Australia · 15 Days · 17 Moments · April 2017

David's adventure in Melbourne, Victoria, Aus

29 April 2017

Wedding day. Liam came around in the morning and was stoked to be getting hitched that afternoon. Emma arrived and we all went out for a lovely brunch at Raven and rose in kingsland. We began drinking on the balcony and chatting getting all up to date with what everyone is doing in their lives before getting a bit more personal with us playing 36 questions. Not too many photos of the wedding as they asked if people would refrain and instead just enjoy the day which was terrific. It was such a beautiful setting for the ceremony and reception with touching sentiments at both. It was awesome to celebrate with my friends about their love and decision to be with one another forever. I felt honoured to be there. We got fucked up! So much drinking and eating and dancing. Cam and I didn't get home until close to 5am and then we tried to continue the mayhem. However, ant was definitely not having a bar of that one.

28 April 2017

Arriving in Canberra to a chilly night around 7 o'clock. I headed straight to the hotel to join up with Cam Holm. Bags down and straight into the beers banter and catch ups. He is a guy with a wealth of knowledge and can turn a phrase very well so it's always good catching up with him. Went down to the local pub for some rumbos, beers and burgers. The banter was pretty strong with one of the waitresses and we were trying to get Cam in there haha. Back to the apartment to see ant had arrived with Regan and Rebecca not far behind. It was great to catch up as it has been so long between drinks with those three.
The end of the road. It was a sad day leaving the boys and ending the most fun journey of my life to date. We had all become great mates by the end and shared plenty of beers, laughs, stories, dreams and fears. A trip like this is the perfect catalyst for forging deep friendships. I'm so greatful for the opportunity to meet and travel with such an awesome crew of hilarious, like-minded people with a thirst for waves, mischief and adventure in such a beautiful and unique place in the world. I consider myself lucky to know these lads and would travel with them all again in a heartbeat. I wished the boys best of luck for the rest of their adventure and finished that chapter of my trip.

27 April 2017

Final day surfing with the lads. An hour long walk built up huge anticipation for the surf ahead. We got there early and the wave wasn't working yet so we kept ourselves occupied playing around in the limestone caves until the tide rolled in. Once the wave started to get full enough the boys suited up and head out in to some freakishly heavy left hand slabs breaking onto a perfect smooth granite slab reef. Today I surfed well, getting the wave of the day and boosting a few airs and some spins into and out of the barrels. It was so much fun. I went over the falls and got a flogging on the reef by a big one but it was alright. Then the Adelaide negative 'local' faggots came out and we're being dicks so we packed up and trudged back. A bit disappointing but all on all a great wave. We headed into ceduna to stay the night so I could get to the airport in the early morning. Another pub meal and a random catch up with greenys parents was a nice ender to an incredible journey.

26 April 2017

We went to check out cactus on our way up to point bell. A long drive down a gravel road proved amazing with the discovery of the pink salt lake where Allan decided to go naked swimming and got caught by a car of big ladies doing so. Cactus wasn't any good for boogs but the Mattys took their stand ups out. The rest of us went dune boarding on these massive and steep dunes that finished in the perfect oligotrophic lake. 2 hours of that and building a jump at the bottom was sick. All the boys were loving it! Off to point bell to camp. The Mattys and I went for a walk to check out the spot for tomorrow with swell wind and tides all looking good for some big left hand barrels. That night I stayed up by myself and just took in the peace and quiet and beauty of where I was and what I was doing. Thanking the stars that this was possible. My appreciation for what I was doing was at its peak. Life is Good!

25 April 2017

ANZAC day. Dawn service with Cal and the Mattys. Great service with large mention of the kiwi sacrifice too. It was quite moving to be there with my Australian mates as our comradery must have been similar to that of the boys back in the day. Follow that up with a hearty buffet breakfast at the pub and a shotgun coffee, which I won't be repeating any time soon. Of to point Lincoln for a sneaky fish in the estuary where Cal got a nice flat head. Back to point brown for camp where we set up an epic camp site around the fire. Explosions were the name of the game. Throwing anything explosive into the fire and enjoying the carnage. We didn't put the fly on the tent before we started drinking and paid for it dearly. In an instant it went from calm and clear to wet and windy, blowing the tent over. The bags inside must have landed on on of the tent pole-breaking it. Running around like chickens with our head of trying to salvage anything. Nick and I ended up sleeping cold and wet in the car

24 April 2017

Off to Streaky Bay as the winds and swell went messed up for monnies. The boys didn't need a night in the caravan park but boy did we appreciate a nice hot shower and a nice pub dinner. After a few beers and Callum's hot streak on the dogs we went back for a joint and to watch some of a movie. All in all a pretty mellow day with no surf but a great recharge for the lads.

