North America · 70 Days · 73 Moments · December 2017

Daria‘s journey

8 March 2018

Best açai bowl ever here i come!! Today was the day to visit Backyard Bowls again. And it is still awesome! I really liked the food. After breakfast i went to Santa Monica Pier and took the meteo to Malibu. In Malibu i visited a beach and had something for lunch. The weather that day was actually very perfect... then i went back to Santa Monica. I walked around and had a reflexology massage. The sunset in Santa Monica was again amazing and this is something i will totally miss from California. In Medellin there will be no beach for a while. But that’s fine for me... now i feel so ready to leave and i’m really looking forward to that. I had dinner in Cava and then went back home. My uber driver was from Colombia so i tried to talk in spanish with him. It is difficult to find the words but at least i understand what they say. He seemed very friendly. Before going home i went to an organic supermarket. Omg the zucchini bread was so good!!

7 March 2018

I got up and said my goodbyes to Judy. She is a lovely woman and i really liked staying at her house. I left the house at about 10am and took a lyft to the train station. There i had a 3 hours train ride with the amtrack to Los Angeles. Omg my backpack is going to kill me it is so heavy and my shoulder hurts after just a few minutes. When i arrived i took the metro to Santa Monica and then a Lyft to the Airbnb. The Airbnb was very nice and i was happy to stay there. I left again to go to Venice beach and look around. The sunset was very nice and i actually had a better experience than the last time i was there. People seemed nicer but also a lot of crazy and homeless people. But i mean i get used to that... skating is also soo trendy as it seems to me 😂 I had to walk home and after a while i had to ask someone where the street is exactly 😂😂 At home i watched Netflix and slept very well!

6 March 2018

Omg already the last day in San Diego! The time just flew in the last 9 weeks. I really had a great time but at the same time it’s good to leave now because i feel like i have seen it all and i have nothing to do every day... i will always have a great memory of this place! I walked to North Park and had lunch at a vietnamese reataurant. After that i was thiking about doing a piercing but the piercer has his day off so i couldn’t. I went home again and packed my things. For dinner i met the girls and Rolf. We went to City Tacos and the tacos were really good! They say the best tacos in SD. It was fine but at the same time a little bit a strange atmosphere. So i said goodbye to them with the intention to stay in touch and to meet again soon! On my way home i bought an ice and walked back... I had to say goodbye to Jade tonight! I think she is a good girl with some social issues but she tries her best... but she really need to stop talking about her bird all day long.

5 March 2018

Today we rented one of the green bikes. At first Ginny wanted to take the e-bike but she was to small for it. I really thought she will injure herself 🙈 then we took the normal bikes and started our way to North Park. Sometimes it was impossible to cycle up the hill so we had to walk. It was very funny but at the same time very exhausting. After a while Nahyun changed to an e-bike and we arrived to Alexanders. The food there was good but it’s not real italian food for me. To much cheese on everything, especially the Lasagne. But the restaurant itself was very nice and perfect for a date. After eating we all were soo full of food and so we walked in direction of NP and the girls could take the bus home. At home Judy and I watches the move The billboards oudside ebbing missouri. It was a good movie but also very depressing 🙈 Now i really need to stard packing my things

4 March 2018

On sunday i woke up early because it was to bright in my room and the bed was soo small 😂 Michael texted me because he wanted me to take Ginny to a party the following weekend but not possible, i’m leaving... Ginny and I met to go to the farmers market in Hillcrest. And it was huge... a lot of food and other things. We shared two dishes: Paella and Pad Tahi. It was soo good but also a real american sice 😂 After that we walked around a little and went to a cafe... In the evening the new japanese girl was already at home. She was really cute but i don’t thnik she understands a lot of english. I tryed to show her the best places to visit and also good food...

3 March 2018

Today i had to move from my room to Jades room. I have to much stuff and i really don’t know what to do for going to Colombia. We also went to Target and so i could buy some things i needed. In the evening we met at the restaurant Crack Shack. It was Marias last night. We ate our burger and had a little bit of action when a crazy homeless guy started to threaten people with a knife. In the end all worked out and the police came. After that Rolf, Maria, Ginny and I went to PB. I was invited from Koy to join to a bar with people from Las Vegas. So i took my people and we went there. It was fun and all the drinks were very cheap at first. Michael from Switzerland was obsessed with Ginny 😂 Koy drunk to much and hit her head and Rolf couldn’t enter the second place becauer he had no passport. So we went to another place and danced for a while. There were a lot of wierd people. After the club closed we went and ate Mexican food (Michael, Henrique, korean guy). Time to say goodbye to Maria ?

2 March 2018

Today Maria and I met Ginny and Nahyun after they finished school. We went to the all you can eat indian reataurant. The food was very good for me i love indian food, especially Naan! After lunch we had plans to go to Imperial Beach. Maria had to do something first so we took the bus and started the long way to the beach... when we arrived we realised that we were still far away from where we wanted to go. So we had to take another bus and then we finally arrived. The beach was beautiful and we took a lot of puctures under the pier. After that we went to the mini farmers market. We shared an Açai Bowl. Maria was still not there, she was lost 🙈 but in the end she made it before the sunset. We walked to the end of the pier and watched the sunset and after that we already went home. Before going home i had a salad somewhere i little italy

