Thailand, Singapore · 12 Days · 20 Moments · June 2017

Danie's adventure in Thailand

14 June 2017

Meeting Iron man
Today we are heading home. However we have to check out at 11am but our ferry is only picking us up at 1pm. So we are just chilling next to the pool. Today also seems to be hotter than the other days, or maybe it is because we can't swim (all our cloths are dry and packed)

13 June 2017

Today we went the southern Island of Phi Phi. It is famous because of a movie that was shot there called "The Beach" featuring Leonardo Dicaprio

12 June 2017

Today I had my 3rd message. The best one so far. The previous 2 was very very painful. After lunch we went out on a longtail boat for some snorkeling. I saw a guy that is travelling solo and invited him to come with. Jamey was his name. Cool guy, he is From Australia and told me he was 5 years in the Australian Army. Not often you you meet someone with those credentials. Today is also the last day before Nico and Anel returns home.

11 June 2017

Arriving at Phi Phi Island!

10 June 2017

Today we went a bit to the inland to natural hot spring water! Is was pretty amazing to be dead centre in the jungle

9 June 2017

Snorkeling and Monkeys 🙈
We did the 4 Island tour and by chance Nico & Anel and US ended up on the same speedboat and could chill the day together
Chantél posing at some questionable object

8 June 2017

McDonald's, can be found anywhere! Altyd Ook maar 'n staatmaker as jy nie vreemde kos kan eet nie

7 June 2017

Just exploring the streets of Phuket Patong
Nico and Anel joined us! Fun times

6 June 2017

Visited the trick eye museum! Why are there not more of these places on earth?

5 June 2017

Amazing food is so cheap in Thailand! Had this for like N$120
Hard Rock Café! They had some talented people in the band!
Today we went to a dophin show with Nico and Anel, I was sceptical at first, however the show blew my mind! The people leading the show had so much chemistry with the animals it was unreal! Afterwards we got to take photos with them

4 June 2017

Since we don't have Starbucks in Namibia, it is always a treat buying this overly expensive koffee 😂

3 June 2017