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No reason to return

8 November 2018

Finally name the van today....Rose it is

10 June 2018

So the brake pipes on the van burst yesterday leaving me with no brakes! Mot book for tomorrow!! Awesome!! Have had a busy day working on the van today. Pretty sure she's ready now. Fingers crossed for tomorrow

9 April 2018

So I'm getting pretty close to starting to convert the van and figured this month I'd buy a drill and a circular saw to help along the way. After a week and a half of eagerly waiting by the letter box they turned up today. The charger had an American style 2 pun plug on so straight away I set to putting a UK 3 pins style plug on it so I could hear my new toys running. Once I'm done I plug it into the mains and pow!!! a flash of light and a puff of smoke means that was a bad idea. So like every man I revert to the manual, only to find that the charger runs on 110v and I've just stuck 240v through it!! Good job buddy...... Dickhead!! Will deal with this cock up next month

5 February 2018

Sat in my first Seat training course with a group of 20 something year olds, learning how to use a micrometer. God I feel old, I guess this feeling is something I'll have to get used to on my travels.

4 February 2018

She's alive!! All back together and running well. Home in time to watch the first England game of the 6 Nations too. It's been a good day today. Van starting point....

31 January 2018

So the weather for this weekend is looking crap again. Saturday 4° with a real feel of -3° with rain predicted for most of the day, with the possibility of snow. And sunday less chance of rain but 4° with a real feel of 0°! Perfect weather to be working outside on the floor under the van!! She'd better get me round the world without a bloody hiccup after all this!!

29 January 2018

Two years he walks the earth. No phone, no pool, no pets, no cigarettes. Ultimate freedom. An extremist. An aesthetic voyager whose home is the road. Escaped from Atlanta. Thou shalt not return, 'cause "the West is the best." And now after two rambling years comes the final and greatest adventure. The climactic battle to kill the false being within and victoriously conclude the spiritual pilgrimage. Ten days and nights of freight trains and hitchhiking bring him to the Great White North. No longer to be poisoned by civilization he flees, and walks alone upon the land to become lost in the wild. Alexander Supertramp May 1992
Well, no such luck. Today I find myself sitting at home on a day off waiting for a call to confirm the correct water pump for the van. Really wanted to get it fired back up today. There's always next weekend I guess. With 333 days to go, one more week can't hurt too much.

28 January 2018

Well this weekend didn't go to plan. I booked a long weekend to get the van back together but have hit problem after problem. I've now got 1 day left and a lot to do. Fingers crossed my luck changes over night!!

21 January 2018

Fixing the van in the snow! Wish I'd got photos....but been busy. Made good progress today :-)

17 January 2018

It's a good job I don't live with a girl. Have stored these part in my dining room while I get everything together. Refurbed gearbox Refurbed cylinder head Head gasket set Head bolt set Camshaft!! Rockers Clutch Flywheel Flywheel bolts Spigot bearing Starter motor Water pump Oil filter Air filter Fuel filter Radiator Coolant bottle Rear discs Rear pads Handbrake shoes with fitting kit Engine oil Gearbox oil Coolant Brake fluid Should keep me busy for a while!!
Well....its been an expensive couple of weeks for the van. I've just about got all the parts I need now to put her back together.....and in good time too as the bmw gearbox has lost reverse this week!! She obviously knows she's about to be replaced.....typing quietly!! All being well the weather will hold out this weekend and I'll be able to get the van back together without too many problems. Should stop complaining about the expense really.....im almost over it!!

8 January 2018

It's been an expensive day today. Have had quotes for all the parts and service for repairs on the van. I haven't added it up yet but it's in the 1000's. £750 for a camshaft was the biggest kick in the face. Still there's no stopping me now. Will be living on bread and water for the foreseeable future, but will definitely be worth it in the end!!

1 January 2018

Have just spent most of my new year weekend working on the van. Shes all stripped down now. The cam's wrecked but otherwise everything else looks pretty good. It's definitely had some love in the past. Hopefully I can get everything back before next weekend to put it all back together. Haven't touched a drop this weekend either. It's quite a nice feeling being sat here with no hangover. Definitely a first for me in a while!