1 March 2018

Today during the day i didn’t really do a lot... after the exams i needed to rest a little. In the afternoon i walked towards North Park and had a pedicure. After that i walked trough the farmers market. I decided to buy an ice cream and i could decide the flavour, the topings and the chocolate. In the evening we met in the Vantaggio and had brigadero... it feels like it’s our new thing to eat it 😂 After that we went to McFadden. Before leaving we really had to experience the 1$ beer. Actually the beer was mixed with water... no wonder it is so cheap. So Ginny, Maria, Rolf and I talked about fake boobs and stuff like that 😂 Ginny felt e little unconfortable 🙈 We danced and sometimes the music was good but most of the time the music was wierd... it was fun but nothing special. There was a brazilian girl who flirted with all the guys. When she talked to me her boobs were touching me all the time 🙄😂 before leaving we met two guys from PB and we left and had pizza (🤢)and hot dogs
On monday i didn’t do a lot because of our exams on tuesday and wednesday... i just met Maria and we were hanging out at Seaport Village. After a while Ginny and Nahyun joined but we didn’t really do much. We had icecream 😊 On tuesday was our speaking exam at 9am. It went ok but it could have been better. So we were already done at 9:30 and so Maria and i just went to the groceries store and didn’t really do much. Then i had lunch at a Thai restaurant with Nayun, Rolf and another Korean girl. In the evening we went to the place with the 1$ fish tacos and ate chocolate at Gilardellis. Rolf and i agreed that Swiss chocolate is better 😂 On thursday was our exam day. The exams went soso... we will see how it turns out. But Susan got chocolate and pizza for us so that was nice. After the test Maria and i went to The Taco Stand and had lunch again... Then Rolf joined and we went to Los Americas. In the evening we were drinking Wine with condenced milk, can you imagine that? It’s form Brazi

25 February 2018

Today i went to Balboa Park with Judy and Jade. It was a perfect day and beautiful weather (again cold). We ate lunch and walked around in the park. We also bought Girl Scout cookies 😍😍 We took the green train back and went to Macy’s and Target. Judy bought stuff for her bed and new sheets for all beds. I can stay with them a few days longer before leaving for LA and Colombia. It was a nice day but when we got home i was exhausted. But of course no pause for Daria 😂 Ginny, Nahyun and me wanted to go to an Italian restaurant called Alexanders. We planed it for a while but what happened?? It was closed because the police was looking for a suspect of a shooting in the area. So we went to another italian restaurant. The food was very good but just way to much! First we got a bread and ate the whole bread. Then we had Bruschetta and a plate of pasta for everyone. After finishing i tought i will die 😂 Americans are crazy about making soo much food that nobody can finish it...

24 February 2018

Today i got up and still felt a little sick. But we had plans to go to the farmers market and also to Point Loma. So in the farmers market we looked around and i also ate Korean Food. Ginny was still pissed off with Maria and soo the mood was not that good. Later we took an Uber and went to Point Loma and to the Cabrillo Light house. It was very nice and the view was beautiful. The weather is also nice but it is really cold sometimes... we stayed there for a while and then went to The Public Market. We walked to Old Town and went to Ultra Beauty. Maria had plans for a date with a guy from LA and we had a very strange conversation about rape 🙈 Ginny and me made plans with Rolf to go to a bar. We ate a flatbread and were drinking beer. It was very fun! Ginny was a little drunk and soo cute. We took photos and danced and drinked beer 😂 I still can’t believe that Rolf is 36 years old 🙈

23 February 2018

Today was already our last day of school!! The time went by so fast! We went to school as usual but had plans to go and have brunch. When we arrived in school we got candy and erasers from Debbyie. She had animals, desserts, pizza and more soo cute... after this we went to Cafe 21 for brunch. I had a crepe cake. The cake was very good but after eating it i felt very stick... i think its also because i ate the night before a Grilled cheese sandwich and a lot more 🙈🙈 it was actually very nice with the whole class even if i’m glad that i don’t have to see some of them every day anymore... after going back to school we got the certificate of the school and played the game Who am I. We took some photos and said bye to Debbie. After we left school i went to Taco Stand with Rolf, Nahyun, Ginny and Maria. I couldn’t eat and i felt very bad at the same time. So then i went home and tried to recover from my stomachache... in the evening i went to The Hopping Pig with Tanita and Ginny...

19 February 2018

The photos are still from the weekend in Las Vegas... Nicole sent them to me. Omg this weekend was awesome and i’m happy that i went. It was way better then the plans that i had originally for the weekend 🤗 On sunday we left Las Vegas at 10am and were soo tired! But we could “sleep” in the bus. We stopped in an Outlet Mall and for Lunch and got home at 9pm, it took forever!! On monday when i had to get up and go to school i was just half a person 😂 i was soo tired but at least i made it to school. Maria was not there for the first lesson. In the break i had to say that i am really sorry to Ginny and Tanita because i did the trip to LV and cancelled our plans so suddenly. They still were a little angry with me but it was fine... Rolf also looked very tired after the weekend. The day went by but i actually don’t even remember it exactly 😂😂

18 February 2018

Maria had to get up after 1 hour of sleep... i didn’t even hear it 😂 when i got up at 10 my head was exploding 🤯 After a while when i was feeling better i left and went NyNy and to the shopping mall. I had a massage and walked around. When i went back home it was so windy 😂 i had to take an uber... Koy from Lugano asked me if we were going to the club again and we agreed. Nicole and all the others came too... but we decided not to drink. So at first the party was a bit lame but it got good again! We danced next to a lounge untill the security asked us where our table was abd we had to leave. Then we met a Korean guy who was soo crazy 😂 we danced and Maria kissed for the first time a guy that she didn’t know. I was not really in a mood to do this. We left the club and met a Brazilian guy who was telling her that he loves her 😂 Then we went to Rolf and Nicole who where at a bar. We talked about random shit. We left and a british guy talked to us and his friend was filming us. Home 5

