Greenland, Iceland · 5 Days · 14 Moments · August 2017

Darren 's adventure in Iceland

28 August 2017

Scenery in Akueryi
Jewels of the North 4: Namafjall Hverir - mud pools
Jewels of the North 2: Dimmuborgir- where the Christmas trolls live!
Jewels of the North 3: Skutustadagiar - pseudo-craters (for the geologically minded!(
Jewels of the North 1: Godafoss Waterfalls - waterfall of the gods!
Jewels of the North: some beautiful scenery on the way to our destinations
And where the small boat is, we also saw a whale. He was camera shy!
After a delay we eventually saw land

27 August 2017

And feel like this!
Our trip from Greenland to northern Iceland resulting in heavy winds and rain, numerous sick bags around ship, and views from our window looking like this.

26 August 2017

The only thing to do was play games and do a jigsaw

24 August 2017

Whistle stop day in Reykjavik
Blue Lagoon!

23 August 2017

Land Ahoy!