North America, Europe · 8 Days · 21 Moments · April 2017

Dante 's tour through Denmark

30 April 2017

Wow! What an experience this trip was! I'm so grateful for every single relationship that was continued and formed while I was there! I truly believe I have made friends for life! Denmark was an amazingly beautiful country and will always be my favorite!

29 April 2017

My last day in Silkeborg I went with the family to watch Johannes little sister Magrethe in a gymnastics meet! It was fun to see that in persons and her trio made it to the second round of finals! Then I enjoyed the rest of the night before we left with Johannes and his friends!

29 April 2017

Part 2- The next destination the EOSC and SBC students went to was the old town of Aarhus! Which is the cultural center of Europe! This was full of old buildings that are originally with things like old beds, clocks, and even bridges! This was a great time with all of my friends American and Danish! I have some selfies with a big group of all SBC students, Sabrina, and my friend awesome red head friend Malthe! After this trip we headed home and slept for the preparation for a great night out!
Part 1-Finally on Friday we got to see our AMAZING friends from SBC who traveled to EOSC! I truly can say I've connected so close to these awesome students! Just as I write I'm emotional because I've truly made life long friends that I'm so thank to have! The museum on Friday was gorgeous and full of art that had hidden meaning and made you think! It had a rainbow bridge at the top that changed colors through panels along each side! The main attractions are the rainbow bridge and the boy! The boy is such a spectacular site to see! He's a huge statue that has life like features like real hair, shorts, and even veins across his skin! Some other exhibits were homeless signs from across the world, pile of left over Scandinavia flags, and even scratched Lamborghini! There were many more fun activities and just a fun time there in general!

28 April 2017

So after we took some time to rest we met our Danish and American friends in town to enjoy the night life in Silkæborg! Here's some of the pictures from the night that I will never forget! We danced the night away and just enjoyed our time together!
Before my night out with my American and Danish friends I spent the dinner with my host family at Kings Buffet! This was one of the best Chinese places in Silkeborg (via Johannes) and I have to agree! They have fresh sushi every 7 minutes that I tried even though it's not my favorite and I have to say it was great! They also have a Mongolian grill that you can select meat, veggies, and sauces and get it cooked! This was a great time with Johannes family and girlfriend! Their names Ingrid (older sister), Mom ( Anne), Dad (Frand), Little sisters (Magrethle and Elisabeth), and his girlfriend (Laura). I've been so humbled to have such S great host family to make me feel like truly their own! In one of the pictures you will see Ingrid holding a blue book which is actually the choctaw dictionary signed by the chief! This is so rare and special and I hope they enjoy it!
Friday-Old town of Aarhus! Notes after this!
Friday-selfies and Aarhus old town! Notes later!
Friday-Aarhus Museum! Will add notes later!

27 April 2017

2- continuing Thursday's activities with Malthe! His brothers name is Oliver and he was great to talk too! I noticed that even though him and Malthe don't look alike they have the same manner of speaking and feeling the space in conversation! After I meet that side we then traveled about 10mins to meet his mom (Keirsten), her boyfriend (Carson), Carson's son Frederick, and Malthe's sister Maxine. I believe that was everyone names! We just sat down at the dinner table and talked about how our countries are similar and different in many ways. We had some great laughs and I actually tried some Christmas beer is as it is called! We had some brownies that reminded me of bread pudding, and they were amazing! We had some teaching time with Danish and even me teaching them some English tongue twisters! After that I headed back home and called it a night! What a great full day that was! P.S~ I also tried some banana chips that had like flavoring on them, just like chips at home (healthier)!
1-This is some of the pictures from Thursday when we traveled to the very west tip of Denmark named "Blåvand"! Which means "Blue water" I do believe! We got to climb a light house (my first time ever), see the beautiful ocean view and sandy beaches and last we got to see and go through some German bunkers from the war! Sabrina and I, both students from EOSC, got some seashells and she gathered a lot of sand which I might see if I can have some! After that we headed to the town of "Riba" and got to see the towns breathtaking Cathedral and old historic buildings that are around 1300 years old! We then took a tour of the Viking museum in Aruba since that is where a lot of the Viking history is found! After that I came home to Silkeborg and Johannes had a meeting with his work so I went to see Malthe Theibel. He is one of the students that travelled to EOSC and I made friends with a lot and he was one of the many. We went to his dads house and I meet his Dad, Dad's girlfriend, and brother!
So after we ate dinner we went to pick up Johannes two friends both named Fredrick for their soccer practice! It's was fun to watch them do the drills and challenge each other. Then after practice we went to a store called "Netto" I think it's right to get the snack picture in the last post! It was so great, it was a very creamy and sweet meal. After that we went back home and watched the movie "Logan" on his PC!
I really wasn't able to get pictures with my family yet but I definitely will soon! I'm so thankful for the family (Andersen's), they have a great house and are very nice and warm people. They had dinner ready when I got back from the train station then showed me to my room for the nights sleep!

