Austria, Russia · 14 Days · 4 Moments · June 2016

D&P Do The World

27 June 2016

Now the trip really begins... After stops in Toronto and Prievidza (via London, Vienna and Bratislava for our first RTW flight leg) to say hi/bye to our families we travelled back to Vienna - 45 mins from Bratislava for those rusty on your middle of Europe geography - bound for St Petersburg. It was a fortuitous opportunity to see Miska before we took off since she was there for work. She hooked us up with her junior suite for the night, likely our highest quality room for the foreseeable future. We set out for the airport early, thankfully only in the Uber for a few minutes when Miska called to say I'd forgot the Mac in her room. Here's hoping that that close call (and 2 others with my shades) will be the last for the next 10 months.

23 June 2016

Hanging with Miska

22 June 2016

Now the trip really starts

14 June 2016