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remembrance road

1 September 2017

My time in the outer banks

31 August 2017

After getting the news that my Dad passed, I fell apart. I wish I could describe my last year anyway that doesn’t end with tears. However, I have pushed so many people away and have felt myself fading. For a year I find that I wake up to the same monotonous tasks that exhaust me. I go to work (a job I Love and am thankful for) at a 9 to 5 where my body stays sedentary and my mind melts with time-lapse. I am a hollow shell and life like a leak has drained me. I am ready for a change. I am done with feeling complacent in my own life; shattered and displaced among a sea of routine. Remembrance road (8/24-9/24) is more than just a journey to release my dad’s physical self into the wind of the Gillette Flatts outside of Colorado Springs. This trip is a journey into the eye of the beholder; a new perspective. I’m challenging myself to dig deep within and discover what it means to feel alive. I am about to embark on an expedition travelling from the Appalachian mountains of the East Coast,

28 August 2017

26 August 2017

25 August 2017

21 August 2017

20 August 2017