17 February 2018

Got up at 10 to have breakfast. At 12 we went to the stratosphere by bus. This was very expensive so Maria and I decided to walk home. It was such a long walk 😂 we were nearly 2.5 hours on the road with stops at different places. We went to Bellagio and watched the water show and entered a few hotels. At 8pm we left the hotel to the Freemont street where Las Vegas started. It was a crazy place 😂 so many drunk and strange people! We bought beer and started to drink and walk down the street. At 9 we went back home and went to the bozs room to drink again. So we went to Omnia this time. The club was huge and we danced a lot 😂 my feet are dying. After a while i lost Nicole my swedish friend. Maria and me were sitting next to a lounge and i asked them for water and so they invited us to drink alkohol. Our sugar daddys. We met a girl from San Diego too. After leaving the lounge we were so drunk! It was fun and we met Nicole again and she told us that we are different people. So much fun ?
Today i had to get up early because our bus left from Vantaggio at 7am. When i arrived there we met a woman from Korea, she was like our mom and stayed in the same room with us. The second one was Takka from Japan, he was 18 and such a wierd guy and a total neard. The drive to Vegas took forever and we arrived with a bus fuss lof people at about 4pm. We went to the Las Vegas sign and took a picture and then went to the hotel. We stayed at the Luxor hotel and got ready for the first nightclub. We went to Hakkasan and the Dj was Steve Ahoi. Befor going there we went to Rolfs and Davids room to drink. At 10 was our departure to the club. We met a lot of people from everywhere. Italy, Korea, Switzerland, Germany and much more. The drinks in the club were very expensive so i just had a Gin Tonic. We danced for hours and Rolf was so funny because he was soo drunk. We ledt the club at about 4am and walked home. On the way home we met Rolf again his nipples were hurting 😂😂 or bed was waiting

16 February 2018

Today was a strange day... after lunch with Nahyun i went to school and Sonja asked me if i won’t join for the Las Vegas trip because Maria is going. I didn’t know that and had to decide really fast if i want to go. Rolf from Switzerland also signed up and because i felt that he was cute there was one more reason to go 😂 so i cancelled the weekend plans with Ginny and Tanita (they were propably very disappointed) and stayed in school to finish my essay and a proposal. Then i went home and two japanese girls came to visit Judy and Jade. Ayame lived with them for 2 months one year ago and she was visiting America with her friend. So i joined them for dinner. They were so nice and so cute. We had pizza and pizza dough with cinamon 😂 very healthy food We took some photos and then drove them back to their hotel. On instagram they posted photos from the evening and wrote that they would have loved to be my roommate and that they will visit me in Switzerland soo kind people the japanese!!

11 February 2018

Today i got up really early even if i went to bed quite late. The dogs were very noisy and also were all of them talking. After taking a shower i met the girls at their vantaggio for going to the Torrey Pines. We had an Uber driver who was very strange and kind of unfriendly 🙈 We arrived at the starting point of the “hike”. It was not very hard to walk just at the beginning we had to walk up the hill. The view though was amazing. Walked around and of course took pictures. After a while we went down to the beach and Ginny and Nahyun dipped their feet in the water. The hike was not very long so we left again after about 2 hours. We went to a frozen yoghurt place and had some. Maria, Ginny and Nahyun went to In and Out Burger and Tanita and I left and started our way home. So before going home i went to a Thai place and had Green Curry (yummie 😍😍) i really liked it and i think i have to go back to this place before leaving.

10 February 2018

After getting home from the club my plan was to sleep in. But i woke up quite early for the first time because of the dog that are here for the weekend. They are actually not that bad! Nahyun, Ginny and i decided to go to Phill’s BBQ a very famous restaurant for dinner. We had to wait in a line for about 30min. I orderes chickleas & and ribless dinner with a corn on the cob. After dinner we went to the amusement park in PB. Maria wanted to go but we were not that into going. But in the end it was very fun. I was on the big rollercoster and something that made me a little sick 😂 After there i took an uber to downtown. I had plans to go to a pub crawl. It was a spontaneous decision that i made in the afternoon. I had to pay 20$ and got free drinks at all the 4 bars we went to. It was a great time and i met a lot of people. Guys from SF girls from Oceanside. We danced and had fun. At the last stop the played county music and so we went to Parq club instead. It was crowded! I was home at

9 February 2018

Today after school Nahyun, Ginny and me went to a sushi place for lunch. After lunch i left in direction of North Park because i made an appintment to cut my hair at 4pm. So i went to a cafe and to ice cream place before having cut my hair. The women was very nice and we had a good conversation. I was happy with the result, shorter hair don’t care! I went home and had a rest for a while. At 9:30 pm i met the girls at the Vantaggio for going out. We were drinking just wine and beer but in the end we were tipy enough to go to the club. We went to Fluxx. The music was good and also the club itself. But there were definitely a lot of strange guys who were very horny 😂😂 some of the people had nearly sex with clothes 🙈 After a while we met a few asian guys who had a bachelor party. Maria and i enjoyed dancing with them and i thought it was soo funny... Ginny was not so happy about them and she left the dancefloor. After 15 minutes the club was already closing and i went home with an uber.

8 February 2018

Today we went to ocean beach after school for the farmers market and for the beach. When you arrive there you feel like in an old hippie town. It smells like weed and the people are dressed strangly sometimes. The market was very big. A lot of food and a lot of clothes. I liked it. We tryed coxinas and tapioca and another food from Brazil. I liked the two things that i remember the name of. While eating we walked to the beach and watches people and the sunset. Next to the beach it is always fresh. There is a bus that takes you to a weed shop 😂 I really have to try it sometime. We wales on the pier and took a few photos. Tanita is not really a fan of taking photos of herself. And i feel like she is sometimes a little but annoyed with us. But i like her she is so nice. After the sunset we walked back to the market walked trough it and waites for the bus. It was a nice day and we always have stories to share. I went home and did my homework as usual.

7 February 2018

Today in the afternoon Lars had to leave the class because he has no F1 visa and so he is not supposed to come to afternoon class... it was very nice to have class without him because he is so annoying. After school Ginny and Nahyun came with me to North Park and i showed them the places i like and the ones i want to try. We first went to taco stand because Ginny was very hungry. After this we waked to University Ave. There we went to Pigment and also took pictures in front of the flower wall. After this we picked up the trousers the tailor had to fix. Then we went to a dessert place called Figaro. We tryed 3 different cakes. Two of them were very good but the Vanilla shortcake wasn’t. Ginny accidentally picked this cake. We talked about our families. They both don’t have a good relationship with their dad’s. It was very interesting to listens to what they said. I look forward to visit them in Korea because i really wonder how their life is like there. After a while we went home...

