Europe, North America · 30 Days · 181 Moments · February 2017

Liz and Dan's NYC and Mexico trip

8 March 2017

And we are back.

7 March 2017

Ready to fly!
Tequila tasting ✅😁
Our plane, or one like it. Huuuuge.
Time for the bus to the airport!
Cochinita and lechon tacos.
Breakfast on the beach after sunrise.
We caught the sunrise at the beach.

6 March 2017

We ate a large fish by the beach.
Snack time!
The roads we took were pretty straight and boring. Made more interesting by intermittent rain storms!

5 March 2017

Little bit of rain...
Tourist shops charged an extortionate amount for flip-flops so we bought some from the Mexican equivalent of Claire's Accessories. (The pink matches Dan's sunburn.)
Tasty and cute - shortbread "watermelon".
Today we went snorkeling in a cenote. It was awesome! No photos because phones aren't waterproof... One of the caves had loads of bats, and other parts had underwater stalagmites and stalactites.

4 March 2017

It rained while we were at a cenote...
Fish a la tixin xik - with achiote, sour orange, and lots of veg. Delicious!
Breakfast by the beach.

3 March 2017

Lots of cycling!
Live band at the mojito bar
Mojitos made with fresh sugar cane juice.
Five types of salsa to dip totopos into at dinner!
Tulum. Ruins by the beach.
We're staying in Tulum town, not on the beach, and everyone here cycles to get around so we hired bikes too. They're fixies - no gears, no brakes!
Cute courtyard in our airbnb in Tulum.
Time for the bus to Tulum.

2 March 2017

Forest fire near the cenote!
The best cenote so far? Very refreshing after walking around Ek Balam and climbing pyramids.
Ek Balam. These ruins were excavated very recently. Many structures are still covered in soil and vegetation.

1 March 2017

The funeral of Juan Carneval.
Ants collecting leaves.
After two weeks of tortillas, we fancied pasta for dinner.
The bugs here think we taste good :(
We swam in a cenote with stalactites, tree roots hanging from the ceiling, fish swimming around us and bats squeaking above us. Spooky and amazing.
Chichen Itza!

28 February 2017

Marquesitas - like thin crispy pancakes rolled up around a filling. Edam cheese is popular, I had banana and cajeta (like a caramel sauce).
"queso relleno" - Edam cheese hollowed out and stuffed with minced turkey and pork, served in a turkey broth with chickpeas, almonds, raisins, capers, olives... Let's just say I'm glad I tried it but probably wouldn't order it again.
Carnival in Valladolid!
Monastery in Valladolid. it was weird and spooky and amazing. The grounds contain a cenote from which 19th century weapons were discovered. There is also a varied winged fauna with bats, guinea fowls and aggressive geese. The most interesting animal was a lone peacock chilling in a dark room upstairs.
We went swimming in a cenote in the centre of Valladolid! It had little black catfish that nibble your feet if you stay still long enough
Tacos and agua fresca with watermelon so fresh that we saw the guy cutting it up to make our drinks.

27 February 2017

We made traditional Yucatecan food with the rest of our tour group and a real Mexican grandma. Lots of fried tortillas involved.
Tortilla making machine!
These "tú y yo" chairs are everywhere in Mérida. They're not usually this big though...

26 February 2017

Checking out the fancy houses on the Paseo de Montejo. And then sangria and snacks :)
We were lucky to get seats on the bus back to Mérida...
Arch in Izamal.
More Maya ruins at Izamal, with Liz for scale.
Convent of Saint Francis at Izamal with view of main square.
Lunch in Izamal. Torta with everything, and Yucatecan speciality papadzules - tortillas filled with hard-boiled eggs in a pumpkin seed sauce.
Main Maya ruins at Izamal.
Our B&B has a cat :) (and a dog, but not as cute)

25 February 2017

Really nice sorbets for dessert!
Yucatecan food and a surprisingly nice green drink.
Eagle fighting snake mural.
In the contemporary art museum...
Old colonial house.
Mérida! It's even hotter here than in Oaxaca...
Oaxaca and Monte Alban from above!
Today we're taking a tiny plane, for two hops, to Mérida!

24 February 2017

There have been clowns performing in the main square almost every evening!
Mezcal tasting!
Tacos! From a market that popped up outside our hostel today.
We tried some traditional hot chocolate, and some made with pecans for added flavour. It's very rich and a bit more bitter than the hot chocolate I'm used to!

23 February 2017

We had a drink at the fanciest hotel in Oaxaca.
Dan ordered "coffee tree" tea.
Huevos rancheros for breakfast.
VW Beetles are common and were built domestically for a long time.

22 February 2017

Celebrations in Oaxaca for the Dia del Agronomo
Mitla. These buildings have withstood earthquakes for centuries! Not as monumental as some of the other sites, but impressive carvings and you can go inside a couple of old tombs here as well.
Friendly black vulture.
Petrified waterfalls.
Mezcal factory visit.
Master weaver demonstrating his craft.
Today we took a tour. First stop: a giant tree.

21 February 2017

Mountain and botanical garden views from the Museo de las Culturas de Oaxaca.

20 February 2017

It reached 30C today here in Oaxaca! What month is it again? 🤔😓
Oaxaqueña beer with dinner!
There were five large birds of prey (probably turkey vultures) circling above Monte Alban.
Monte Alban, the Zapotec city above Oaxaca.

