Australia and Oceania, North America · 361 Days · 34 Moments · August 2015

Darby's odyssey through Australia

6 August 2016

After a very long year away from my brother I have finally found him in the world!! Arrived in Calgary and give him the biggest hug and was so happy I even hugged his mate I've never met! It's only been a few days but we have seen some incredible sights and had the very long and needed chats that end for hours! I've missed this guy a crazy amount and so happy to see him again!

4 August 2016

So after leaving my home for the last five months I managed to spend a day in Hawaii, Honolulu and get burnt to a crisp! It was a beautiful day and was still 27 degrees at 7pm!? Nobody needs that in their lives! Now onwards to Vancouver and then Calgary finally!!!!

2 August 2016

Couldn't have asked for a better send off, everyone was happy to be there and everyone was drunk which is very unusual when everyone has work at 5am!! I'm going to miss these people but we are already making plans to be reunited soon :) I will remember these guys forever, no matter how much the Italians got on my nerves sometimes.... I still love them!

27 July 2016

"It's my birthday, it's my birthday, I'm gon' spend Ma money" I didn't spend any money!!

21 May 2016

Australia has deffo won on the sunset/rise front.... So far 😝

19 April 2016

I also went to Wilsons prom... It's huge so I didn't go round all of it! But there was 'Darby beach' and 'Darby river' so obviously I had a good day!

23 March 2016

So I've spent the last few months of my year in Aus working on a couple different farms to be able to come back for my second year, I've managed to work my 88 days (and many more) whilst living in a house full of mostly Italians.... I'm very proud of myself! However much the got on my nerves, I still love most of them! I'm going to miss everyone so much and I've got some awesome memories but it's soon time to move on! But look how adorable these calves are!!

1 March 2016

So here's a few pictures from the great ocean road, I loved every minute of it, maybe sleeping in the van not so much but it's all part of the experience!! So as I can't see the pictures as I'm typing I won't get these in the right order but I'll try.... This was a huge lake that we found and I can't remember the name of but it was really pretty! Then I'm sat in The Grotto, the prettiest ten foot squared area I have ever been in! Then along the road we got to The London Bridge named after... I'm sure you can guess! The Twelve Apostles!? 😁 then I can't remember the name of the rest but look how beautiful it is!!!! 😍 I would love to spend the rest of my life here.

26 January 2016

So a couple of days ago I started on my newest adventure with this strange one.... We left Sydney in our little trooper of a van called Bryn and set off to the blue mountains to stay the night. The next day we decided to completely change our original plan and set off south on the coast to our destination of The Great Ocean Road! It's taken us three days so far, a lot of mini lookout stops (Eden, Narooma, Batemans Bay, Jervis Bay, Durras North....) and too many hours of driving and we are now in Wonthaggi for our second night and then tomorrow we are going to drive around Phillip island and try to find the Penguins!! Once we've had a look around the island of the Hemsworth brothers we will be going to stay somewhere near the Grampians national park before making our way to TGOR!!

9 January 2016

Then we went on some sight seeing stuffs and waterfalls :) they were all amazing but you might recognise one from many shampoo adverts or even the music video to 'mysterious girl'...?

7 January 2016

Now I'm in cairns and my time with Loka has ended... I've had a great trip up the east coast and I've met some incredible people but I just can't wait to be back in Sydney with my routine and people I love! It's been fun east coast but now I've got to save for my drive from Sydney to Adelaide then on the great ocean road to Melbourne where I will say goodbye to my good friend Eleanor until I'm back home in August!

4 January 2016

From crocodiles to fish to birds to snakes to turtles.... I've seen so animals ;) "I kissed a bird and I liked it"

1 January 2016

So my New Year's Eve/day was spent on a boat in the Whitsundays... I will never forget breaking in 2016 with the best sunset I've seen in a while! We went snorkelling, sunbathing, sightseeing... Anything and everything on these islands took my breath away!

29 December 2015

The whole crew on Fraser on Boxing Day next to Eli creek infront our jeeps!
We went to a croc farm instead of the cattle station we were supposed to be in because it was raining too hard, I held a two year old croc (he was tiny!) and then we spent the afternoon playing bowls.... Not what I expected! I won :P

27 December 2015

Christmas on Fraser Island was amazing, not too sunny which is what we all needed, we went to lake Mckenzie and Eli Creek also a few beaches I forgot the name of... Fraser Island is the biggest sand island with the biggest rainforest inhabiting it! It was definitely a sight to see. There are only sand tracks as road so we were driving 4WD and it got crazy at times, however still fun!

24 December 2015

Just a few pictures of my Christmas days on Fraser Island with a great group of people!