23 April 2017

Monumentals day two. Getting blind the night before, the flogging I received the day before and the slight onshore winds it was all the excuses I needed to not head out in the morning. Myself and Callum decided three hours of sleeping in the car was far more important. The grommys and Matty Van went out and we're shredding as usual. Later in the day we went to the Roadhouse to get surfie burgers and beers. The beers kept flowing and we went back to monnies for sunset so greeny could get some photos for Corona promo stuff. We had a ball running around like idiots doing stupid shit on the edge of a ~100m cliff. We went back to mark and cathy's for more beers and started to get blind playing darts and pool. Belle was hanging around being an absolute creature ripping bongs and beating her sjetchy dog up. On our way out Jasper ripped a bong and nearly was bitten by Belle's dog. Cal got a pash and went back later in the night to try get an AIDS root. Lucky for him she was asleep.

22 April 2017

Monnies, monumental! Fuck this place was just raw power. Peire Louis Costes turned up after flying in from Portugal to do some filming with Gorns. There were all of us boogs out there and 2 or 3 stand ups so it was pretty crowded for South Australia. A paddle out through a hectic keyhole in the reef was sick and then the boys started ripping. With 4 camera crews there everyone was going hard and boosting big. Cal and buck got some huge airs and Jasper received a pretty Savage beating. I was wigging out as usual. The paddle in was fucked! Having to try and pick the key hole whilst on the wave. I missed it and copped a huge flogging from a set on the inside and having the longest and most violent hold down of my life. Finally making it in I was a bit rattled, but it was a good campfire story with the lads. We turned up the beers that night and we're pretty fucked up staying up and listening to good music drinking beers and yarning.

21 April 2017

Double session in the morning in a fun 3-4ft heavy beachy with all the boys frothing and going large. With the wind turning onshore in the afternoon and nothing to do we went off to go fishing only to get the truck bogged and us having to try everything possible to get out. In the end we let the tyres down and had to head into Streaky Bay to refill and get some fish and chips. Another good night around the campfire while star gazing and chatting with our ritualistic fire and joint smoke.

20 April 2017

Conies had gone onshore and too big so we were off to point brown with Matty Van and Matty Gilligan. We rock up to a fun looking beachy and the boys paddle out for a wave which was good fun. The beers started flowing around the campfire with the stars out and banter going wild. A nice little blaze and the spirits were soaring. And so begins the adventures of us five boys with the Mattys.

19 April 2017

Conies, what can I say, terrifying! With the swell being 6-10 foot and the boys super excited, it was time to suck up some courage. The sheer power of the southern ocean unloading onto the sharp reef was daunting. However, everyone was riding hard and it was a good session with Jasper getting an absolutely huge 10ft bomby. It wasn't until later that we learnt that Nick Ormrod was jetskied to Fowler's bay and helicoptered to Adelaide hospital with 3 broken ribs, a punctured lung and 1.8L of blood in his diaphragm. Safe to say it was dangerous out there. After a quick feed and rest we head out for killers. It was too big for the reef but we went out anyway. We were sitting off the back of the reef which was pretty sketchy with the sharks but the rogue sets were too hectic to get on the head. I got one on the head and was held down and my leash was stretched to death. We set up camp on the cliff by Conies and had dinner. It started raining and everyone was off to bed.

18 April 2017

Picked up by Callum early in the morning and we're off to Tullamarine airport to collect the rest of the boys. Greeny hobbles out on crutches from his skateboarding stupidity the day before and we rip him to pieces about it. Bucko and Jasper turn up, we greet the boys and hit the road. Straight away the trip was looking good. Car rules were established and chat had begun. With the fully laiden rig only getting 500-600kms to the tank we had two fuel stops before Adelaide. 10 hours down and 14 to go. Loading up with stupid amounts of door and alcohol and we were ready for the long trip straight to Conies. Driving through the night was pretty rough with Cal, buck and myself taking turns to get us there. No sketchy roo encounters so that was a blessing. Petrol stops and take-aways from 24 hour joints with a few red bulls got us through. We arrived at Conies around 9:30am on the Wednesday morning to a huge swell...

17 April 2017

Of for a morning visit to Brighton Beach to see the famous beach boxes and go for a mellow stroll.

16 April 2017

Hiring a van we headed of for a disappointing morning not being allowed into the Bells Beach pro surfing. However, this allowed for a journey further down the coast to Lorne and along the way stopping at Split Point Lighthouse. On the way home we returned to the Bells Beach to catch the last 5 heats of the day, where Josie and I got to meet John John Florence.

15 April 2017

A tour through Melbourne to some of the historic sites. The shrine of remembrance was breath taking with a feeling​ of true importance. Hosier Lane was a bit of a let down as the standard of graffiti is far below that of New Zealand graffiti. Eureka tower offered a great perspective of the city. All in all a great day with some great eating along the way.
Arriving in the wee hours of Saturday morning the initial thoughts were that of gratitude to the terrific public transport infrastructure. It made finding out accommodation a breeze.