United Kingdom · 5 Days · 13 Moments · May 2015

10 May 2015

Goodbye dear Lunatic London, it was a sure euphoria to be in this busy hub of a city, well but great things have to end sometime, at least till we meet again!!
A trip to London's Magnificent Zoo, ZSL London, was beyond spectecular. Vivid bright plumes and soft silky fur makes this a sight of a lifetime.

9 May 2015

The Hard Rock London, a memoir of pure awesomeness, recollecting monumental iconic rockers and musicians while enjoying great food. Was fortunate enought to come across some collectables of Mighty personal idol Mr. Pete Townshend!!!! The Burgers and sandwiches were a smack on the ass aswell. Good job to the Hard Rockers of Lunatic London.
Camden Town... A cheap shopper's paradise, full of hand me down stalls sporting artisan, craftsy items for sale. Browsing around Camden Market puts you in a shamanic state as ethnic stalls light several incences to get you in the mood..... This was followed by a long street as far as the eye can see full of sizzling spices and anxious aromas of food stalls from different cultures all busy selling their cuisine palates.
Madamme Tussaud's was a sure fun experience, as we immersed ourselves as celebrities and snapped shots of luxurious peeps and stars. The spooky area was a thrill beyond doubt as it was well performed and carried out.... The newly added Marvel Comics section was also an innovative delight shown as a 4D flick on the screen... Well done dear Ms. Tussaud.

8 May 2015

Stomp... A true moment of exceptionality.... Percussion virtuosos master every aspect of beating on any object to create a melodic song. After such exhilarating event.. we walked the crowded young streets of picadilly and trafalgar where we were amazed by street performers.. Soon we sought and found the M&M world.... A playground to all ages, and than to cooldown we finished with a day's pint at The Richmond. Bottoms up!!
London's famous underground... An innovative and constructive way to grasp london in your arms.. After a long trip to Madame Tussaud's which was in vain due to the long line of peeps waiting for the waxed collection exhibition, we settled for the creepy yet marvellous London Dungeon, a thrilling informative experiance.

7 May 2015

Theatre... The artistic approach to the sweet and strong voices of talented performers whose passion is to entertain viewers and leave the crowd wanting for more. The phantom ( s ) of the opera was without any doubt the pinnacle of culture at its best. A big well done to the amazing performers, an exceptional musical.
The london eye... Truly a vast sight seeing delight.. Where london is under your very nose.. The best way to appreciate london's diverse points of interest in a postcard manner. An experience not to be missed
London at its best, bustling buses and havoc crowds, walk the streets full of cultural melodrama, diversity and stiff upper lips. A round trip of london's normandic and colonial buildings which to this date remain true magnificent vistas
A trip to Greenpark which is truly a green heaven where one can immerse his senses and see the lush life that calls this woody nook home, followed by the marching musical notes and bearclaw hats of the changing of the guard.

6 May 2015

Finally we arrived at the royal ( saba ) ma sabiex ) hotel / inn where we laid our luggage to rest and unpacked our manpurses in a somewhat of a friar excursion room. Then we headed to gigantour westfield mall for a spree to relax our thoughts and hussle our pockets
And here we are... Lunatic London.... A three hour rest on the sky bus, where some slept and some troubled their minds on how to get rid of those damn creepy crawlies.