24 December 2017

Its Christmas eve and I'm itching to get work started on the van. She's going to need some work before we go. Gearbox first, then head off for a proper look at the engine. Can't wait....but no tools here to do it this weekend. Should just enjoy Xmas really......

23 December 2017

Picked up the travel van today, a Volkswagen LT35. 2006 model with 286,000 miles on. Need to come up with a name for her. Merry Christmas Davey boy. One big step closer

10 December 2017

Woke up to the first snow of the year. Probably a good six inches. Buddy didn't know what to make of it when I let him out into the garden. Ralph was out so I quickly got dressed and took him to the racecourse. I have so much new gear for weather like this, but it was bought for my travels so left it in the wardrobe. Instead I ventured out in a pair of trackies, some trainers you might as well call flip flops and a couple of old scraggy hoodies. Who cares what other people think!! Obviously Buddy had a whale of a time :-)

4 December 2017

Am constantly checking my bank balance to make sure I never overspend, but make sure I get every penny. It's artwork today. Need a van that feels like home

3 December 2017

So it's been a little while since I last wrote anything in here. It's been a challenging couple of months. From the fire at the garage, losing my job, and some snotty correspondence from "The Deely corporation"....to the new job, that I decided I hated pretty much straight away. I expected so much more from working in a dealership, but it turns out to be much the same as the carshop, where you have to make sure you leave your morals at home in the morning. Money grabbing fkers.....there's so much more to life than money, it's such a shame it makes the world go round. To get through this job I've already buried my head into a master tech qualification.....which won't be complete by the time I leave, but need something to focus on. 330 days to go.....cant come soon enough after this last couple of months!!

19 October 2017

Was officially made redundant today. Will be paid until the end of the month (happy birthday dave) and as of the first of November I'm unemployed!! What a day! Leaves me wandering what to do with my travels. Is it time to leave early......??

15 October 2017

Well it's been an interesting one at work this week. One of the guys pulled a courtesy car into the workshop that promptly caught fire with a massive leak at the fuel tank. By the time the fire crews got there the building was already ablaze. It's looking like it's gonna take 8 to 12 months to put the building right and get the business going again. I've got 379 days to go. Do I muck in or bail out???

24 September 2017

400 days!! Getting through em!!

16 September 2017

Tattoo done....Not all those who wander are lost!! Had a "vanity month" this month. Teeth and tattoo off the list!!

27 August 2017

Crumpled! Bought tobacco already!! You're better than this David!!
Struggling today......fighting it like Connor McGregor

23 August 2017

Its been a big month this month. Have cut out beer fairly successfully so far, and today bought a vape pen to cut out the tobacco too. The route of quitting all this evil is only to save more money for my travels, though if I'm honest I'm a little surprised at myself. Clearly, I can do it!!! ;-)

20 August 2017

Does hard work really pay off?? I guess it's all relative... What is wealth??

8 August 2017

Tattoo booked!!

7 August 2017

Feels like a productive day today. Spoken to Action Visas about my plans and their response was "it's not impossible......though it will probably be difficult" Sounds like a challenge to me!! Had a clear out of some of my cupboards and draws aswell today to make room for more shopping list items. Why do we collect so much crap?! Had a mass clear out of my wardrobe too. Two bags so far to go to the charity bin tomorrow. If it hasn't been worn in the last 12 months, it's in the bag!! Lol Feeling positive

6 August 2017

449 days to go! Feeling a real sense of achievement today. Realised last night that I'm now over half way through my saving plan. Haven't looked back since I started, but this really makes it feel do-able. I'm bang on target financially, with cupboards filling up nicely with items from my shopping lists. Roll on the next 449 days....i can do that with my eyes closed!

5 July 2017

Never thought I'd be this happy about the arrival of a pull out awning for the van!! Haha, every day's a school day I've started to buy items from the "Van Shopping List" this month. Need to be ready to go once I've bought the beast.....(still to be named!!)