26 April 2017

2-So our first day at Silkeborg Business College we had presentations ready for our Dane Friends and we did it roughly 3 times! After that we meet the Freshman who will be coming to Oklahoma Next year and took a short tour of Silkeborg with them. My Friends names were Sammy,Stein, and Rasmussen. They were great tour guides and we shared great memories together! We went to one of there friends workplace and grabbed some ice cream, hot chocolate, and fries! That was were I meet many more friends and a memorable one was Søren ( the "o" actually has a line through it) so it's pronounced "Sun"! After that we headed back to SBC and I meet up with my host brother Johannes! We grabbed more ice cream together and it as amazing also. It reminded me of rocky road and then a separate scoop of what taste like lime sherbet! We went home hung out for abbot and took a nap! I woke up for dinner which was called "tarelleter"! ITV was so goo and I'm going to ask Mrs. Anne for the recipe so I can make it!
Part 1-Some pics from first day! I'll post more from the first day and write there!

25 April 2017

After we finished the group activities Sabrina and I went to eat at a pizzeria and got some amazing pasta! After the lunch we made our long route to "Our Saviors Tower" or "Vor Frelsers Kirke"! What's view we were able to see! I also have a pic of Nyhavn a harbor in Denmark! I hope you enjoy the pictures!
Some of the beautiful pics from the Round tower in Copenhagen, Denmark!!! Was quite a trip up the beautiful building! Also I have pictures of the church it is connected too!

24 April 2017

This is after we got back from Sweden!!! My Dane friends Christina, Liv, Josephine, Marika, and Cecilia and I were in a group at Tivoli (a theme park in Copenhagen). We Ride all the rides and just enjoyed each and every moment. They had birds just roaming around the park like peacocks! I also found the center stage that I hope I wil be able to pay one day!!!After we had done everything and got to cold and tired we went to get Chorros and I got Caramel on them and they were Amazing! After that they wanted McDonald's for dinner but I was waiting to each there signature French Dogs. There McDonald's menu is so different then our it's crazy! I posted it in the pictures. I tried there McDonalds jalapeño cheese tots and they were amazing also!!! After that I grabbed a French dog and ran back to the hotel. When I got there a few of us went out to a bar thaw as nice for chill just one drink time and then headed back to the Danhostel. I'll posted more pics after this!
We went to Sweden! The ride to Sweden was my first ever train ride... it was over the bridge between Sweden and Copenhagen. Some of the pictures I included were a beautiful abstract statue, pictures from the Malmohus Castle, and the turning Torso! So much more to journal about but this is how we started the day!

23 April 2017

These are a few of Copenhagen's gorgeous views!!! The picture of the big building is Christianborg Castle! The castle had so many sculptures and beautiful paintings! I also added a view of Tivoli the theme bark of Copenhagen from our hotel room!
We finally doing it!!! We made it to Denmark but let's talk about how we did it! We left the EOSC at 9:00am to get to Dallas! Then flew from Dallas to Frankfort, Germany! Which was a 10 hour flight! While on the flight we had plenty of pretty views from below. Then we got to Frankfort to Copenhagen, Denmark.