United Kingdom, Canada · 52 Days · 19 Moments · September 2016

Dave's trip home with Pat

20 November 2016

Interred my beautiful girl today She's 6 places away from her Dad Charlie It was cloudy but as I placed her in the ground the sun came our like a smile from God. She's back home again with the sea and river all around her. Rest in peace my beloved I know you would be happy where you are. I will always love you. October 25th 2016.

29 October 2016

With Jason all completed it was a good trip home Feel my girl is happy now

25 October 2016

23 October 2016

Seas up good job for the local surf school at Maenporth beach

17 October 2016

Last trip out for the Canooks before heading home to Canada. Elaine n Gerry to Arizona

16 October 2016

The cottage "Primrose Cottage " Mawnan Smith
Lovely sunny Sunday Gerry n Elaine's cousins Martin and Debbie returning home today.

15 October 2016

Rainy start Saturday 14th.Oct. Jeff locked cottage keys in cottage and I bumped van twice ( no damage ). Went to Truro shopping then with everyone went to a great Spanish Restaurant in Falmouth for a great meal.

14 October 2016

Friday :- took everyone to St. Michaels Mount then on to the Minnack theatre and Kynance Cove which they loved then over the moors to St. Ives and ended up having a gorgeous Indian meal at Falmouth Moor.

13 October 2016

We said our goodbyes to Don & Laurel Picked up a 9 seater VW from Hertz and drove up to Stonehenge 13th October (Thursday ) Then drove to Cornwall met up with Hazel &I opened up the gorgeous cottage for Jeff Irene Gerry and Elaine Met Elaine's family

12 October 2016

Last day aboard tried out cocktail making and had a great afternoon

11 October 2016

Last Port La Coruña Spain Not been here before Weather poor raining and cool. Nice town with a lighthouse called the " Tower of Hercules", still standing since 2AD.

9 October 2016

Grande Canary Canary Islands Day 6. Been here before but not on our honeymoon. This city I recall as a dusty dump but is now a thriving city and again had a nice day exploring with my friends. Our cab driver was South African and great guy had a very informative trip .
Lisbon Portugal another beautiful day. Day 4 of the cruise. Second time around again. Had a taxi around the city with Jeff,Irene,Gerry,Elaine,Don & Laurel . Beautiful city great cab driver.

4 October 2016

Nice day trip around the city on foot

2 October 2016

Sunday morning at 10 am we took the national express coach to Southampton which was a 2 1/2 hour trip to join the Independence of the Seas.

1 October 2016

The London clipper left from London central and motored up the Thames passing all the sites to Greenwich and back.
Kew gardens were very nice . Returned to Chelsea wharf and went for a meal at the Waterfront restaurant. Next morning following a full English breakfast we took a cab to London center. Saw all the sites and then went on the London clipper

30 September 2016

London Chelsea Wharf and Kew gardens. Arrived on Thursday 29th Sept with Jeff and Irene Staying at Greentree Hilton Chelsea wharf. No problems with security bringing my girls remains through. Don and Laurel arrived at noon on Friday So after lunch we took a taxi to Kew gardens