North America, Europe · 15 Days · 22 Moments · March 2017

Bailey Italian Vacation 2017

31 March 2017

Friday was also sleep in, see what we hadn't, pack and SHOP!!!!! When in Rome! Dad treated us to lunch as our last day (provided we went to hard rock-more burgers). Then dad and Georgia had NO interest in walking and shopping. So, we all caught a taxi to downtown Rome (exactly where david and I wanted to be). "Amos and Andy" caught a cab back to the apartment and we shopped!!!! We had a great time shopping with no reservations (the best kind) and just the two of us (we love dad and Georgia) was what we needed to round off the wonderful amazing vacation. We bought shoes, purses, briefcases, clothes, souvenirs, etc. ate canollies, tiramisu, gelato, pasta and one last Italian pizza. We walked the street of Rome one last time.
Friday was our last day and we walked to the "holy stairs". They are believed to be the stairs from Pilates palace. They were brought here by Constantine's mother and in retrospect the stairs that Jesus would have walked during his trial and eminent crucifixion. To see the steps, no pictures, no talking and each step is walked up in your knees as you pray each step. There are 28 steps and we did about 5 (painful in knees and many people who were praying 4-5 minutes each step). Nonetheless a very humbling experience to have been where Jesus humbly walked and to pray each step we did. Moving and surreal. Ranks up there with seeing the Pieta. (Mary cradling Jesus after his death).

30 March 2017

The trip to Pisa was long, but so worth it. We had beautiful weather and the Leaning Tower was amazing.
Thursday we drove 3 hours north to Florence for some shopping and market food! Then another hour north to see the leaning tower of Pisa and the chapel and baptistery where Galileo was baptized. It was a VERY long day-8 plus hours on the road and 4 or so hours of actual sightseeing, but you can't come to Italy and be that close to Pisa and not go. Of course we did the touristy iconic picture. David refused to take a picture holding up the tower. I didn't get any pictures of the market. Picture Columbus north market, but 💯times cooler and 💯 % larger..... amazing scrumptious food and stores, the leather finds were fun too but the bartering was a little more than I could handle. Nonetheless fun exhausting day
Here's some pictures from Mercato Centrale, the Central Market in Florence. This market was amazing and the food was wonderful. I wish we had longer to spend.

29 March 2017

This is the Arch of Titus. It's located at the south east edge of the Forum in Roman. It was constructed is AD 82. It commemorates the Siege of Jerusalem in AD 70 and has several depictions of the looting of the temple.
I know it's a week later but a few commented that they were not on Facebook and the blogging stopped-oops.... . I didn't realize david wasn't blogging on journi, so here are some other chronicles of our vacation. On Wednesday, we did a 3-1/2 hours walking tour of the colosseum, palantine hill and to forum (old Rome) amazing to wake the streets that Caesar Augusts did, to see the Remains of where gladiators fought to their deaths and so forth. Then we are at Hard Rock Cafe in Rome (dad needed burgers and fries) then back to the apartment to relax and peruse the streets of our neighborhood.

28 March 2017

Group selfies are the best!
Today we also hit the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon. We had a blast checking all the shops along the way. I want a pair of Italian leather shoes.
After the Vatican we headed to the Spanish Steps. The weather today could not have been more perfect to wander through the city.
Today we visited The Vatican and St. Peters Basillica. Words can hardly describe the experience. Absolutely amazing. Especially the basillica. When we walked through the doors it just took our breath away. The scale and grandeur is just overwhelming. The pictures are beautiful but just can't capture the experience.

27 March 2017

We had dinner across the street from this beautiful site last night. We get to go inside tomorrow. But today we're headed to the Vatican.

26 March 2017

An amazing day.... starred off driving a little of the Amalfi Coast taking in the views of the mountains and homes. Then off to Mt. Vesuvius where we hiked straight up a lava gravel rock path to the summit. It was not a trek for the faint hearted. So proud of each of us for doing it including my 75 year old father who didn't give up. Then back to the villa hoping to grab some dinner it everyone closes early. So I made grilled cheese, warmed up left over pasta and what ever snacks we had. We are pooped but ready to move on to our next adventure- Rome tomorrow.

25 March 2017

Here are the cameos we found in Pompeii today. Mine are blue agate cuff links. Georgia's is a bracelet with a turtle. And Janette's is a beautiful pendant.
The city of Pompeii is amazing. I've dreamed of coming for a long time. To be able to see this with my own eyes and walk these streets is wonderful. Pictures just don't do it justice.

24 March 2017

This was the view from our terraces this morning. This villa is called the Terraces on Two Bays. It's beautiful here. The village is called Termini and it's right at the end of the peninsula, jutting out into the Mediterranean.
We also had our first gelato.....oh my goodness! Waiting on our host to take us to our villa dad and david crashed in the local park..... then we were at our villa...... my only question is. Do I use the one on the left or the right👀😂😳
Views of Sorrento from an overlook leading into town. Where we stopped there was a Lemoncello factory and store. We tried some amazing Lemoncello and rested a little.
We landed this morning at 8:30am (3:30 EST), rented our car and headed out to Termini (south if Naples). The people drive like their playing chicken and the hills past Naples are narrow death traps. We reached our destination. Our first stop was an outlet mall in Caserta to stretch our legs, eat a bite and try to wake up. (After all not much sleep took place and we are running in sheer adrenaline right now). At 4pm, we arrived in Termini and the town is small, friendly and so quaint. Our villa is beyond beautiful and the view is amazing. We stopped in the local market, bought a few staples and made our own dinner. No one felt like going out. It's 7:30 (2:30 at home) and we are showering and heading to bed.

23 March 2017

There are so many emotions about this trip, spending time with my family, seeing a country I've never been to, making life long memories, but I am so blessed to be spending this time with my dad. We are not getting younger and to experience this with him is a trip I will NEVER forget. He is coming up on his 75th birthday this fall and doesn't let life hold him back..... let the shenanigans begin.
Well today is the day.....we begin an adventure I am sure we will never forget.

16 March 2017

1 week from today begins our journey.