Asia · 23 Days · 23 Moments · September 2018

David Joni & Danny in Malaysia

27 September 2018

After waking up the last time in Malaysia we headed up to the infinity pool where we stayed until we had to check out at 12am. We dropped the Backpacks at the reception and took the time we had left until our  departure to explore Chinatown and enjoy the tasty, cheap, asian street food the last time for a while. Now, we are sitting in the plane, waiting for our plane to take off to Abu Dhabi from where we are going to catch a plane to munich. On the one hand we are sad that this good time of adventures, exploring, getting to know new people and new cultures has come to an end now. But on the other hand we are looking forward to see our family and friends again and also to start a new chapter of our live as we are all going to university soon. Furthermore as we have got to know the living conditions over here that are, by far, not as bad as in the rest of Asia, but still way lower than our level of living in Germany we realized ones again how lucky we are for beeing born in Germany.

26 September 2018

Tried to make the most out of our last full day not only in our hotel but sadly also of our trip. Woke up early to enjoy the sunrise at the pool and take some pictures. We sunbathed at the pool all day long enjoying the stunning skyline and only left our cot to grab lunch, hit the gym and go for dinner. It ended up beeing a very relaxing day and we realized that we can really consider ourselves lucky for having the oppurtunity to experience something like this.

25 September 2018

We jumped into the plane this morning, that brought us to Kuala Lumpur, where we took a taxi to our hotel. And what a contrast to the accomodations we had before! We have a big suite in the 50th floor with huge windows in the bedroom so we can overlook KL from above. Also we can enjoy an Infinity Pool and a gym, both facing the Petrona Twintowers. We enjoyed the rooftop pool most of the day and just left our amazing Hotel to grab some tasty food at a nightmarket. The luxury we are enjoying here leaves us breathless and it's a great way of letting our trip fade out with some relaxing days.

23 September 2018

Woke up to the sun shining so we decided to spend our last day in Langkawi at the beach. After energyzing at our favourite Indian and taking some food with us for later we jumped on our scooters and drove across the island. First we stopped at a waterfall and right after we went for a little , kind of hidden beach, which we had for our own. This made the paradise-like feeling we had because of the beautiful scenerey increase even more. As we enjoyed ourselves there some cheeky monkeys tried to rob our stuff, but, happily, we recognized it and could succesfully chase them away. Before the sun started to set we rode back to our hostel, where we packed our bags for our trip to Kuala Lumpur and sadly had to say goodbye to our dear friends from vienna after more than one week of travelling together.

22 September 2018

After the last two days were fully packed with adventures, today we decided to sleep a bit longer and had brunch at our favourite Indian food spot. At midday the weather was not that good, so we decided to go shopping. In the afternoon the weather was getting better, so we headed to the local beach, relaxed, read books, played football with some locals and drunk some beers. In the evening we ate at the Indian restaurant again, drunk beer, heard good music and about midnight we went to the beach, to watch two foreigners perform a great lightshowđŸ”„

21 September 2018

Yesterday our day started off by eating breakfast at our local indian shop. After that we went straight to the Langkawi Sky Bridge, propably the most visited tourist attraction on this island, which is a viewpoint on the highest mountain on Langkawi. The ascent to the top is pretty easy, because you just have to get into a cable car and enjoy the view. After completing the 'Sky Bridge', a bridge 90 meters above the ground, we headed towards the Tanjung Rhu Beach, where spent the rest of the evening.

20 September 2018

Had one of the best days of our entire journey today! In the morning we woke up early, rented some scooters and had fun driving through a beautiful landscape to a waterfall. We did not expect much but we could not have been further away from reality! The waterfall was really huge and we were stunned not only by the waterfall itself but also by the pure green nature surrounding it. We could also go swimming right beneath and climbed up the waterfall itself a little bit for some jumping-action. Right after we cruised to an empty, paradiselike, beach where we tanned ourselves and went swimming for the afternoon. In the evening we headed back to the hostel, enjoyed a beautiful Sunset at the beach over there and went for some food.

