United Kingdom, India · 24 Days · 20 Moments · December 2016

David's adventure in India

21 January 2017

The Chick-In was worth the wait.
Departure time!

20 January 2017

The penultimate night before the Indian adventure not only ends but transforms into the Nepalese adventure, before becoming the Sri Lankan adventure and so on. A generic title must suffice one feels. To sum up the past week of silence and survival, i must thank the things that have saved me; Room 904 which is draped in the Swiss flag. The clear vegetable soup which was always hearty. The toasted bread which accompanied every meal. Smiles, friendly concern and complete understanding from each staff member that felt my pain. The evil one, the one with the thick moustache, the one who smelt good, the one who enjoyed saying toast and the one who never said a word to me. All wonderful men. And to thank my mother whom never wavered at the topic of conversation nor the detail of said topic, day or night. And to thank my father and sisters who no doubt had to calm my mother away from the wifi calls. Tomorrow I fly to Kathmandu and leave the pain behind. Yeah, sure!

13 January 2017

After three days of sickness, feeling back to a normal state now. Concluding the mega cities of India my downfall, I am annoyed with myself I didn't head straight to the mountains of Darjeeling like I had dreamed of instead. The sites in the cities were worth seeing, before the world got even bigger I guess, however my last 24 hours in Mumbai will be somber as I will fly to Kolkata to try and get back to full fitness for a week. The dreams of sipping tea looking at the Himalayas maybe beyond me now, so why not sit in the Himalayas and look back from that point!?

10 January 2017

The lovely sheik doctor from the temple next door gave me these and a whole host of others. I don't k ow what they are and what they'll do to me, but Jack got to the top of the bean stalk with magic beans fairly unscathed.
Taking this photo when I landed promised so much intrigue. I didn't think the outcome would be staying in bed and in a bathroom for three days. I hope Gabrielle from Sweden, who had three flights and a train from Copenhagen ahead of her made it ok.

8 January 2017

The most impressive land mark we saw in Jaipur on this packed day, was the Amber Fort. The kings residency when the temperature wasn't too high, probably because he had all those steps to climb, like me. Views for miles and a bunch of monkeys causing mayhem at the top. A wonderful day in Jaipur, Mumbai awaits the day after tomorrow, so a day of planning it is. X
We found a great Tuk Tuk driver who happened to have worked for a U.K. tv show that filmed there...what are the chances! He gave us some great stories and history on the capital of Rajasthan, land of the kings. They were famous for cutting and polish gem stones, so we went to see them. They were famous for a certain king building this water palace, with three floors below the water (to keep it naturally air conditioned. They were also famous for the maharaja, the men who looked after the kings elephants, so we went to see a few of them too.
Walking into the Pink City, the buildings had more of a terracotta tint to them, after all the years of weather and pollution now doubt. But we made our way, past the odd resting cow and into the City Palace. Weapons and beautiful sculptures were here but little else...so we hitched a ride on a tour of a few other spots.
On a day exploring Jaipur, we started with a building that sounds similar to one back home. Full of pigeons, apparently they are a holy bird here...something my best friend Medea wouldn't stand for at all!

7 January 2017

Today consisted of a bus ride to Jaipur. It was a superior vehicle, only a few cracks in the windows, the air con blowing ice cold and baking hot every 12 seconds and the excessive (to me and anyone not from India) use of a horn. 5 hour trip, stomach feeling better - Jaipur let's see what you've got.

6 January 2017

Last night in Agra, a sunset boat ride to see a little wonder of the world.
Today's history lesson, There once was a lovely country full of spices and wonderment, the British arrived and claimed it as theirs. They should have drew the draw bridge up quicker. Magical Agra Fort.

5 January 2017

More wild monkeys than I've seen pigeons in Trafalgar Square!
Today I walked down the street, got into a queue and saw something beautiful.

3 January 2017

The bus was rattling long before I got there. Delayed trains meant nothing else; 6 hours or so, watching the engine roar, then die, then roar. No Varanasi for me, the road took me to Agra.
Being a tourist offers plenty of insight. When the tuk tuks want to take you, there isn't a cost. Sitting and breathing I'd long forgotten but it's what I'll try every day from now on.

2 January 2017

Day one in India. Huge queues to get in and then once past the visa police, there wasn't anyone around...

1 January 2017

I hope it looks as good in real life. What a sublime quality print, hidden away for no one to see.

28 December 2016

Not long now, sleepless and daydreaming.