22 December 2015

We went to the Steve irwin zoo!!! Now, for some strange reason I've been to three zoos in the last four months but this one was my favourite by far! I finally got my kangaroo selfie and I got to pet a koala! I've had a very fun day today and now I've just got tomorrow until I can be on Fraser Island for Christmas.... Can't freakin wait 😁😝

20 December 2015

We got to Noosa just in time for a party boat cruise, beers, music, bbq, paddle boarding, sunset, and some pretty cool people!

18 December 2015

This was Brisbane! We went to the Queensland museum and botanical gardens also met up with some of my crew from my first week in aus! Friends for a life time ✌🏼️

16 December 2015

So Byron bay - we went sea kayaking to find some turtles! The water was completely still and clear. We also attempted beer pong in the hostel... I got 4/6 in and Tony didn't get any in so we lost... Then we went to a nice little chilled pub with our Loka girls where we would have our last chat for a few weeks until we meet again in cairns for Janne's birthday! Surfers paradise - so we stopped off for the drivers hourly cigarette break and saw a lush little cove at the meeting point of New South Wales and Queensland, where the time changed by an hour! Then we go to surfers, it was raining 😩 but we still had a wonder round and bumped into my friend johnny from my ultimate oz group and arranged for him to show us around later, this is where we found giant Jenga! We played three games and johnny lost all of them, he was rather cocky with his block choices... We are now in Brisbane and have been to seen the Queensland museum and will meet a few more friends later for a drink. TBC.

12 December 2015

So my first couple of nights: Barrington tops - we went white river tubing to cool off after out extremely long drive and spent the night playing drinking games and eating bbq! Got to know the people I have spent the last 5 days with rather well... Spot X - this is where we stayed in tipi's and did some surfing in the morning, all good fun and games! River camp - we went for a nice relaxing kayak down a river to our camp for the evening and arrived to a game of volleyball and a bbq, then we set up our swags (one man tent) and camped out under the amazing amount of stars and clear skies. Yamba - we took a quick detour to a cute little beach spot on our way to Byron and did a cliff dive..... This is where i sadly lost my waterproof camera and all the photos from the start of my trip 😞 but the dive was awesome! Byron bay - I'm writing this as I'm chilling out in my bunk just after arriving so don't have much to say yet! I'll keep you updated!!

11 December 2015

My east coast has officially started! So excited for the month ahead of me and I get to do it with (who I now consider) a friend for life! I'm currently on the bus making everyone listen to Newton Faulkner and drawing on the Windows.... It's a long drive!

29 November 2015

ROAD TRIP!! I got asked to join a couple friends on their road trip to Byron bay for the weekend, so of course, a free trip and a good group of people... Why would I say no!?

4 November 2015

So after two long days of unpacking and rearranging we are in the new house and mostly settled, it's very empty because it's bigger than the other house! I'm only here for a month so I'm going to try and use the pool as much as possible!!

2 November 2015

Finally packed my bag and ready to move to the new house, I'll only be there for a month as then my east coast travels will begin! Excited isn't the word!

25 October 2015

So as I've had a few spare days whilst the kids were at school, me and el went on a load of walks! Here are some of the views....

21 September 2015

I took a trip to the blue mountains and saw the three sisters! 🗻 So this was absolutely beautiful, waaayy too many steep stairs but you wouldn't expect an elevator on the side of a mountain would you....?

12 September 2015

We went to taronga zoo! So this was a last minute decision with a huge hangover... We hopped on the ferry, took a little detour for some sights and then got to the zoo, Sam and jake were so excited and by the end of it all it was just too much for Sam so he fell asleep on the bus ride home!

9 September 2015

Just had the whole family on Skype and received pictures of my one true love, teddy bear!! I do hope he remembers me when I get home 😰

31 August 2015

I got a job! My first job in aus and I'm an Au Pair which mean free accommodation, free food and free weekends (just what a backpacker needs!) just until I get my money up and start my actual travels up the east coast. Of course the family are amazing, three kids 10,8,6, about half an hour away from the city so when they are at school I can spend my day doing whatever I feel like!

25 August 2015

After the first week, a few people went their separate ways and some of us stayed together and found fun activities to do, we went on some cool walks, I had a surf lesson, we went to see the opera house and also went to the largest imax cinema in the world (jus' sayin'), had a few great nights out, had a meal at the Hard Rock Cafe on darling harbour and then went to the Westfield tower where it's a 360degree view of Sydney City!

20 August 2015

So in my first week arriving in Sydney I managed to see quite a few amazing sights and met some great people who some will be life long friends!

12 August 2015

So after leaving my amazing friends and family at home I set off on my first adventure to Australia! With only my first week planned I had no idea what would be in store for me!