Thailand · 7 Days · 34 Moments · August 2016

Darcy's adventure in Thailand

23 August 2016

Happy Hour cocktails at our resort, sunset pics. 2nd day at the beach took it pretty easy today laid by the beach. The ocean water here is really warm so we usually get up early and enjoy. We have to walk further down from our resort for the best beach. Took some photos of the pretty flowers surrounding us.
More elephant photos. We chopped sugar cane for the elephants with machetes that was a little intense, felt very much like I was in the jungle book!
Pool at Cookies Salad resort! Beach time, the water here is crystal clear. We got coconuts with rum and lime! Got some major sun today. It's all Europeans on holiday here! French, German, Italian, you name it they are here!

22 August 2016

Boat ride to Koh Phangan we said goodbye to beautiful FS Chiang Mai and hello to the beach! We have a little beach couch right outside our door at our place in Koh Phangan!

21 August 2016

Night market in Chiang Mai was amazing! So many local vendors we got more pad Thai and Chang beer. It kept going and going they blocked off one of the main streets for it! Such a great thing, everything is so affordable too. Like around $2-3 for a majority of things. Gifts all around!!
More elephant camp photos, we didn't want to ride the elephants because we researched prior to going and was told it wasn't good for you to ride them. Our guide was great, pictured with Steph.
Elephant rescue camp photos, very interesting place! They gave us traditional clothes to wear. The biggest one recently just had a baby and was very protective! I jumped right in and started feeding them, they told us to let them take the food out of hands. Their trunks were very powerful and they grabbed cut up pineapple so fast. I got a kiss on the neck from one! We all got a hug too, Jess obviously did not like it too much. The trainers kind of let the elephants do what they want which made it kind of a rouge experience, meaning it was definitely more lax and interactive than the zoo! The little 3month old was a little stinker and bumped me in the bum to get him more food! After we fed them we got to bathe them which I didn't do, nor did Jess but Steph did!
My fruit at FS Chiang Mai, chili flakes with sugar and lime yum.
I saw that sign as we were leaving the temple couldn't pass it up! Steph took a photo with those little cuties in traditional Thai dress.
More Doi Suthep photos!
Doi Suthep temple starts our last jam packed day in Chiang Mai. We got up around 5am to take a taxi up to Doi Suthep to catch the monk offerings and get a blessing. The temple is high up on one of the tallest mountains in Chiang Mai so the road to it was Berthoud pass esque on a smaller scale. Really nice road, bikers on their Sunday ride were heading up with us. They used mountain bikes rather than road bikes. Our taxi driver stopped and we got to check out all of Chiang Mai from the top. It was a cloudy day so we didn't see much. At the base of the temple is a long staircase so we worked off our Thai cooking class food! We purchased a water lily and candle to leave as an offering and I lit a candle for Thalia and Coco. Jess and I circumambulated the golden pagoda and chanted the prayer as sign of respect. They had the prayer listed in English on a piece of paper. The golden pagoda looked beautiful in the sunlight. It was the perfect day to see it.

20 August 2016

More flower pot photos!
More cooking class pics, we made tom Kom gai coconut soup. Thai beef salad for Dad! It was so good, our favorite! The whole spread photos as well. The FS gave us all official certificates for completing the class, it's official! Everything about Thai cooking is all about using fresh, local ingredients and they all mean something in Thai culture very very very cool experience!
Thai cooking class! It was the perfect day to do it because it was a pretty rainy day in Chiang Mai. After the market we headed to one of the residences which was unbelievable! They had us set up outside which was perfect because it was still pretty hot even with the rain! They gave us all aprons with the recipes on them as our souvenir! Our Chef was the best, we started with making fried egg noodles for our duck dish. I'm not a fan of duck but I tried it! It was duck with coffee sauce. Also tried our hands at traditional Thai knife techniques and made cucumber hearts, and tomato flowers. I failed pretty bad at the tomato flowers... Oh well. Next we made green curry. The traditional way to make the green curry base requires some major work as Jess is demonstrating. Its lemongrass, ginger, kaffir lime leaves, tumeric, garlic, shallot, and birds eye peppers. We made ours with shrimp, and Thai eggplant. It was delish.
More market photos, the fruits were amazing. We tried dragon fruit, lychee, and mangosteen. The rice and green leaf package were traditional Thai desserts...sticky rice with tapioca pudding. I took a photo of the banana leaf packaging because I thought it was too cute. The pepper photo is for mom, birds eye peppers are what makes Thai food so spicy. Our guide showed us all the peppers they use. Fish/meat market was interesting, don't think I'll go back there anytime soon. Live frogs, live catfish, they use every part of the animal. We saw it all 😁. I took a photo of my latte I got at the market because they took so much care with the sugar I had to share and the tiny spoons they gave me too.
First round of the traditional Thai Markets pics we saw all over the place. Everything is unbelievably fresh! It was amazing to see in person, I'll explain the photos better in person. It was very interesting! We took this trip before our cooking class to learn more about where all our ingredients come from. That egg is a duck egg that is smoked and painted pink (called 100 year egg) smelled awful I did not try it at all.

