Australia · 12 Days · 10 Moments · June 2017

Rowed trip to Cairns!

1 July 2017

Crazy good burgers and awesome (kid friendly) service!

24 June 2017

Pizza night… last night in Longreach. On to Porcupine NP tomorrow.
Day two at the QANTAS museum, checking out plans, Model T Fords and WW1 war planes.

23 June 2017

Enjoying down time on rest days. Playing in the dirt with our trucks, gathering up firewood.

22 June 2017

7hrs in the car with this lucky lady! Also the kids did remarkably well. We did end up cracking out Postman Pat and Fireman Sam towards the end… anything to get you home!
Thank goodness for awesome Info-Centres…the one at Windorah really saved our bacon!

21 June 2017

First time I've used a pay phone in living memory! Haha I lost $2 on a 30c call! Camp is getting quicker, and the boys are getting more and more used to the routine.
Yowah… nothing but dirt, emus and long straight roads!

20 June 2017

Short stop in Cunnamulla to refuel the car and hungry bellies!

19 June 2017

Camps #1 - not the original place but nice nonetheless… Kidsman'a Camp in Bourke. Tomorrow on to Yowah.