United States of America · 8 Days · 24 Moments · July 2017

Le's Are Goin' to College!

28 July 2017

Today's stops... Lexington for Washington and lee. Small school. Only 2000 students total. Beautiful setting and campus in the Shenandoah valley. Lee chapel...Robert e lee and fam buried beneath. His horse (traveler) buried just outside. Stayed at the super cute George's inn

27 July 2017

Oops. George's inn again. Wish I could stay longer! Last stop...Charlottesville for UVA Only 2 pics cuz it started storming Large/huge school. Founded by Jefferson. Some neat history
More Princeton campus... Archways everywhere for singing 11 states later headed back south today. Next stop Lexington VA...
Ivy #8...check Princeton...wow!! The tigers 😊. Funny tour guide. Part of a comedy group on campus. Pic #7...corner window...where Einstein lectured...whaattt??? #5&6...chapel. Outside sculpting done by the mt Rushmore guy

26 July 2017

On to Washington square and NYU to look around Man covered in pigeons in the square. Too scared to take a pic of him Driving around SoHo Bakery stop...Dominique ansels Thru the holland tunnel into *&$!@*! jersey
Stop #7...Columbia Filming a Meryl Streep/Tom hanks movie. U can see the 70s protest on the steps 4th pic is the building where the atom was split! Start of the manhattan project Another swim test before u graduate😳 but not very serious about it. 2 versions why...in case the British invaded again or in case the island caves in🤣. Engineers not required bc they can build something to escape. Darby's choice for prettiest campus. Very pretty. U forget where u are!

25 July 2017

Hello NYC!! Only thing worse than driving mountains in the dark is manhattan in the light of day!! Free hotel on points= dear Evan Hansen tix😊. So good!!😭😭😭 Carnegie hall view from our room
Our darby has arrived in new haven...stop #6...for God for country for Yale 😊 Gotta rub the golden toe for luck Campus tour just how u imagine it Surrounding area neat with a little Italy too

23 July 2017

So long Boston... Toured Harvard in pouring rain so no pics Love how they think about learning! Incredibly friendly too! On to providence...Brown The real temp. Cold ☔️ The school is on top of a hill. Geez another beautiful place 😊 Gates only open for freshman arrival and graduates exit The big blue bear is an art installation 😆 Saw where emma Watson lived🤣
Boston is the best... Champagne welcome at our once was a prison hotel that held the Boston strangler and Malcolm x😳. Little 🇮🇹. Perfect breezy sunny 72 degrees no humidity Sunday walk. Visited with a couple of Montreal cousins on Newberry. Public library. Beacon hill juxtaposed to Mass General 🤔
And made a pass thru Boston commons...

22 July 2017

Surprised by our Inn's backyard this morning and free breakfast!! On to #3... Another pretty campus...small and manageable connected to precious Hanover No dartmouth acapella to welcome us though🤗 Next stop...Boston
Guess pics didn't go the first time...

21 July 2017

Stop #2 complete! Cornell where a swim test is required for graduation...no joke Big , beautiful campus and very friendly😊🏊🏻‍♀️ Go heathen on the hill...I mean big red!

20 July 2017

Late night dinner!!! Chicken tenders & fries, truffle fries, and cookie sandwich made with Cornell's ice cream that they make themselves!! So yum😍🤤
$16 in tolls and a Philly cheesesteak sandwich later we made it to first stop! Heat advisory. No campus tour. Wimps!!
Last thing we saw before dad almost hit a car.😳
Rocky theme song started playing on radio just as we entered philly. True story!
Road trippin' to upenn!! Plz pray for Diino's driving....😬