4 February 2018

It’s Super Bowl sunday and the eagles play against the patriots. Before heading to downtown i went to wow wow waffle and had one with avocado and goat cheese. It was very delicious. After that i took the bus towards broadway. It was so hot today. We met at Garage and went inside but there was not a lot going on so after Ginny finished her food we left and tryed to find another place. It was hard because all iof the good places were 21+. So Nahyun was not old enough. In the end we ended up in a place. Most of the people were afro americans what is no problem but they understand something different abiut watching american football. There was a DJ playing music during the comercials and even during the half time show. The place was very crowded and there was not enough staff. So we left before the 3 quarter started. We were hungry and went to a place called Warewolf. I had a salad and not just a small ine. Outside it was cold so i was glad to be home. I watched This is us and went to bed

3 February 2018

After the “party” from yesterday i had to rest for a while. In the night i felt sick for a while but in the morning everything was fine and i had no hangover. So i did my homework and watched the handmaid’s tale for the rest of the day. Judy made some tacos so they were really good to eat. The other girls felt like sleeping the whole day and so i decided to go somewhere by myself. I went to Underbelly and had Ramen noodles for dinner and met a very nice couple. They were from Mexico but live in the US. Their daughter was on a dance, she is 16. We talked about a lot of things and it was very interesting. Before i met them i was drinking sake it is a very strong japanese wine 😂 After a while we went to the Modern Times brewery. They have very good beers and i tryed the Fruitland beer. I don’t think the beer tastes like real beer. After saying goosbye i went to a few different bar but didn’t really meet someone interessting. So i ate tacos and talked to a guy. After this i went home 😴?
Today after school Nahtun,Tanita and me went to a sushi place for lunch. After lunch we went to fashion valley. I just bought a pair of jeans. I was very tired again 🙄🙄 after going in direction of home i went to the kombutscha place that i walked past a few times. I had a drink and ate Bao’s. After getting home i took a nap 😂 We went to the vantaggio to drink before going to a club. First we bought a vodka and lemonade and a bottle of withe wine. Ginny, Nahyun and me were drinking and playing Picolo. After a while Maria arrived because she met some people form her church. Ginny was already very drunk 😂 we never made it to a club (she only made it to the bathroom and locked the door). But we talked about relly deep shit and it was fine for me to go home. I took a uber and maria stayed with Ginny. I actually had a great uber m 😆 i met a guy and a girl and we had a good converstion. Thinking back i was very drunk then but i mean everything was fine 😊

31 January 2018

Today we had the second part of our mock exam. Over all it was good but it was really hard! The Use of English part didn‘t go very well. Feels like i have to start doing a little extra work. But lately i am so tired and feel like my brain has to much english information... After school we went to Coronado by bus. We went to the beach. The first time since i got here i diped my feet into the pacific ocean. The water was cold but still not as cold as i expexted. Maria and i were faszinated by the clams and shells whereas Ginny and Nahyun had to take a lot of photos 😂😂 With Tanita i found a fast walker 😅😂🤗 we are always ahead of the other girls but they are walking soo slow sometimes. She told me about the way to school in the morning... we watched the sunset and then we went to the ice cream place. Then we took the bus back to San Diego. I wanted to go to the tailor with my jeans but i was to late... so i will try again tomorrow. For dinner i had a poke bowl with salad. It was soo g

30 January 2018

I don’t know why but i got a fever blister! Normally i just get tgem if i am really stressed 🤔 I went for lunch with Nahyun to a Vietnameese restaurant, the soup we ate was very good... After school we had plans to meet Amany because she is leaving soon. We went to the cheesecake factory. Nahyun joined us and i walked with her directly after school to Seaport Village. I was so tired and had to yawn the whole time. Amany arrived very late so we had to wait for her. I ate a Low Carb Cheesecake. It was very good. After eating we had to say goodbye to Amany. She was so cute and even started to cry. And after she left Ginny started to cry too. You can’t imagine how beautiful Amany is!! I felt a little sick on our way back and went home... here i couldn‘t really concentrate on anything... i don‘t know why but it was somehow a strange day for me 🙈
Today we had a lot of drama in school because Fabienne didn‘t want to speak in front of the class. It‘s really annoying! After school i went directly home... it was Ginny‘s 21st birthday and we had plans to go to the Altitude Skylounge. We got there at about 6pm. It was still happy hour so we got drinks very cheap. We had a lot of fun and many things to talk about. If feel like the better we get to know each other the more confortable we get. After drinking we felt like eating so we shared two pizzas. After a while we left the lounge to go somewhere else. We planned to go to a latin bar but we had to pay an entrance fee and so we didn’t go inside. We went to a crazy socks shop. A few bars away there was karaoke night. We decided to enter. Maria and i were ready to sing... Tanita and Ginny didn‘t feel very confortable. So we started with a High School Musical song and got free drinks for that. We sang Cheap Trills and Ginny joined us fit Blank Space. Boomerangs are fun 😂 it was so fun

28 January 2018

Today was such a cool day! I got up at like 10am and just stayed in my bed a little longer. At 1pm i met Lisa from Austria at Pacific Beach. We walked to the pier and then we met Grand. We wanted to go do a bar/lounge but i didn’t bring my passport. So we took a uber home and i grabed my passport and we went back. The bar’s name was El Prez. There were a lot of people just daydrinkin on a sunday! It was very cool and so i had a few drinks. The only bad part was that i sat in a bubble gum 🤨 We were there with a few girls. One of the girls is moving to Seattle... I left the bar at 6pm because we had planes for dinner. Tomorrow is her b-day! We ate at an italian restaurant. It was very yummie! I had pasta with a mushroom filling and truffles. I had to make sure that they bring Ginny’s desert with a candle. Everything went as planned... we had a very good meal. Our present was a gift card from Lush. All of us had a little muscle ache from our hike! 😅😅 Nahyun was walking so funny 🤣😂

