Singapore, Japan, Australia · 10 Days · 11 Moments · January 2018

Darcy's snowboarding holiday in Japan

27 January 2018

Leg room so we fell asleep almost instantly. When i woke up i just listened to music until we landed at Changi airport- Singapore. We looked around at the koi fish pond and the butterfly gardens. It was absolutely beautiful. We then went on the home bound flight where i started watching Thor: Ragnarok. From there we landed, and we came home tired, but glad to be back.

26 January 2018

Hours we decided to head out and find some lunch. We found our first (surprise surprise) SUSHI place so we got some takeaway that we had on the bus back to our hotel. When we got back we tried to go the the snow park but realised that it was closed. We then went into our room and packed for tomorrow’s first leg of the way back home. We then had our last Onsen before having dinner and going to bed.
We woke up and caught the bus down to Nagano. Even though it was only a 1.5hr trip we all were so tired we nearly fell asleep. When we got to Nagano we went to the Daiso and bought presents for everyone. We then took the 1:20 Shinkansen to Tokyo station. Afterward we caught a series of trains to reach Yutengi station where Dad’s cousin- Anne-Marie was waiting. We went back to their house which was a traditional Japanese house. It was interesting leaning about all the customs of Japan. The took us out for dinner at a sushi restaurant where they ordered all different types of soups, seafood and sushis. It was really yummy. They then took us to a cake shop where we bought different cakes and chocolates to have when we got home. We went back to their house and talked until it came time for us to get a taxi to the airport. Bon Voyage Tokyo! We looked around the airport and when it came time to board the plane, it wasn’t with much gusto that we did. We scored with the seats with lots of tbc

25 January 2018

Today we slept in p, had breakfast, and caught the long bus ride down to the snow monkey park. When we got there we walked through a typical Japanese village #beautiful to get to the park. There was a stop where we hired talons to put on our hiking boots to grip on the snow easier. From there we walked on this narrow winding road- practically in the trees. The view was simply breathtaking. We walked there for a couple of kilometres before we reached the snow monkey park. We saw a monkey sitting on the hot water pipe which looked cute. Until it saw a smidge of a plastic bag in the person behind us’ handbag. The monkey jumped onto the handbag, ripped it out of the lady’s hands and left it alone when it saw the plastic bag was empty. We continued on to buy tickets- only expecting to see one monkey if we were lucky. That was why we were so shocked when we saw the hundreds, maybe thousands of monkeys sitting in their tribes, eating snow or chillin in the hot springs. After a couple of tbc

24 January 2018

Today we woke up ready for a final day of snowboarding. We did our routine runs and everyone managed to go down without side slipping. Mum decided to stop there, on a high, but Tahlia,Dad and I decided to do another run. We did that quickly but Dad and i still wanted to go again. We did our final, last run on a slope that we trembled in fear of on the first day. We ended on an extremely good high, and promised ourselves that we would get the chance to do that again. We headed on the bus to go to Ichinose- a small village nearby, and walked around in the white wonderland of wonderful snow. When Dad started getting a bit cold, we decided to go get some lunch. We had lunch at Rocky Café- a delightful restaurant where I had a massive plate of pork schnitzel. It was by far the best meal yet. We went home and relaxed in our room before going to the Onsen. When we came back from the Onsen, we had dinner and went to bed.

23 January 2018

We had another private lesson with Jeff today. We went on the course to the gondolas, a simple but steep hill. Jeff was being really physical and angry and was mistreating us so we stopped at the bottom of the mountain. It was a shame that he was like that as we had improved so much but obviously in his mind we were still useless. We had a snowball fight at the bottom of the mountain to cheer us all up. We then caught the bus back to our wing and had lunch. Afterward we made snowmen which lasted for a couple of days. We goofed around in the snow, pushing people over, just having a good ol time before we decided to head into the Onsen. We then had dinner and went to bed.

22 January 2018

We did our morning routine, before realising our ski passes had run out, meaning we could only snowboard at our hotel. We accidentally went on one one of the hard runs, but I did fine, it kind of clicked for me today. We had Ramen for lunch and had an awesome snowball fight with the fresh powder. We made unsuccessful snow angels and just had fun. We then went into the Onsen before having dinner and going to bed.

21 January 2018

We woke up, went up to breakfast,caught the bus, went to Okushiga yeah yeah, you've heard it all before. We actually stayed up for some time, not falling over, but we still spent most of the time on the snow. I didn’t have many close calls but I wasn't getting the turns very well. We stopped for lunch and headed back to the resort, where it started snowing!!🤩🌨🌨 We went on the snow park where we went ski biking down the slop. #SoFunOMG. We headed to the Onsen before going back to our room, having dinner and going to bed.

20 January 2018

We woke up and went to the buffet breakfast. Afterwards we gathered our gear and went to meet our ski instructor- Jeff. He showed us the basics of snowboarding. We then went and caught the bus to Okushiga where went on the beginner slopes. We took ages to go down and at the end I nearly did my knee but we all survived 🤯! We then dumped our stuff and went outside to have a snowball fight. We then retired to our beds for a nights sleep.

19 January 2018

We woke up to a nice sunny day, looking in on the mega-city of Tokyo from our plane. When we landed we caught the train from the airport to Ueno station. I was surprised at how clean the city was- they were cleaning the train at every station! When we reached Ueno, we got these massive cheesies. We then walked around the markets until it was time to catch the Shinkansen to Nagano. We then took a bus up the mountains, and got my first good look at snow #awesome. When we stepped off the bus the first thing I did was pick up snow and throw it at Tahlia. We went inside, checked in and then hired all our gear. We then retired to our room where we unpacked before going to dinner. We then crashed in bed with a much needed thought of sleep.

18 January 2018

We had a 5:30 flight to Singapore, and then a 11:30 flight to Japan. Nice and easy, no worries. Except that our flight to Singapore was delayed an hour- meaning we would have missed our flight if they didn’t hold it for us. As soon as we got on the plane we went straight to sleep.