Malta, India · 7 Days · 10 Moments · October 2017

David's adventure in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Ind

15 October 2017

And a week has passed....

14 October 2017

Second shopping mal experience. Phoenix Mall in Mumbai. It's huge!

13 October 2017

Dinner at the Hotel restaurant. Buffet for the Cutajars...and yes! At one point I wanted to hurt (gently) the waiter!
Out and about in Powai.
Breakfast and off to apply for his VISA. An experience in itself! Thank God all went well!

12 October 2017

Back in Mumbai. Resting after an other 4 hour taxi drive! Tomorrow VISA!

10 October 2017

Back at the hotel. Laughs, cries and very tired individuals!
Taxi back was quite a ride...
Picking up our little rascal...Ganni Tanmay Cutajar! A bit weary but he will get over it...

8 October 2017

And off we go....