19 February 2017

Our hostel room in Oaxaca comes with its very own tiny lizard!
The facade of Oaxaca cathedral.
The interior of Santo Domingo de Guzmán is fancy.
The on-board entertainment on this bus is eclectic. First a documentary about London, then some films in Spanish (dubbed or original), cartoons, a dubbed episode of Merlin, and now... a documentary on Pink Floyd's The Wall?!
The bus stopped for tacos!
Goodbye Mexico City, next stop Oaxaca! After a 7 hour bus ride...

18 February 2017

Funny fingers.
Fish tacos from Tres Galeones. Left to right: al pastor, octopus pibil, prawn Baja style.
Plaza de las Tres Culturas: pre-Columbian, colonial and modern.
Pyramid in Tlatelolco.
Getting our daily dose of art at Centro de la Imagen
I (Liz) was craving fruit. Not completely healthy, but good enough!

17 February 2017

We look just like Frida and Diego.
Exhibition of crops grown via milpa in the Museo Nacional de Culturas Populares.
Art at the Museo de Cultures Populares.
This is what happens when you ignore the Google suggestions and go to the market stall where all the locals are eating - for about £2 each!
Huuuuge queue for Frida Kahlo Museum tickets :/
Coffee and breakfast in the central plaza of Coyoacan.
The trees get chilly here apparently!

16 February 2017

Not sure why theres a piece of London in one of the metro stations here.
Bit hard to see but Raza station has a science exhibition as you change lines. This is a map of stars.
Temple of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent.
Quetzals and owls.
House of Jaguars
It was windy on the Pyramid of the Moon.
We climbed the Pyramid of the Sun!
Los Pyramides!
On a bus to Teotihuacan! No seatbelts...

15 February 2017

Some highlights of our food tour of the Polanco area this evening! Seven stops with delicious food.
Pretty tiled roofs of the Palacio de Bellas Artes
Slanted buildings.
Coyolxauhqui, an Aztec goddess who was killed and had her arms and legs cut off by her brother! In the Museum of the Templo Mayor of Tenochtitlan
Cinnamon and cardamom rolls.

14 February 2017

Vegetarian dinner. Liz had enmoladas and Dan's food was covered in salsa Verde again.
We tried pulque. It is sour fermented cactus juice.
Some pretty clouds!
Tacos al pastor.
Tiny building in front of skyscraper.
Museo Nacional de Antropologia. Really cool building with comprehensive histories of people in different areas of Mexico and different time periods. We spent four hours there and only saw half of the rooms...
On the border of Reforma and Chapultepec. In one direction skyscrapers, the other a park.
Diana Cazadora (the huntress).statue
Angel de Indepencia

13 February 2017

We took the Mexico metro today. Beside their name, each station has a unique symbol to improve accessibility for illiterate people.
Dinner tonight. The plate at the back contains peppers stuffed with cheese. This proved that it is possible to have too much cheese.
Drinks and guacamole on a terrace overlooking the Zócalo. The orange juice is alcohol free, unlike the mezcal and Liz's reasonably sized margarita.
The Zócalo, CDMX's main square. The cathedral is the oldest one in America. The Palacio Nacional and flag are reasonably sized. The buildings might look a little tilted because the city was built on a lake which makes keeping foundations even difficult.
Quesadilla from old ladies on street corner. The masa is made from blue maize. The filling is Oaxacan cheese and courgette flowers. This cost us 14 MXN.
These birds are common here.
Desayuno mexicano.

12 February 2017

The highlight of our four course meal (about £10 in total for the two of us) was this fish wrapped in a herb called hoja santa.
Made it to Mexico! No window seat on the flight this time, so no pretty views to share :(
JFK airport is not what I was expecting... The terminal is tiny and we got here with hours to spare before the flight 😔😴
Early at the airport.
It's too early for this

11 February 2017

Dinner at Arturo's. Dan is pondering how to fit all the pizza in his belly.
Grand Central Terminal is fancy. Love the chandeliers!
Beautiful view, terrible selfie.
Views from Brooklyn heights promenade at sunset.
"A day in the life of a bus" and more at the Transit Museum
Flea market / street food in a cool old building
A healthy breakfast. The fruit on top makes it so.
Vault doors at Brooklyn flea market.
New York subway station names are often written in mosaic.

10 February 2017

New York hotdogs and tater tots!
Top of the Rock
New York cheesecake. Amaretto and dulce de leche flavours.
Staten Island Ferry trip to see the Statue of Liberty
Breakfast bagels.

9 February 2017

Museum of Modern Art
Snowy Central Park 🌨💙
Taking advantage of New York restaurant week lunch deals
Snow day!

8 February 2017

Much walk very tired
David's brisket (and pastrami) for dinner
The Empire State building. From next to the Flat Iron building and High Line.
Times Square was missing part of the screen.
Cycling around Central Park!

7 February 2017

Williamsburg bridge.
We went to a pizza place and didn't take a picture of the pizza because we were too busy eating it.
Part of a Long Island outer barrier.
Resident of the subway station
Frozen coast of Canada looks amazing from above
There was a bit of a mess getting out of JFK. One of the airtrains got stuck in a station. PS: airtrains are more mundane than they sound.
Smashed the high score in the trivia game.
Some reading material for the flight
On our way to the airport!
Dan's actually carrying the two smaller bags because the big one fits me better!