19 September 2018

This morning I woke up early to explore the huge Kek-Lok-Si Tempel and to get a nice view over Georgetown, before we had to leave the island at noon. Back in the hostel we packed our stuff and traveled via Ferry, Bus and Ferry again, to Langkawi. The journey itself was fun, because everything went as planned and we where surrounded by beautiful nature most of the time. After we arrived on the stunning island in the evening, we drove to our nice hostel before we searched for some food and went to bed early, in order to be fuelled to explore Langkawi tomorrow.

18 September 2018

Today we visited the smallest national park in the world: Penang National Park. After driving with an Taxi for 45minutes and paying a ridiculous low price we arrived and started to hike through the jungle towards a beach. During our walk we passed majestetic jungletrees and also saw several kinds of monkeys jumping around in the trees. Finally at the beach we appreciated the scenery and visited a turtle sanctuary before we headed back to civilization. On our way to the hostel we stopped at a huge temple, that sadly was about to close so we could not see the entire building.

17 September 2018

The plan for today was to hike up Penang Hill. After 3hours of demanding, but at the same time recompensing (we had great views of the City and the entire island) hiking in the heat, we reached the top, enjoyed the view and got down by a skytrain. In this case the way itself was more of a highlight than the mountaintop. That's because the path to the top gave us a great view around the scenery and in contrast to the touristic hilltop, we have been mostly alone. In the evening we checked out some fancy 'hidden bars', bars with no clearly noticeable entrance, and played billiard. In the last picture, for example, you had to push the lever on the left, to make the door in the right slide open. The guessing was lots of fun!

16 September 2018

This sunday we took things a bit more relaxed than usual. After getting up, we went straight to a nearby foodcourt to refuel, after a sleepless night full of noisy roommates. After 2 hours passed by, we decided to go to the next culinary adventure and bought some more snacks and drinks, while walking through the city centre of George Town. In the evening we went out to watch the Formula 1 Grand Prix and eventually landed in a 'Hidden Bar', where we drank some beer and played billiard.
Today we had our next stop Georgetown/Penang. So we had a yummy breakfast at our Indian hang-out, went to the busstation and rode for about four hours through the curvy inland to Penang, which is located at the west coast of Malaysia. There we headed with our friends from Vienna to a ferry, which took us in about 20 minutes to the Island Georgetown. Checked in in our large and very local hostel, relaxed a little bit and explored beautiful Georgetown. We looked out for some good foodspots and found finally a big food court with a lot of variety of food. There we met coincidentally our Vienna friends', so we went together through lovely Georgetown, spotted some known art at walls (good photo opportunities for tourists), walked to little India, when suddenly a strong rain shower started. Now we headed fast to our hostel, relaxed one more time and had a good late night snack at midnight at a nearly food court

15 September 2018

Have been hiking up a mointain right next to the village we are staying in with the guys we met yesterday. This time we had two dogs following us along the entire trail. After enjoying some food in the evening at our favourite restaurant  for the last time we headed into a cozy local bar, played pool and had some fun with the locals before going to sleep in order to be ready for the busjourney the next day.

14 September 2018

Another day in Malaysia passed and once again it was great. In the morning we made our way towards an attraction called 'Mossy Forest'. But in contrast to the other travellers going there with a jeep we chose the more demanding way. So we went there by public bus  hitchhiking and walking. Up at 2000m we walked around the cloud forest, which, already revealed by the name, is covered in clouds, what gives it a very special fauna & flora. On our way home we stopped at a teahouse enjoying our tea with a great view over many teaplants, planted all over the hills. Back at our 'hometown' we went to get dinner, where we met some fellow travellers, which whom we spent the rest of the evening.

