North America, Europe · 13 Days · 260 Moments · June 2018

Dave & Ry’s European Adventure Book

29 June 2018

Back in the USA 🇺🇸
New York City as we approach JFK.
In the air over Portugal 🇵🇹 and now the USA 🇺🇸
Headed to JFK and saying goodbye to Europe.
2 stamps!!!! We international
New passport stamps and NYC sunsets
One last line for passport control and then 8 hours to JFK
Landed in Portugal. Killing some time in the TAP Portugal club.
Train travel is way easier than air travel. In line to get on first plane. Europeans don’t know how to board planes. Not “delayed” but no way we get out at 1110. No biggy since we have 4 hours between flights. Last picture in Italy. Full flight but not bad.
App says we are already delayed 😩🙄 At airport it doesn’t seem like we are. One thing that holds up across borders: airport food sucks!!
A long journey home starts at 745 am here, 145 am at home. Goodbye Roma, ciao Italia!

28 June 2018

Crap!!! ☔️ really, really hard. Need Uber now!
Some sightseeing in Rome!
The Coliseum is an absolute marvel. Wish it had not started raining.
Roma at night. Ancient and amazing. People were here thousands of years ago in this very spot.
One of our best meals at Il Chianti - who knew boar could be so good?
Aperitivo #2
Closer but still no entry to the Basilica. No Pope. Policia are very nice.
Another amazing church at the top of the Spanish Steps. A cast of The Pietà and a gorgeous painting of Mary. And another candle.
Spanish Steps and another missed opportunity for Ry to get free, cold water from a fountain in Italy. #dogwater #seagullpizza
Quick stop for charging and a glass of wine.
Found the Trevi Fountain and threw coins in
Don’t know what it is, but it’s cool.
Dad asked me to take his photo of him in the “sunny spot”
The Pantheon.
Piazza Navarro
Santa Maria Della Pace - a small, 100 person church that was gorgeous
Castle San Angelo and bridges
St Peter’s Square 😩 the Basilica was closed due to Cardinals being named today.
Leaning against another county.
Snuck pics inside the Sistine.
Finally getting close.
Segnatura Room
The Room of the Immaculate Conception
Craziest crowds I have ever seen.
Whoa hope we don’t get used to this 5 star treatment
Early scenes of the Vatican Museum ahead of the Sistine Chappel.
Following the nuns to the Vatican!
Gonna be a snuggle fest tonight!
Quick stop for cappuccino, Ry found a donut! I have a bigger breakfast than I thought.
Steps out of Roma Termini, a stunning church ⛪ - in the middle of confession. We lit another candle by the Virgin Mary and said a Hail Mary.
Welcome to Roma!! Last trip on a fast train.
Beautiful countryside wizzing past is at 250 km/hr
Sad to leave Florence. Biking with our backpacks and seeing the sites one last time. On to Roma!!!

27 June 2018

Good bye Santa Croce
Trattoria Anita cause Missy said!
Trains, bike and images as we cross Florence.
Backseat roughin it and winery! Thank you allesandro
Getting to know the wine making process and meeting amazing locals! Great wine, great olive oil and an unforgettable time.
Now Alessandro took us to a farm that makes Chianti and Olive Oil!
Hanging at the top - some wine and a cigar.
Top of the mountain
Almost the top of the mountain
Views from the tour. Driving on a real Roman road So bouncy!!
Our chariot for the afternoon! In the car with 4 American tourists.
Welcome to Figline... southeast of Florence.
Jumping on a train to meet our boy Jonny and do this Tuscan Off Road Experience. Countryside from the train.
Pizza by Santa Maria Novelli ahead of our excursion.
Fake David and Dabbin on the H8rs
Gift hunting!
A beautiful scene of the Tuscan hills to the East as I ride my Mobike.
Breakfast and coffee and La Vespa Cafe. Good find Ry!
Touring Santa Croce first thing - beautiful church undergoing major renovations. Wish we could have gotten to corners of the cross, but breathtaking.
Lighting a candle in front of The Angel and The Virgin
The many, many tombs. Michelangelo, Dante, Galileo and Marconi and more.

26 June 2018

Not sure if already uploaded but Beautiful sunsets on the water
Ponte Veccio (spelling) sunsets. So beautiful
Florence at night.
L’Osteria di Giovanni for dinner. Table wine and excited!
So we are in Florence and we find an Irish Bar to watch France v Denmark. Not the same atmosphere as Grenoble last Thursday but fun. Oh and Ry can legally order a drink. Met some hot bitches. Literally.
Inside Santa Maria Novella - more Hail Mary’s and candles.
Journeying through the Uffizi
Love seeing TJ so far from home<3 heart warming
Dad REALLLYYYY wanted to jump in again
Hello Florence! And a long, lost bathtub last photographed in 1993.
Wandering the Bobolli Gardens
Small Bastillia next to Duomo.
More scenes from Duomo
So quintessential I can feel it!
Walking to the very top of the dome.
Views from the dome.
Walking up the 463 steps to the top of the dome
Beautiful morning in Florence as we head to the Duomo