27 January 2018

For our hike to Potato Chip Rock we met at the car rental company at 9am. So i had to get up early again. So we rent a car and drove to the starting point. When we got there the first thing that happened was that i found 41 dollars 😂💸 so we started the hike richer! The trail was precipitous and we were out of breath after just a few meters. But we kept on going and reached the top tired but happy. On the way up we had to take a break because Maria dindn’t feel good. When we arrived there was a long line for taking pictures on the rock. So because we were there we waited. I liked the view on the mountain but everything is very dry (desert). We took our photos and started the way back. When we arrived at the parking area we drove to a korean BBQ restaurant. We ate a lot of meat 😂 i think i had my ration for the next month! Tanita and i tipical swiss girls had to remove the fat from the meat 🙈 after the late lunch we returned the car and went back home tired, full with food and happy

26 January 2018

Wuhoo Friday!! After school we planed to go to Old Town. But first it was time for lunch... we ate at an indian restaurant and it was all you can eat... the food was delicious and a little bit spicy. I loove indian food! 🇮🇳 We took the Trolley to Old Town and first went to a little market there. I think it is very interessting to see how SD looked like. But the other part of Old Town is more like the ghetto of SD. There are several museums. One house was a haunted house and a women told us the story about it. In the evening i had planed the Bonfire via Airbnb. It started later than expected. There was a brasilian guy, two women from america (Boston and Ocean Beach), the two hosts and one of their friends with a girl from Austria. It was very nice and we had wine and smores 😍😍 the group was mixed and they had a lot of different stoies to tell. One of the girls works for the police and fire departement. I exchanged contacts with Lisa and i think i will meet her. I got home at about

25 January 2018

After morning class i went to eat lunch with Nahyun and a japanese girl whose name i cannot remember. I had rice with spicy tuna. And again it was time for my afternoon class after 40 minutes... After school i signed up for going to an escape room. Nahyun, Nora (a girl from Geneva) and Suba (from Solothurn) took a lift to the location in pacific beach. When we arrived there we could sign up and after a restroom break we could start. Our mission was to ecape the room because we were infected with a virus and after one hour we would die. With the help of all the girls and the use of the 3 tipps we got we escaped after 50 minutes. It was really fun! When we finished we tooka photo and went outside. It was just sunset and we watches the beautiful sunset. But it was really windy and as a result also very cold. We went back in direction of Downtown. I decided to go to the shop ross and take a look but i didn’t find anything. After this i went to a cafe and ate a salad and started my homework

24 January 2018

Today i skiped the afternoon class to go on a cruise. I couldn‘t really decide what to do but in the end i chose to go. We left the school after the morning classes and went for lunch. After lunch we walked in direction of the harbor. At first we went in the wrong direction so we had to walk back everything. So at 3pm the cruise started. It had a really beautiful view and the sky was perfect. The clouds seemed like they were painted. We enjoyed the view. From our school were 3 more students on the cruise. One from Japan (she was 31 and workes in a bank), a guy from Brasil and the swiss girl Petra. We saw everything to Point Loma and the Lighthouse and after a quick stop at the harbour we went to the other part, to Coronado. The brodge seemed huge and the sunset was near. There are a lot of Navy ships and military base stations in San Diego. We came back to the harbour just as the sunset was over. After i got home Shaun, the guy from Bumble called me and invited me to a jacuzzi 😂😂

23 January 2018

Today Fabienne wrote a message to me during class how bad she is feeling. After break i told it to the teacher because l am worried about her... After school i went home directly. I met Gvendolin in the bus, she is from Switzerland and lives in Bern. Then i had to get off the bus and go home quickly to take a shower and start doing my homework. I left again at 5.15pm for Taco Tuesday. Maria, Ginny, Nahyun, Tanita and me had made plans to go to Puesto and eat tacos. Tanita is from tge french part of Switzerland. She lives in Neuchatel and just finished the FH in economics. We had to wait for a table about 30 minutes but this was fine. At first we got tortilla chips and salsa for... then we ordered tacos. I had one with chicken, one with zuchini and kaktus and one with fillet mignon. The best was the one with fillet mignon, but i actually liked all of them. So we had our tacos what can be very difficult. After we finished l got home...

22 January 2018

After the afternoon class Maria and I took an extra listening practice test. When we finished we had made plans to go to the outlet Las Americas near the border to Mexico. Nahyun joined us. The Trolley was full because a lot of mexicans work im the US. We had to look for shoes for Maria and went to different stores. She was really complcated with choosing them. I saw cery cool New Balance shoes but they didn‘t have my sice. I have to go back some time. We went to a few different stores and i bought a sports bra. It was quite late when we went back home. While crossing the bridge Maria and me were singin High School Musical songs and debating if Zac was really handsome or not. In the Trolley was a man who stared at Nahyun. He started to talk to her and asked her if she is japanese. I think it‘s his strategy to ask this. She was tring to get rid of him! Me and Maria couldn‘t help because we were laughing so hard. Poor Nahyun 🤔 but i the end he left. and i still had to do my homework 🌃?

21 January 2018

Today i slept until 9:30am and then watched a series on netflix and did my homework. At noon i went towards north park. Firstly i went to the supermarket snd bought a few things. I decided to go and eat a salad then. Every sunday at 2pm there is an organ concert at Balboa Park. I met Ginny, Maria and Nahyun and we listened to the music. On my way to Balboa Park i met a lot of crazy people... Crazy sunday! After the concert we visited the international houses. We saw a lot and i even tryed Dumplings at the chinese house. We talked about the role of women in our countries. It’s horrible to hear hiw they are treated in Korea and Brasil! Hopefully it will chance soon. After a while they decided to walk in direction if the vantaggio because it was so cold. So i took the bus to University Ave. I went to a massage centre and had a wonderful massage for obe hour. I got home at about 6:30pm. Today i watched The Handmaids Taile again. It is so interessting but also horrible!

