Kenya · 6 Days · 22 Moments · March 2019

Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus

26 March 2019

Today was our last dive, and again I didn't get any photos of it because my phone isn't water proof. But, we got paid to eat ice cream, and I got to buy myself and my little brother (don't tell him that last bit) some sweet stuff. All in all, a good day

25 March 2019


24 March 2019

So I almost died. Julia, Uriah and I thought that it would be a great idea to make a really big hole, and then Julia said "hey Stoltzfus, let's bury you" and I was like "sure dude". Well, at least we learned that we can dig a really big hole, because after we took a couple photos, I tried getting out, but then couldn't. For like, half an hour. It too the collective work of me, Megan, and Julia to eventually drag my nearly dead body out of that horrific hole. Meanwhile, Uriah dropped my phone after trying to take a video, so he brought it back to the house, and thought that he would just forget that I was buried, and never come back. Gosh darn Uriah. Well, at least I'm alive, and after Megan cheating at like, 20 different games, I pushed the traumatic experience out of my mind, only letting it resurface because we are forced to write about stuff. Good day, all in all.
Saw a monkey. It was scary, and almost killed us. Yikes

23 March 2019

Megan is doing a devos!
We are playing a game of hearts or something like that. Also, the only reason Sarah is sitting next to me is to way my chips, which is wack, because we are even supposed to be eating, as dinner is in a bit

22 March 2019

I got buried alive, and luckily managed to stay alive while Julia and Megan made me into the centaur King
We just finished our first Devo's, which turned it to be Lydia and Harim starting, with a couple of people pitching in, which was pretty cool.
Managed to hang up the hammock above the water. Guess that makes me cool now. I also have no idea as to how to get out. That might be a problem
I don't have photos, because I like to not get my phone wet, unlike Megan. But today, we essentially learned how to not let our lungs explode and other various near little tips for scuba diving. Today was the first time that we got to use our actual apparatuses, and it was pretty great to be able to breathe underwater, and lots of fun to learn about how not to die. After our lessons, we had to tred water for 10 minutes, which Sarah couldn't do, so her lungs are probably going to explode. Catch y'all on the flip side!
Took some random to photos, which were pretty cool, at least, cool enough to change my journi pic

21 March 2019

Tall people problems
Julia tried to fit in my sand footprint
Me - "Megan, we came here to help the wildlife, not disorientate and blind them" Megan - "No, I'm sure that they are fine, they know which was to go" *proceeds to drop crab* *Crab proceeds to run away from the ocean* Megan - "don't worry about it"
So, I tried writing my whole physically when journal onto Julia's, but then it turns out that we had to make it own, and I'm to lazy to do it again, so let me just say that we had an awesome dinner (and I totally steam rolled Sarah in an eating contest), and now are just writing messages to the people like, 3 get away from us. All in all, pretty chill
Off the bus
On the bus
Off the train
On the train