United States of America · 1 Days · 11 Moments · January 2017

David's adventure in Corvallis, OR, United St

13 January 2017

End of day sunset. Great day of disc golf!!😁
Adair back 9. We all did ok. David 64 Crizzly 65 Tim 69
Adair Front 9
Any treasures to be found? Crizzly scored a sweet deal on a used Westside Queen.
Stop in at Papa's Pizza for lunch. Round Review First Dave 69 Crizzly 72
Back 9 at Willamette. We played two full rounds.
Willamette front 9
The girls might have the right idea about staying in bed.
The starting temperature for the day. Special thanks to the Weather Kitty app.
Getting ready for an epic day of cold weather disc golfing.
All the cold weather gear.