Taiwan · 54 Days · 15 Moments · September 2017

Taiwan 2017

26 September 2017

Walk to elephants mountain. Amazing view of Taipei 101

25 September 2017

They are a lot of temples around taipei

24 September 2017

Exploring the city life
Besides shopping and seightseeing you can also go outside, finding nature. We went hiking for 5 hours up to 1.200 meters

23 September 2017

Night life
You find a lot of nature around taipei

22 September 2017

My best moment in Taipei? Finding these CDs in a drift shop: Evan yo, Aaron yan, Fahrenheit, Rainie Yang and soundtracks from my favorite Taiwanese dramas

21 September 2017

20 September 2017

One of the best things you can do in Taiwan? Eating diverse and national food. Unfortunately I don’t know any name of those meals but they were all delicious and vegetarian. So you have many choices as an vegetarian as well. My meals: Breakfast: rice with fruits or porridge Lunch & dinner: see pictures