28 June 2017

Payday today. Man I love putting money in the savings account!! One step closer... 488 days to go PS. The heatwave didn't last long, I'm back to bloody Shivering! English weather sucks!!

21 June 2017

Been suffering through a heatwave for the last few days. Sweating like an animal all day and still 30° at 11 o'clock at night so not sleeping well either. I think it's day 4 now and haven't been able to sleep till after midnight. The weather reports are saying it will start to get cooler here from tomorrow. I can't wait!! There's nothing quite as bad a spending all day dripping with sweat, and then all evening trying to replenish fluids. English summertime sucks.....been feeling the need to book a short break away abroad to get away from it here....... I probably won't go though, and just save the money for travelling instead.

18 June 2017

Went for dinner with the family yesterday for Grannys 90th. After talking with dad for most of the time it became fairly apparent that I've got this will to travel from him. I asked where he'd go if he could just hook up and go. He said the Adriatic coast for three months, so I've decided to make it my first destination and invited him along. I want to do Norway and Sweden too, so will probably plan 6 months in Europe before hitting Asia.

14 June 2017

Looking at the widget on my phone that says 502 days.......getting through em!! :-) Started at 912, so I AM actually starting to get through them. Light at the end of the tunnel pending.....

7 June 2017

So finally got my new phone and all up and running after being 'free' for nearly two weeks. I've bought a kayak for my travels and last weekend decided to take it for a spin!! Lesson number 1.....phones and water don't mix!! Despite this I actually had a really positive experience, it was a beautiful sunny day, I didn't crash, sink or drown, even picked up a fairly decent tan. Paddled from Blisworth to The Billing Mill with the plan of getting a steak and a pint at the end. As it worked out, after eight and a half hours I made it to the pub but was too knackered for food. I did learn that kayaking is slow!! Should probably be a little less ambitious next time

21 May 2017

Have been sooo sick this weekend. Woke up at 4 on Saturday morning feeling rough.....didn't make it to the loo in time!! So after my body had emptied itself (......completely!!!) I then had to clean the bathroom!! Not cool. I went to work for 4 hours, came home and crawled back into bed. It's Sunday morning now, and it's got me thinking about getting ill while I'm travelling. It's very rare I get Ill like this, but guess I'm only going to increase the chances when I leave. 'Poorly person pack' added to shopping list

19 May 2017

Still watching vlogs but moved my attention to Africa recently. I've read a lot from the foreign commonwealth office about Africa and it's kinda put me off. Wars raging in many countries, bandits, carjacking, disease, famine and so on.... But watching some of these recent vlogs has shown me not to be so narrow minded....you can't believe everything you read!! Only one way to find out, right?

17 May 2017

Have got all sorts of ideas running round my mind about downsizing my plans just to leave a little earlier..... As I write this down, even I laugh at my self. Never have been one for patience! Lol

15 May 2017

Only learned about vlogging a couple of months ago, watched loads of 'lost leblanc' and thought maybe this could be a source of income for my travels..... On reflection, it just seems to be a tease at the moment!! Haha 532 days to go!!
Need to stop watching vlogs!!

8 May 2017

I had a crappy day at work today, spent most of the evening thinking about leaving for my travels tomorrow.....I wish!! Need to stick to the plan Foreman and keep saving!! Must look more into making money whilst traveling

7 May 2017

540 days to go So I guess it's time to start writing. I'm planning the biggest trip of my life and need to get used to writing a diary. I've been saving and planning for the last year with about another year and a half to go. The countdown app on my phone Is driving me crazy, ticking away but far too slowly....but it is ticking away!! Looking back, the last year has seemed to fly by though the next 18 months seems so far away. The plan hasn't changed much since the beginning, save 20k as spending money and enough to buy and kit out a van, probably a luton bodied mercedez sprinter, then pack up my life in England, cross the channel into France and see where my travels take me.....