20 January 2018

Today we decided to go to a korean restaurant and to the korean market. So in the morning i told Judy about it and she offered to drive us there. So at about 11am we drove to the vantaggio and at first we went to walmart. It was very interessting to see what things they sell. Everything is soo huge. We biught Pop Tarts to try how they taste. Since i wached Gilmore Girls i always wanted to try them. I think they are ok but not something that i would die for 😂 After this we went to the korean restaurant. The food was delicious!! We shared 3 dishes and were more then full after it. I can’t remember how everything is called. Then we started to walk towards the korean marked. They sell crazy things there. You can even say which fish you want to try when he is alive... it was really fun! I bought a korean cake to try how it tastes. Then we left and went to the Vantaggio. There we talked about many different things and stated to use the app Bumble for BFF’s and for man 😂 it was very funny

19 January 2018

After school i went to Hodad’s for lunch with Nahyun, Ginny and Maria. I had a burger called Guido. It was with pastrami, pickles and swiss cheese. After lunch we took a uber to Black’s beach. It is a very nice beach but people like to walk around naked 😂 so we walked to the beach and took photos. It was very cloudy but it looked very cool with the clouds. There was one old man walking around naked... we started our way back in direction of old town. We had to walk e very cliffy road. When we were on top it started to rain ☔️ so we kept walking to the bus stop. We had to take 4 different busses for the way back and Nahyun spent 10$ for the bus 🙈🙈 Ginny met her friend for dinner so Maria, Nahyun and i went to the Ultra make up store. I bought some thinks and tryed a new benefit eyebrows pencil. The woman who showed me how it looks used way to much for my taste. After this we went to a sushi place. I forgot my swissbankers card at a cafe and had to go and pick it up before heading hom

18 January 2018

When i got up and looked out of the window the weather was great. So after breakfast left the house to the bus station. After a few stops by bus there was a real mist and the sky was grey. This mist is like a breeze from the ocean. At school everything was normal Lars is still trying to be funny and the teacher Debby is teacher and entertainer. For lunch i had ramen noodles. After school i had to check for our trip to Las Veagas. But now it got cancelled because the first company had to few people and the second was sold out. But this is ok for me so i will go another time! After school i went to Balboa park with Nahyun and Ginny. We took a lot of pictures and talked about god and the world. When Nahyun and me were in the Tinkin museum i just couldn’t stop laughing because a guard told us that we should take a photo with one of the paintings. I don’t know why i thought it was so funny. Before going home i went to the farmers marked and had korean food. It was soo yummie! 😅🙈😍

16 January 2018

On tuesday we had the speaking and writing mock exam. The speaking went well and with Maria i think i have a good partner! The writing was ok but i don’t think that this is my strenght. Today i had a discussion with Fabienne because i think it is annoying that she says that she can’t so it... For lunch i went to a sushi place with Nahyun i had a sushi burrito 😂🌯🍣 In the afternoon after school Maria, Nahyun and me went to Extraordinary desserts. We shared a marmor cheesecake and a cake with dulce de leche... it was fun and we had a very good conversation!! After this i went home. On wednesday we had the second part of the test... reading and use of english and listening. These parts were all good for me. After school i had no plans and so i went to a cosmetics studio and had my eyebrows done and a facial as well. I bought a new pair of yeans and then i went in direction of home. I tried a mexican bread store but the bread was not really good 🍞😂

15 January 2018

After the really nice and tiring weekend i felt pretty exhausted today. But i had to go to school and be as productive as possible. So after the morning classes i went for lunch with Nahyun. I ate at veggilishes and she just ate a cookie and an iced cocoa. After lunch i had to go back to school. Lars the swiss guy is so anoying sometimes. He just thinks that he can joke about everything. After school i talked with Rosalinda for a while, we talked about our travelling plans. Then i had to leave for my chiropraktors appointment. The chiropraktor is actually funny and a little alternative 😂 I texted Ginny when i left the doctor and we met at an italian place called Barbusa. Nahyun joined us and we shared a pizza and pasta. The pizza was ok but definitely not a real italian pizza... when we finished i took the bus back home and just studied fory writing of tomorrow. And now it‘s time for bed 😴😍😍

14 January 2018

When we got up in our crazy Airbnb we had to talk to Ms. Evans for a while and take a few selfies with her even if we wanted to leave... After about 30 minutes we finally got away. Maria had eaten something at the Airbnb for breakfast. Me and Ginny wanted to try the Sunlife Organics near us. It was soo good as usual. Me and Açai is one love 💗💗 We went to Disneland and chose to go to the Disney California Adventure Park. Id was a shame that some of the attractions were closed. But the day was fun and it was definitively a must see. For the next time i would choose the real Park but it was totally fine. The day passed fast even if we needed some time to get warm with the park. We ate a Turkey leg, corn, ice cream and a breadcone with cheese and chilly... at the end we were so tired and our legs were hurting so bad!! We started our drive home at about 7:20pm and so i arrived home at 9pm. Now i am soo tired!! I hope i will be fit tomorrow!

13 January 2018

For dinner we decided to go to Santa Monica. We went to a place where we could create our own bowl. I loove these places... After dinner we walked to the pier and admired the different activities you can do. The night was not over for us 😂 we drove to our airbnb and it was crazy. When we arrived we really had to search the entrance. When we saw it we thought that the house was a mess. The neighbour told us that the woman, Ms. Evans is out of her mind. We didn’t know what to think. Ginny was really scared 🙈. To Ms. Evans was really kind. But the strange feeling didn’t went away. When i was sleeping i woke up a few times and hoped that nobody would kill us. It was so creepy and cold. But in the end we survived. 😅😅 it was an adventure 😂😂
The trip to Los Angeles started early with a uber drive to the rental car store. We drove for about 2 hours. The traffic was ok but still i had to be very concentrated. Maria slept and Ginny and i talked about many different things. When we arrived in Los Angeles we went to Melrose Ave at first. We ate brunch (french toast and Lentils & Eggs). After this we took a lot of photos in front of the different Murals. After a while we got back to the car and what happened? We had a ticket on our front window 🙄🙄 Our next destination was the Griffith Park. At first we had trouble to finde a parking spit. As we finally parked we enjoyed the view and took again many photos. The weather was wonderful nearly to hot. When we got back to the car a guy had to help us start the car because we couldn’t do it 😂😂 After this we drove to the Hollywood sign. It was very nice to see it so near!!

