in Kirkland.
Visiting the Microsoft campus. Patrick tries his wedding dress and ski clothes in the augmented reality clothes tester.

30 July 2017

Important questions worth considering
Big event of the day: Kirkland classic car show. Amazing cars everywhere!

29 July 2017

Pizza and wine in Woodinville
We dropped Mom off at Maya's with whom she would go to Fremont for the day. Dad and I went into Kirkland for lunch and then we went to the library to work for 3 hours. We then enjoyed some ice cream by the beach. After a quick stop back at the house we went back to the beach where I got to swim in Lake Washington. We then joined Mom, Maya, Bohdan, Natalie, Anna and a friend of Natalie's called Tia at Patterson and Cellars to eat pizza and then more ice cream at their place. It was a chill day.

28 July 2017

Later in the evening Dad, Mom and I went out for dinner in Kirkland at "Le Grand Bistrot Américain" where we had an amazing French dinner. I ordered my first and probably best onion soup with sweet onion, melting cheese. It was so good and tempting that Dad ordered one and shared it with Mom and they were blown away. I had a prime NY steak that was out of this world. Both Mom and Dad's dishes were also delicious. It was a fantastic way of concluding a marvelous day.
We arrived at our destination afternoon hour walk. It was all absolutely worth it. The view was stunning. Apart from a few roads and houses we could see the different shades of dark green expand to horizon over veils and hills contrasting with the light blue of the sky. We enjoyed it while we could and headed back down. It was 4pm and we still hadn't had our now we'll deserved lunch. We took sandwiches, towels, bathing suits and more and went and sat down in the sun and shade by the lake. We ate well, relaxed, played some frisbee, and Maya, Natalie and Mom even took a swim in the cool and fresh waters of the lake. Our outdoor afternoon ended around 6pm.
Having slept at Maya and Bohdan's place, Mom and Dad joined us at 9am for a feast like breakfast. We ate French toast with maple syrup, fresh fruit, coffee, ice tea. All this while outside on the front porch in the morning sun. We planned to go hiking near Rattlesnake Lake for the day while Bohdan went off to buy a new vintage Harley Davidson motorcycle. We drove back by the house to allow me to change clothes and grab some hiking gear as well as provisions for lunch. We took after for the lake after Maya and Natalie arrived and left their car at our rental. It took us 45 minutes. To think that inhabitants of the region have such a wonderful landscape makes me envious. We grabbed our bags and started on our way up a two mile hike along Rattlesnake Mountain Trail. It was as intense as expected. However Maya and Nat has no difficulties and went on without us. There were quite a number of people on the trail but it did not stop us from enjoying it any less.
Friday evening diner
Sunset at "Le Grand Bistrot Américain"
Relaxing and swimming by Rattlesnake Lake.
Today we hiked Rattlesnake mountain trail to admire an amazing view of the forest and mountains. Then we went for a well deserved picnic by Rattlesnake Lake and Maya and Natalie even went for a swim in the cool water.

27 July 2017

Richard Serra's steel ships sailing through a gravel sea. #SAMsculpturepark
Walked around Olympic Sculpture Park and rested a bit outside. Saw Mount Rainer that looked like a cloud in the sky.
At Park Place Market visiting. We grabbed a bite for lunch. Now we are out and about visiting.

26 July 2017

Moved into our Airbnb and had a wonderful lunch with Maya, Bohdan and Nat at their place. We discovered the neighborhood and even went for a little walk. We managed to fight the jet lag and still have a great time.

26 July 2017

Enjoying SkyPriority thanks to Dad's AirFrance Platinum Membership while waiting to board our plane.