Europe, Asia · 31 Days · 33 Moments · July 2018

Dan’s Mollie’s &Krish’s tour through Malaysia

21 August 2018

Leaving Kuala Lumpur was sad but we are taking back so many memories! Afternoon Tea, nights out, visiting the Batu caves and eating copious amounts of amazing food. I wonder where our next adventure will be....

20 August 2018

Langkawi was the last part of the journey on our fellowship. There have been some amazing experience including the steepest cable car ride, a sky ridge walk and kayaking through the mangroves of Langkawi. The fellowship has come to an end but we’ve met some awesome people. The last stop will be Kuala Lumpur...

14 August 2018

The closing ceremony marked the end of our fellowship. We had special outfits delivered for everyone to wear and Dan even had his custom made (he is so fancy). It was sad saying goodbye to the teachers, officers and fellows but we leave feeling inspired and ready to get back!

12 August 2018

Yesterday, we delivered our final conference to the teachers we’ve been supporting. To celebrate with went to our favourite Chinese place where we ate lots of food, danced our feet sore and sang our hearts out. There was a lot of gin involved but we made it home safely. Great night(out out)!!

9 August 2018

We had some delicious cake last night, although we are missing home food, this most certainly made up for it! The restaurant we ate at last night was great and is owned by the royal king. The food and company were amazing!
Today has been the most surreal day so far in Malaysia. We started off visiting schools as usual and by afternoon we were bike riding around Perlis with the crown Prince. We had a police and ambulance escort too. After a little ride and tour, we went to a local mosque and watched the Prince hand our money to the poor (we had to shake 150 hands too) Then followed him (and several cameras) to people’s houses where he gave more stuff away. Kinda felt like a media circus at this point lol. 5 hours later!!! (Was only meant to be an hour) we had beaut food and finished the evening off with courtyard bowling!

6 August 2018

Today we went on a trek through the jungle And then had some relaxing time at a fancy 5 ⭐️ hotel. Great mini break within our adventure!

5 August 2018

It’s been a busy few days sight seeing and exploring Penang. It’s a beautiful place and it’s a shame we couldn’t have stayed longer but it felt like home going out last night! #wearedefinitelyineachotherscups

4 August 2018

Today we had lead our first training day for our Malaysian teachers. We were all shitting ourselves in the morning but loved it in the end. We then had an ultimate friZby match (new favourite sport) and packed ready for our first trip to Penang!
Today we had lead our first training day for our Malaysian teachers. We were all shitting ourselves in the morning but loved it in the end. We then had an ultimate friZby match (new favourite sport) and packed ready for our first trip to Penang!

3 August 2018

Who knew we were so good at bowling! No awards for Dan this time 😂
Today we had a great day of Chinese, beers, karaoke taxis and bowling!

2 August 2018

We have spent the last few days going into schools and watching lessons. It has been great to work with all the amazing children. Special moment when the head of education for Perlis comes into the class you are observing to have an impromptu photo shoot.

1 August 2018

Spent the second day in schools and then went out from a lovely team meal. We watched the sunset before going to eat. Last day in school tomorrow before we start planning!

31 July 2018

Today we visited our schools and observed teachers for the first time. The visit involved a strange breakfast meeting with headteachers and tour of the school. In the afternoon the “lads” (after a sip of lychee vodka) decided to create our own western style toilet, involving a £1 stool and a pen knife. We have found the best drink ever called milo which is basically ice with Nesquik in a bag! Sounds weird but it works!

30 July 2018

We’ve finally met the lovely teachers we will be working with in Perlis and attended the opening ceremony. Can’t wait to get started now.
Today we had our first official day being Team LRTT. We had a very interesting opening ceremony that involved videos, singing, many speeches, constant clapping and a fruit tasting session. We then met the teachers who we will be working with ready to go into their schools tomorrow.
First morning with LRTT and Dan has become adventurous! Good luck Dan 😂😂

29 July 2018

Today was the first time we met our Malaysian LRTT team. Everyone seems really nice and we’ve already had some beaut Malaysian food, played table tennis and chilled. Looking forward to the days to come...

28 July 2018

Today has been both busy and very tiring. Travelling back to Kuala Lumpur from the Tioman Island. A 3 hour ferry trip and nearly 7 hour bus ride later we finally made it back, still smiling! Next stop will be Perlis! #baecation #toomuchtravelling #nomoresunburn

27 July 2018

It’s final day on the Tioman Island. Although it’s the end of this trip it’s just the start of our adventure. Tomorrow we head back to Kuala Lumpur. Three days of no internet has been very difficult! #baecay #tiomanisland #paradise #pump

26 July 2018

Today we decided to charter a private boat that took us to the best snorkelling places ever! Incredible fish and beautiful coral and we swam with a shark. #Boats&Hoes
Some of the most beautiful views we’ve ever seen, snorkelling, soaking up the sun and travelling on our own boat. #whothehellarewe?

25 July 2018

Few snaps of our island paradise and our first day here.
First day in paradise and we have spent it sunbathing and snorkelling...we are thinking that we will just stay here forever.
An amazing end to our first day on the Tioman Island! We are living the dream and soaking up all the sun we can. We aren’t too sun burnt and red is definitely the new colour!

24 July 2018

After DAAAAAAYS of travelling we have finally made it to our island paradise! Plan for the next few days....sunbathe, swim, drink and eat!

23 July 2018

Survived my first night in a hostel. Fair enough we had our own private room but we did have to share a toilet and shower With others! I think that’s the same experience as the backpackers...
After six hours, we made it to our first destination. Doha airport is very flashy!

22 July 2018

And our adventure begins!