12 January 2018

It‘s already friday and this means just morning class for us... after we finished class me and Maria signed up for the Zoo 🐘🦒🐆 after erveryone was ready we departured. We were a group of 6 girls and 2 of them just went on their own. So i was with Maria, Nahyun from Korea and Marina from Brazil. At first we ate something and then we took the Skyfari (a funicular) to the other side of the Zoo. We saw ice bears, zebras, elephants, giraffs and a lot more animals. It was actually really nice even if i‘m not a fan of Zoo‘s. You can meet new people if you join the activities of the school. Somehow it‘s strange and sad how the animals are traped in the cages if they could be in the real wild life 🤔. We walked a lot and i discovered that 🐼🐨 are my favourite animals; they like to eat, to sleep and to relax 😂😂. The park closed at 5pm so we had to leave. The sunset made the sky look beautiful again. I got home with a stop at Trader Joes in University Ave 😊 Tomorrow i have to get up early

11 January 2018

After two days of rain today the weather was nice again. Yesterday we got two new students from Switzerland Rosalinda and Lars. Yesterday after school i went to Horton Plaza with Ginny. Today i decided to go to Coronado Island. I went alone because sometimes i totally feel like doing things alone. I took the bus 901 and we drove over the bridge and arrived after 30 minutes in Conorado. I left the bus and started walking in direction to the beach. I talked to two korean girls who where travelling. It was really funny to watch them taking their pictures 😂🙈The sunset in Coronado was very beautiful. I just like scenic views! I can enjoy them every time and of course i take a few pictures. After the sunset i bought an icecream. It was black vanilla. Because Peter is leaving tomorrow we went to the vataggio and ordered a pizza. It was funny and after a while Peter left to meet one of his boyfriends 😉 sometimes when i meet Ginny and Maria i feel like we live in very different worlds 🤔🤔

9 January 2018

Today and yesterday have been pretty normal datys. School was as usual and we got a new student named Felipe. He’s brazilian. During lunch i met a few japaniese students, they were really nice! After school i went to Target and bought some things as vitamines and makeup. After this i decided to discovert University Ave in North Park. I went to a few stores and biught a Matcha Tea. It started to rain and when i arrived home i was really wet. When i had done my homework i started to watch the series The handman’s taile. It’s so interessting. So today i went to the museums of Balboa Park after school. There i met Maria, Ginny, Amany and Peter. After this we went to the Cheesecake Factory. But because i had an appointment at my chiropractor’s at 6pm i couldn’t order anything. They all had a cheesecake, i wonder if they ate it all🤔! I ordered a Lift because it was still raining. Then i got home and did my homework. We have plans to go to Disneyland an LA this weekend 🤗🌃🎡🎢💁🏼‍♀️🧜🏼‍♀

7 January 2018

It’s Sunday and we planned a trip to Tijuana, Mexico 🇲🇽. Judy told me that it would be dangerous but i felt like she was exagerating. Before the bus arrived I decided to buy a caffee and also something for breakfast. I missed the bus 🙄, i had to order an Uber. Maria was late because she went to the wrong Trolley station. I had to wait for her. We took the Trolley to the border. We talked about our roommates and our families. When we arrived it took just like 5 minutes and we were in Mexico. Tijuana is not relly a nice place, but it was interessting. You can really see the poverty. We took a few pictures in front of the butterfly mural and the Tijuana sign and walked the Avenida Revolutión. After a while we went to Cesars’s restauran to try a Cesar’s salad. They prepared it at our table. It was so tasty. Then we walked to the Cultural Center. After a while we decided to go back to America. There was a long line and we had to wait for a while. But we had a really good time. 🙋🏼🌮🌅🍽

6 January 2018

It‘s saturday and because i wasn‘t feeling so good yesterday i slept late. I got up at 10:30am and had a shower and ate breakfast. During breakfast the mirror behind me fell down... 🧖🏼‍♀️🤨 the walnut pie that i brought was affected. At 1:30pm i had my appointment at the chiropractor. He was a funny doctor and he was also very interessting. He talked about Trump and about exercising. I really have to start it again!! After my appointment i went to see a movie with Ginny. It was called Molly‘s Game. Jessica Chastain was the main actress. The movie was about based on a true story and it was about poker. She was a gamemaker... Jessica Chastain is the favourite actress of Ginny 😊 After the movie we went for dinner with Maria in a restaurant called Qeenstown. There was food from New Zeland. We had 3 burgers and shared them. So everybody could try them. After dinner we walked trough Little Italy. We took pictures and we had a good time. Tomorrow i will go to Tijuana with Maria... 🇲🇽🇲?

5 January 2018

Today everything was as usual before and during school. I like the school and also our teacher Debby. She knows a lot and actually hates Trump 😂 After school i went to Panera for lunch with Ginny, Amany and Maria. The lunch was good. After lunch we went to La Jolla by bus. It took a while. When we arrived the sky wasn‘t blue anymore, it was foggy. We went to the cove and wached the seals and took pictures. After this we went to the Sunny Jim Cave. We had to walk down the stairs to the cave. It was nice but with sun it would actually have been nicer! Then we took the bus back to downtown and i got back home. The afternoon with the girls was very intetesting, i learned a lot about their culture and also their life. The only mistake that i made was to wear a dress and not something else. I think that i feel really good here in SD... the only thing that is bothering me is a cold. Hopefully i will feel better tomorrow. I love the fact that i walk a lot here... 💁🏼‍♀️🤗☺️🍫📸🚶🏼‍♀️

4 January 2018

After a day with bad weather today was just a beautiful day. I got up, ate breakfast and got ready. If you leave the house and the sun is already shining you just have to smile and you feel great for the day. I really have to make sure i catch the 8:25am bus and so i won‘t be late. The classes were fine as usual and we practised the listening part. I went for lunch with Maria and Ginny. There were some food stands and we just bought what we liked. I had a gilled sandwich with cheese, bell pepers and rocket salat. So the girls have no afternoon classes and i was the only one who had to go back to school. After school i met Maria and Ginny at Seaport Village. We talked, took some pictures and got to know each other better. We met one student from Saudi Arabia and had a hard time figuring out what he was talking. After the sunset we walked back towards downtown. When i was in North Park i bought a pink bottle at pigment. There was also the farmers market and so i took a look around 👩🏼‍?

