Austria, Australia · 30 Days · 45 Moments · December 2016

Into the Wild... Australia!

7 January 2017

And the last day has come.... So sad to leave this country, this is the Second time that I have cried before taking of... Will be back again for sure
Last day at Manly and late return back to Sydney
Going to Manly beach again! The best place also for snorkeling

6 January 2017

There is one place where you have to go if you are interested to take some surf lessons or go surfing if you already know how to do that and that is Manly beach. They have a great surf school there, Manly surfing school with real professional coaches
To go to Manly beach the best and nicest way is with a ferry

5 January 2017

One Central Park is a striking reminder that nature can thrive in the city. The spectacular façade is the canvas for a collection of breathtaking vertical gardens, which can only be described as: "A flower for each resident, and a bouquet to the city." - Bertram Beissel, Ateliers Jean Nouvel
Kensington Street’s own Spice Alley is home to the Kopi-Tiam – four hawker-style diners under glowing lantern ceilings. Bordered by two small restaurants, this laneway meanders through the landscape of Asian cuisine. A magical place.

3 January 2017

Royal Botanic Garden more pictures as sooo nice
The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney is a major botanical garden located in the heart of Sydney, Australia. Opened in 1816, the garden is the oldest scientific institution in Australia and one of the most important historic botanical institutions in the world. It is open every day of the year and access is free. Its stunning position on Sydney Harbour and immediately adjacent to the Sydney CBD, the Sydney Opera House and the large public parklands of The Domain ensure it is one of the most visited attractions in Sydney.
Hyde Park (on the way to Royal Garden)
On the way to Royal Garden you must visit Art Gallery of NSW, entrance is free 😊

2 January 2017

If you like indoor climbing, Saint Peters Sydney climbing hall is what you need. Entry is 18$ and you have short course to get your card for this place

1 January 2017

Great Nepalese restaurant on King street, home maid, excellent, feels like you are in Nepal!

31 December 2016

Happy New Year! Bradley's head trip for NYE event and great fireworks. If you are in Sydney on this day you have to see it once in your life. There are different points to view this so the best is to book some event on time before to avoid the crowd in the harbor.

30 December 2016

PALM BEACH If you enjoy surfing or coastal walks, head to Palm Beach on Sydney’s northern beaches for great surf and easy walks along the beach to Barrenjoey Lighthouse. Palm Beach wharf makes the perfect fishing spot for the kids and you can all unwind at a waterside cafe.

29 December 2016

Restaurant Burger 10, 49 Glebe Point Road great Burgers at great price, 15$ for Burger, Chips and soft drink or 18$ with a bear. Glebe Point Road is one of the distracted that is must see in Sydney anyway with a lot of legendary places for the "night out"
Still meeting the locals at Wildlife reserve
Very original bus station underground big shopping center we were lucky to find it 😂
Meeting some locals 😊

28 December 2016

That's indeed a very very big cat!
Very close on the other side you will find nice little Bare island and than visit the beach La Perouse. Bare Island is the most popular scuba diving site in New South Wales. On a sunny summer Sunday there can be as many as 200 divers here during the day. It is a common diver training location and also very popular for snorkeling.
Very nice little beach where you can actually swim because you don't have a lot of waves is Little Congwong Beach, very calm and nice place

27 December 2016

The best place to find good restaurants with very reasonable prices is King Street Newtown area
100% retro
Public transport is so easy in Sydney but before starting you need to take the OPAL card which you can find in any information point or convenient stores. Bus drivers are really so cool, today one driver helped us to catch another bus in front of him 😂

25 December 2016

Bondi beach... One of the most famous beaches in the world but can be quite crowded. You need to be very patient if visiting this beach with public transport, but if you are a fan of Hugh Jackman, you may see him swimming there early in the morning
You never know what can wait for you behind the corner in Australia... Even if you are just going in to the parking lot ... 😊

24 December 2016

Jervis Bay - Coastal, marine and hinterland National Parks offer fantastic bushwalking, cycling tracks, Indigenous culture, camping spots, cliff-top lookouts and maritime heritage. Teeming with native Australian wildlife, the resident dolphins play in the bay all year round. See kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas, wombats, and many rare bird and animal species in the wild. One of the best places in Australia to witness whales on their annual migrations, humpbacks and southern right whales can be seen both offshore and inside the calmer waters of the bay from June through to November. The many bay and ocean beaches, lagoons, secret coves and hidden creeks are perfect for swimming, kayaking, boating, fishing, standup paddle boarding and surfing. Unspoiled coastal and country villages have local produce markets, boutique shops, art galleries and a terrific museum. The area boasts world-class cafes, restaurants, pubs, wine bars and a burgeoning music scene.

23 December 2016

Royal National Park

22 December 2016

Back to the sea side...

20 December 2016

Climbing day 2 at Bell's Crag one of the most important sport climbing spots in Blue Mountains. The best to do if coming here is for sure to take a guide for Climbing area and also Blue Mountains Best Bush-walks book as many tracks are difficult to find without these books

19 December 2016

Claiming day 1
Always nice to make great new friends

18 December 2016

The Grand Canyon circuit, close to Blackheath, expansive vistas, narrow chasms, striking canyon scenery and a surprise around each corner...

17 December 2016

Close to Asgard Swamp, at Thor Head, you find yourself catching your breath in awe, as birf's eye views open uo to the Grose in the north, top od Victoria Falls to the south and Burra Korain Head
Close to Mount Victoria, you will find a great track at Asgard Swamp, almoust magical trail trought extraordinary bushland

16 December 2016

Today we arrived in Blue Mountains one of the places to visit if you are in Sydney! Rented a great cottage lost in woods, place is just amazing

15 December 2016

If you are fan of good cinema you will more than appreciate having unique experience in Gold class Event Cinemas, train station Macquarie University. Also before going to cinema take a walk in Macquarie park

12 December 2016

Sydney University
I would like to use this opportunity not only of visiting an amazing country but more over discovering a completely new continent to walk you through some interesting facts of places that I have visited so far. I will try to give you utile information and tipps as much as possible in case that one day you decide to come here. If you did not think about it before I will try to make you come here as this country is for sure a must see in a life time place. Starting with King Street area today the central thoroughfare of the suburb of Newtown in Sydney, Australia. It's in this street that the residents of the area are most visible, confirming Newtown's reputation as a cosmopolitan community with a higher than average concentration of students, LGBT people, and those with an artistic bent who tend to dress with colourful flair. King Street is particularly notable for the many picturesque Victorian and Edwardian era shops and other buildings that line the street.

11 December 2016

Not really the best day weather wise to make nice photos of Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbor bridge so we will go back there for sure and even maybe have a Bridge climbing tour
Queen Victoria Building
Darling Harbor was the first visit we made on the way to Sydney Opera house

9 December 2016

We took trip to Sydney via Doha with Qatar Airways and I just wanted to mention that if ever you would come from Europe connection with this flight was just perfect!