United States of America · 5 Days · 43 Moments · April 2017

MQHR 2017 8th Grade Trip

21 April 2017

Ending the trip tonight with a Dinner Dance Cruise this evening. Will post more pictures this weekend as I go through them.
White House
US Capitol
WWII Memorial
Lincoln Memorial
Vietnam Memorial
Laying the Wreath

20 April 2017

Crystal City Food and Pub for dinner
Bascilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
Arlington National Cemetary - Thursday
Thankful to Col. "Big John" Miller a d Capt. Jessica Lord for their talk at breakfast, accompaniment to Pentagon Memorial, and unique insight into 911.
Pentagon Memorial RAINING!
Breakfast at Pentagon Sheraton

19 April 2017

Chaperons at Mt. Vernon
Dinner at Bucca do Beppos
Mt. Vernon
Kid's and Chaperon's pics at Mt. Vernon
Holocaust Museum
Mt. Vernon
Mt. Vernon
Mt. Vernon
Tuesday at Colonial Williamsburg
Tuesday at Colonial Williamsburg
Pictures from Tuesday at Colonial Williamsburg.
Pictures from Tuesday, Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg.
Dinner at Great Wolf Lodge
On two hour drive to Mt. Vernon this morning.

18 April 2017

More pillary. Discipline idea at MQ?
Pillary continued
In the pillary at Colonial Williamsburg
Colonial Williamsburg
Track ball
Colonial Williamsburg
Jamestown girls continued
Jamestown! Boys.
Jamestown girls
Jamestown continued
More breakfast pics
Breakfast at the Golden Corral! Of to Jamestown.
First stop - rest area to get cleaned up. On or way to breakfast!

17 April 2017

Getting ready to load the bus. Hazah!
Getting something to eat and getting into the mood for the trip?!