25 June 2018

Hanging with the wait staff watching Portugal and Iran in the World Cup.
Ponte Vecchio and Missy’s place as we wander.
A little music in front of Basilica de Santa Maria
Rode to the Duomo.
Biking from Piazza Michelangelo to the David
Not sure how this is the first moment ever seeing Florence from this view. Beyond breathtaking.
Old people early bird dinner! We are starving. Eating by a wall that must be 500 years old.
Ry has hit the streets of Florence
Florence just got a lot more fun!!!
Tiny church getting ready for a wedding. Another candle and Hail Mary.
Where we stayed many years ago.
Scenes from a crowded Florence. Beautiful Santa Croce and the Ponte Vecchio
Our place. Pictures don’t do it justice. Really cool and large.
Our neighborhood
Guys wearing a white coat. Must be a doctor. Getting examined.
Even while sprinting to Doctor, you can’t help but be amazed by the sites like the Duomo.
Welcome to Florence! Hustling to Dr Kerr.
The Tuscan hills as we approach the city.
Getting some much needed rest on the train to Florence. Beautiful flat scenery rolling by.
Scenes as we leave a rainy Venice - headed to Firenze and a doctor 👨‍⚕️

24 June 2018

Hanging in our flat having a glass of wine. Pizza and World Cup in on a ‘recovery night’ from our last crazy 36 hours of passports and stress and buses and trains and French strikes... On to Florence in the AM!
Scenes from Venice at 1700 on Sunday, including a mass.
Beautiful square and found an artist painting a building.
Tech’ing it up
Getting reflective
A recommendation from Olivia. The bookstore equivalent of the record store in Paris. Good views while Ry reads.
Coffee, water and laughs by the Rialto.
An incident on the water! Water taxi almost nailed our gondola. The reaction from the gondoliers was exactly as you’d expect.
Pizza for lunch!! #seagullpizza
Scenes from the quietest island in Venice. Stunning
Found a random hoop. Ry has ups.
Waiting for 1500 and the doors to reopen at Santa Maria Della Salute
Gondola ride. Short but sweet.
Hanging and enjoying the cool breeze and amazing views.
Just an assortment of photos from our day we saw Hokies as mom calls them. Closed stores and beautiful waterways
On a very shaky pier
Found Piazza San Marco
A beautiful, small church and a candle
Venice was beautiful! Our home was right by the Rialto so we crossed there a million times
Morning in Venice

23 June 2018

Eating at Pane Vino
Venice at night.
Our nice apartment! Separate rooms! Quiet area. What’s not to love
At Ponte di Rialto
Walking to our apartment
Welcome to Venice!
We made it!!
Finally!!! Approaching Venice.
Making progress across Italy!! 🇮🇹
Traveling is hard work.
Countryside is flying past us. 182 MPH (293 KPH). Ry looks impressed.
Hey welcome to Torino for 15 minutes! On the train for our late arrival.
Finally...Italian Alps.
More mountains. Beautiful
Way late (already late!!) but on our way to Torino to Venice. Done with all the travel surprises 🤣.
Trying to wait patiently for our train that was supposed to depart RIGHT NOW to arrive.
Chambrey’s famous ‘Elephants without Asses’ and a cool view.
This pigeon photographs better than TJ!
When you have time to kill you make new friends.
The kindness of a stranger and the beauty of the old city.
Three hours to kill. Welcome to Chambrey.
On the bus to Chambrey. Part one of this journey today.
So great news: we found all our lost stuff! Bad news: Train strike messing up our arrival in Venice by 6 hours. Confusing news: we have to take a bus to Chambrey, have tix to Torino and not sure we have a spot to Venice until we get to Torino. I’ll take it from where we were last night.
Found it all!!! Now we can’t get to Venice due to the French train strike! 😩😩😩 Take the bus to a delayed train to another train. Up at 0630, arrive in Venezia at 20:10, we hope!!

22 June 2018

Our last dinner in France! Grenoble has been beyond our wildest expectations!! Café de la Table Ronde in the square is our final meal. A restaurant has been in this space since 1739. Inconceivable.
Views from the 9 @TJ
French “wildlife” 🤣
In Meaudre - easier to type than say. Beautiful mountain church and another candle for Gabby.
Café and Limonade at a cute restaurant on an absolutely perfect day.
Towards the top of the mountain road, a beautiful village, a simple church and another candle for Gabby.
Renting a car seeing the big blue sky
I hope dad remembers how to drive stick!
How did he talk me into renting a car in Grenoble?
Sunning and sleeping (???) in beautiful Grenoble
Public transportation at its finest
Walking the streets and seeing the sites.
We made it!!! Our decent.
The Bubbles!!!! Soaring high
Unreal mountains and seeing the city from this perspective is awe inspiring.
Ascending the Bubbles...great views. Really windy!!
A very sleepy - and chilly - Grenoble is beautiful this AM. Our alleyway doesn’t look like much but it’s a great place. Cup of cafe créam at La France.
Laundry must be done!