12 September 2018

This Wednesay has been full of advetures for us. In the morning we woke up with the rising sun to go for a tough jungle hike. And it was indeed one really hard trail through the densest rainforest. But at least we found ourselves a new compagnon: a dog, who followed us along our path for several hours! The last kilometers to our mark for today, a tea farm, we started hitchhiking, had great luck and got picked up directly. We really enjoyed the view over the completly green hills, and made our way back to the starting point, again beeing picked up along the way by several friendly native people. In the afternoon we enjoyed a tea at a teahouse, overlooking some nice looking plantations before we had dinner, played games and laid ourselves to sleep.

11 September 2018

Today has been lots of traveling. First we jumped into a Bus to Kuala Lumpur, just to get another bus driving us into the Cameron Highlands. As we drove up the mountains we saw nothing but pure green to our sides and really enjoyed looking out of the window into this wonderful, untouched nature. After arriving in the afternoon we checked into our atmospheric hostel and got to eat some super delicious, filling and cheap indian food before we spent the rest of the evening playing games.

10 September 2018

Have been exploring Melaka and it's delicious food on this monday. After breakfast in our hostel we strolled around on ourselves and discovered some nice, less crowdy places in the city. As we had foodbrakes again and again this day we where always keen to see the cheap and still so tasty food over here. In the evening we joined a guided biketour from our hostel to watch the sun set over a mosque, build on the sea. During our way towards we stopped to watch some local people play 'Footvolley', a crazy and fascinating mix of volleyball und soccer.

9 September 2018

Today was not that packed with experiences. In the morning we packed our backpacks in order to leave beautiful Pulau Babi Besar. Back on the mainland we jumped onto a bus, driving us across malaysia to the City of Melaka, which is located on the westcoast. As we arrived in our lovely hostel we directly jumped on a busy streetfoodmarket to fill our empty stomachs.

8 September 2018

This morning we woke up on an island looking like paradise: Pulau Babi Besar. Directly after we got up, we went to the beach to appreciate our surronding. In the afternoon, energized by a huge lunch in our Resort we had some fun at the mole by jumping into the water and discovering the world hidden undneath the surface.

7 September 2018

After our alarm rang at 5am we hustled to the bus station to grab our ride towards Mersing. As we arrived we had some struggles to find a boat, but finally found someone crossing us over with a speedboat, lucky for us the ride itself was pure fun. On the island we were blown away by all it's beauty and wildeness and after a short but heavy thunderstorm we wandered around at the beach and jumped into the beautiful blue wet.
Plan for our last day in singapore was to visit the botanic garden. On the way towards it we randomly walked up a skyscraper and enjoyed a gigantic view from above. Finally at the huge botanic garden we enjoyed the silence and beautiful designed botany. As the evening came closer we visited some hawker stalls where we got to eat tasty food and had some interesting conversations with locals. We had a great time in Singapore but now we are looking forward to visit Malaysia and firstly spending a few chill days at an Island Resort with snorkeling and sunbathing.

5 September 2018

On our second day in Singapore we visited the Flowerdome and the Cloudforest. Both huge greenhouses, the one filled with plants from all over the world, and the other one picturing a tropical rainforest. This menmade 'nature' was hilarious and we could not really believe this was real, but we highly enjoyed wandering around through this mind-boggling place. In the evening we searched ourselves a cozy place in nature to eat dinner and watched the sun set over the beautiful skyline of Singapore.

4 September 2018

Hey! Finally, after two flights and a stopover in Abu Dhabi we arrived at our first destination: Singapore. After checking in into our lovely hostel and managing some stuff like buying sim cards, train tickets and getting some local cash we strolled around the area to get to know our new environment. In the afternoon we started a 14km scooter tour around entire singapore and it was amazing! Even the fact, that we nearly got any sleep during the last day could not stop us from beeing astonished once and once again by the impressive city. Singapore with it's clearly structured, clean streets filled with great architechture and lots of vegetation had a huge impact on us and we look forward to explore this beauty even closer the next two days. But first we need to refuel with a ton of our hard earned sleep now.