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United States

15 October 2016

9 October 2016

Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado

16 January 2016

At Georgia Aquarium
Part two
Part 3
Second largest aquarium in the world was dissapointing, however it was fun experience. One in Portugal is known for its best ratings.

15 January 2016

Artsy pictures

2 January 2016

Where I live now lol

13 December 2015

Where i live currently lol

6 December 2015

Was at Wild animal safari today located in Pine mountain, GA. Stunning how I am able to see animals all around me while in the car. More to come. Africa might be way better place to do it!
Here are some more pics :)
Except for the quality, literally the sickest photo I have ever taken before.

24 November 2015

These were actually not taken by me. It's photos of Rock port and Salem, Massachusetts. My friend sent me the photos.

16 November 2015

This was just this past week when I arrived in Atlanta, GA after my amazing summer in Korea. By the way, I always flew over to Korea every summer, but this would be the last time. Because it kind of is stopping me from getting blend in XD. Anyways, I want you guys to follow me and hopefully I can post more pictures soon XD