21 June 2018

Grenoble at night.
Night time in Grenoble alps make everything beautiful
Bands and music everywhere we turn!
Église St-André church in Grenoble was an awesome and unexpected beautiful find.
So much to see and the whole city is out tonight!!
The square is rocking post-game
1-nil at halftime. Us and 100 of our closest friends.
First goal ruined by our tv being 5 seconds behind the bar to our left.
Music, beer and the French World Cup game - and a rude waiter to boot! Viva la France
We found the Bubbles to the Bastille. An adventure for tomorrow.
Those are he Alps. That is snow!!
Grenoble exploration!
Really like our place. Unique and quirky! Cooled off with AC and clothes in the wash.
Hello from Grenoble
The start of some mountains.
Train stopping in Lyon, less than an hour to Grenoble. Pretty countryside. Houses clustered around farms. Hard to capture.
Either sightseeing or sleeping, love riding the trains in Europe.
Pulling out of the station and the French Countryside is whirling past us.
Yes train conductors whistle and yell for you to get onboard. So we have reserved seats, and ready to hit the rails to the Alps
Goodbye Paris and Metro (our new best friend). Hello Gare de Lyon and Hall 2 and our first train ride!
Packed and ready for our first train adventure. Grenoble, here we come!!

20 June 2018

Last night in Paris. Walking the streets, grabbed ice cream. Packing up to our next adventure.
Dinner (solo 😩) as Ry gets better. Right on the street at a new cafe. Hard to beat. Ry missed a good meal.
Scenes from the Louvre
The Louvre pyramids are as impressive as advertised
Stop at the pharmacist and on the the Louvre
Went to a cafe to watch Portugal v Morocco and get some culture and food and maybe a beer. Ok a big beer. And wow a huge plate - hope Ry wakes up and joins me (he didn’t 😩).
Maybe a healthy breakfast and some fruit will help?
Unfortunately another slow start and rough night for Ry who is probably exhausted, dehydrated and sick. Grabbing food solo around 1100. Hope to get to Louvre when he feels better.
The end of a busy day. Finished way better than it started! Kings of the Paris Metro. Good night at 0055.

19 June 2018

Kinda stuck on the elevator down.
Up high. 2300 a great time to come. Don’t try to bring wine, glasses and a cork screw up. Not allowed 😩
All lit up and sparkling.
Lit up
It’s 2000 and still plenty of light. Head up in an hour.
The Eiffel Tower is stunning. Having a cigar and some wine together. One of he nicest times ever just relaxing and hanging Sun has almost set. Waiting for lights.
Bistro Saint-Dominique for dinner. Early bird for Paris. Great Iberian ham for appetizer. Very French cheeseburger and Salmon.
The arc de triomphe is beautiful and huge and hitting it as the sun goes behind it.
Walking to Champ de Elyees and headed to Arc
Hanging out while Ry snoozes. Little cafe, a little Bordeaux and a little people watching.
Ry Not feeling great, resting while I have a glass of bad €5 wine!
Yes we found an Apple store in Paris
Random tiny church with amazing dome. And the organ was being tuned while we were there.
Architecture and parks and places unlike anything in America.
Huge bummer!! French strike ruins one stop we really wanted to do
Not the prettiest or quietest cafe, but need some food before museum.
Sainte-Chapelle is unreal. Stained glass is impossible to believe. Wow.
Failure on The Catacombs. Headed to Sainte Chappelle and then Musee d’ Orsay
Moving slow on Day 2 and Ry not feeling great. Headed to the Catacombs and hoping we can get in. Love the Metro. Lots of other plans later ending with the Eiffel Tower tonight.

18 June 2018

I am toast. Watched he end of England and Tunisia and ready for one last glass of wine and bed. 33 hours up for me, 31 for Ry. That’ll due...
Hanging out in the Paris Metro
Dinner WAYYYYY off the beaten path in a residential area. So excited, hope it’s good. Place is called Il ètait un Square. Pray it’s as good as its reviews! It was!!!
Hanging in the Luxembourg Gardens with tons of Parisians and fellow tourists. Pretty place!!
Well some things close at 1800. Oh well. Cool building.
First journey in the Metropolitan to the Panthéon and Luxembourg Gardens.
Power nap, hitting the streets again at 17:15 and Ry’s first “legal” wine purchase.
Found the coolest most crowded record store in the world.
Ah, the Eiffel Tower... it’s a franchise. They have one in every city.
Notre Dame is amazing
Where’s the Hunchback?
We found the Siene and the sun!
The most Paris looking street.