3 January 2018

It‘s the second school day and the first real one. I just had to be there at 08:30am and so i got up, had breakfast and walked to my bus station. I was there right on time. The class started at 9am and in my class there are 3 more students. It‘s Maria from Brasil, Fabienne from Germany and Jaison from Korea. We got a lot of information from our teacher and started with our first training for the CAE. For the break i went for a coffee with Maria an Ginny. My class ist fine i like Maria, Jaison doesn‘t talk much and Fabienne is nice but you can see that she‘s only 16 years old. So i ate lunch my own and had an omlette. I had to hurry to eat it. My afternoon class is with the same people, just without Maria. So after class i went to Fashion Valley with Ginny, Peter and another girl from Brazil (forgot the name). We had a good time and Peter bought something like cereal with nitrogen. It was funny but not really tasty 😂 i went shopping with the girls (holister) and then headed home. 📺🧓?

2 January 2018

Today was my first school day. I had to be there at 1pm for general information and an admission test. I got up at 10am and had my breakfast (Judy asked me what i like and i got my joghurt and fruits!!). I talked to Judy about some interesting topics. So at about 11.15am she drove me to the bus station to show me everything, Jade joined us. I was really early for school but at 12:15pm i entered the school. I had to fill out a form and then i sat down and waited. After a while i went to the room where we were supposed to meet. Ginny a korean girl was there shortly after i arrived. We started talking and then the other students arrived. They were from Brasil, Arabia and Korea. Travor the teacher explained a lot of things to us and then erveryone had to talk for a moment. We took the test and the school was over for the day. Ginny and me went to Napizza for lunch. I had a very good greek salat but it was to mutch. Ginny was really sweet and we had a good time. I think i found a friend😊😅

1 January 2018

For my New Years Eve i decided to go out by myself... so i got ready and took a lyft to north park. I started in the office bar. There i met a few girls and they were really sweet and kind. One of them wrote down for me the things i can do in San Diego 😍😍 we exchanged phone numbers and they had to go to a concert. So i stayed there fore a while. Then i left and went to a wiskey bar. I talked to a girl and a guy in the line. They were nice but inside i lost them. Then again i left the bar and went to eat a taco. I met Ben, he was a nice guy but he was shy and so we spent some time talking but he wanted to head home before midnight. I was alone when it turned midnicht but that was no problem. I ate a slice pizza and caled a lyft home. That was my adventurous New Year. I think this will be the most special year ever for me 😂🙈😊🙋🏼😉🤗😍❤️😘🎇🎆😅🤪🤩🤔👸🏼

31 December 2017

Today i tryed to sleep late. So the first time i woke up was 5am. So i layed down and got up a 10am. I showered and when i was done Judy asked me if i wanna join them to the mall downtown. So i ate breakfast and we drove to Macys. Judy and Jade bought something and i was just looking. After we were done we drove to La Jolla to drop off something at a friends house. We came back home and i decided to walk in direction of North Park. When i arrived at the place where my bus stops i saw a restaurant where you can eat ramen. I ordered Thai Ramen (with Shrimps). I met two women and we chatted about god and the world. They were fun! One of them was an opera singer and worked at a store and the other a student working at Trader Joes (they were over 40 and looked so young)So when i finished i walked in direction of North Park and University Ave. I was in a few stores and checked the area for my New Years Eve. After a while i got back home to be ready for the night🙋🏼Back home it’s already 201

30 December 2017

When i arrived Judy and Jade welcomed me. Jade is originally from China and was adopted. She is a little shy. Judy and i went to the store for my phone service and my bus ticket. When we got home i unpacked. Even if i don’t have included dinner they invited me for chicken and brussel sprouts. The food was fine. I brought them Läderach chocolate and a Nutpie as a present. They tried the chocolate and enjoyed it. The bird Leon is really sweet. They just got him, his colour is blue and gray. After the dinner we sat in the living room and talked for quite some time. I got tired and so it was time to go to bed.
On my 2. day i got up early. I started packing my things because i was already leaving the USA Hostel. After a talk with the korean girl in the bed under me i ledt my things at the reception and went for a coffee! After this i started walking in the direction of the farmers market in little italy. As i arrived there i tryed many different things. From hummus to joghurt and cheese to cheesecake. I bought a few things like a face wash, some snacks and a curry with sweet potatoes and brokoli. I left and walked back to the gaslamp quarter. I decided to go to get a manicure and a pedicure. After my toe nails were dyed red and finger nails rosa i went back to the hostel for all my stuff. I called a Lyft and he drove me to my family. He was nice and we had a good conversation.
Fotos i took by my 📸
Fotos i took by my 📸
Fotos i took by my 📸
Fotos i took by my 📸

29 December 2017

After my walk at the pier, trough Little Italy and after visiting some shops (i boght a backpack) i decidet to visit the sunset cliffs near ocean beach. I took the bus 923 from downtown. I left the bus to early and so i had to walk once again (i did more than 18km that day). I catched a new bus and got to the sunset on time. It was just beatiful. It is one of the reasons i came here... i just love these simple things. After the sunset was over i headed back to the bus. For dinner i had suhi the only thing that comes to my mind is yummie!! I came back to the hostel, now i really am tired. It was a great first day 😊😊🙋🏼
Today is my first day in SD. I got up early because the girls in my hostel were a bit noisy. First i went to a cofe and ate an Açai Bowl. It was delicious! After my breakfast i bought a magazine and water and my day started. I walked to the park next to the baseball stadium. Then i started my walk to the Embarcadero/Marina. There i sat down and started reading my magazine. After a while my walk continued...