19 August 2016

Had a really nice dinner at the Italian restaurant at FS, already ate at the Thai restaurant the first night. I had the prawn risotto, Jess mistakenly ordered a great French white wine that she thought was 1,000 baht but turned out to be 10000 baht $300 US. It was a great bottle of wine ha ha we enjoyed it and split the cost, luckily I have my 50% discount! We all make that mistake in foreign countries, I know I have!
Pool at FS, who wouldn't want to look at Rice fields while swimming??
Spa at FS Chiang Mai was unreal. Ginger tea and cold towels on arrival. Best massage ever. We all got traditional Thai massages. My favorite part was the head rub. Victoria bought them for us, thank you Victoria!
Walking/nature tour at the hotel. Ganesh statue right as you come into the main valet area of the Hotel. I also took a photo of what our Hotel room looked like for the outside with a pretty fountain right out our doorstep. We took a bike around around the FS they had complimentary bikes to use. Rice fields all over the grounds where they grew sticky rice! Our tour guide Patti and Thai instructor. She took us on a back of house tour too which I really enjoyed! Saw the employee cafeteria which looks very similar to ours at FS Denver only they had ramen... Yum.
This photo is for Mom, I had this ramen every morning for breakfast. So tasty.
First morning in Chiang Mai, since we didn't get to see it the night before we took quite a few pictures. The first picture is of a flower pot that they had all over the property and a lady placed new flowers in them every morning. Floating flower water pots so pretty. There was a beautiful koi pond right as you walked in off the lobby.

18 August 2016

Cocktails the first night we arrived in Chiang Mai, watermelon basil, lychee, and spicy Thai cocktail that Jess got with the big pepper.
Made it to Chiang Mai!!! Four seasons sent me the best amenity. Also a great welcome note from the Conference Services Manager here. Photos of the room too. It's amazing.
Curryto=curry burrito the in flight snack on our Thai flight to Chiang Mai had to share. Better than a bag o peanuts!
Friendly teacher we met that helped us find our way to a fantastic temple. The 2nd photo is of our tuk tuk driver he was fantastic, very friendly. Actually all of our interactions with the Thai people have been very pleasant.
Made it to a great temple our first stop off the water taxi it was beautiful. The three of us sat ands meditated for a bit.
Water taxi pictures, he hotel had a free water taxi that took us to the water taxi boat that takes you up the river to the Grand Palace.

17 August 2016

Sky bar 64 floors above the city, we all had vodka martinis was a little pricey but a fun trip!
I really wanted to ride in a tuk tuk so we did to the main "strip" area of Bangkok I say strip because it reminds me of the Vegas strip. Lights everywhere touristy shops but all very different at the same time the hustle and bustle of it felt like Vegas. We had pad Thai for $1.50 and Chang beer it was delish. Steph and Jess got a foot massage on the street and after seeing so many people enjoy the massage I went ahead and got a neck/head massage it was awesome and was 150TB (Thai Baht) only $10 US. A must see.
Visited our first temple on our long boat ride, very beautiful got there right at the end of the day. Bought a very colorful purse! The picture of the two little monks in training is one of my favs.
Took a long boat trip through the ancient city and river city as its called, people literally live right on the river. Very eye opening experience and interesting to see. Saw what looked like a huge lizard thing get out of the river, I can't believe I actually saw but Jess saw it too.
First excursion in Bangkok was the Flower market which was neat, so many flowers. I think mainly for offerings at temples but was only my guess. It smelled amazing though and our first experience at the market scene! What a bustling crazy city.
Made it Bangkok, long day of traveling selfie then headed to pool at Millenium Hilton for a little r&r before heading out into the city.