United Kingdom · 122 Days · 10 Moments · November 2017

Dan's adventures

7 March 2018

Fighting depression with one of the best cures that can help a good hike. 14 mile hike this morning after the school run. Must keep focused on recovering from the majority of life’s distractions and curve balls. Well the start of the journey begins.

19 December 2017

Hanging with the kids #Familylife

9 December 2017

Birthday night out for Pete & Danny #LegendsReassembled #Vodkafuelled

29 November 2017

15 November 2017

Well brakes failed on bike heading home so fell off bloody typical recover from one thing and this happens

14 November 2017

Rolling to work on the graveyard shift going to be an interesting shift

9 November 2017

Ivan dancing to the Gummy Bear song which seems to be his favourite at the moment. A nice relaxing session before hitting the Doctor to complete an Asthma review today before school run and work.
Decided to spend the day with this troublesome one and had a bike ride to the doctors for Asthma review. Such a funny cheeky little monster

7 November 2017

The moment when it’s time to get little monster ready for Nursery so he can see “His Vicki”

5 November 2017

Field testing the new ride up the Pennines on a beautiful Autumn afternoon. Loved the ride to White Coppice and the scenery breathtaking.