United States of America · 247 Days · 7 Moments · October 2016

I went looking for wood,fire and smoke......

29 June 2017

Buxton Hall Barbecue

29 October 2016

Micklethwait: Today was all about sausage, specifically Pork belly and andouille sausage & Knockwurst Sausage. Both versions were amazing, snappy casings and extremely juicy. The pork belly andouille was out of site..it's rendered pork belly fat and andouille what's not to love? The knockwurst was flavored by both beef and pork with lavender and rosemary. Today the they were a little heavy handed with the lavender, texture for both on point. B++

28 October 2016

Kerlin BBQ: Hidden gem in Austin. Let's start with the pork spare ribs, extremely tender with just enough chew, sweet Pork flavor with a kiss of smoke. Now to the brisket, brisket was cooked well but just a tad dry, good peppery bark and big beef flavor. The sides, really really good twist on typical barbecue sides. Today I had blue cheese coleslaw and jalapeño dill potato salad, out of site! If your not looking to stand in a line for a couple hours I suggest you find Kerlins in par with the big boys....and girls! B++

27 October 2016

Cooking with Evan was an incredible experience. Truly remarkable barbecue, he nailed the Texas trinity. The brisket was perfectly cooked, tender and juicy with the best bark in Austin. The pork spare ribs are insanely good, full Pork flavor with a good smoke note. The kicker for the pork is his Jalapeño jam glaze. The jalapeño cheddar sausage is simply the best I've ever had, if there's better barbecue in Austin I haven't found it. Grade A++
Real cooker!

26 October 2016

La Barbecue: 1 pound of fatty, 1/2 pound of spare rib, hot guts sausage, potato salad. Moist brisket, fat wasn't completely rendered not translucent, solid beef flavor with a heavy pepper bark but lacked salt and bark was burnt. Pork spare rib was the best offering of the day, very tender and sweet with just the right amount of smoke. Sausage texture was too crumble for my taste. Overall grade c+