Netherlands · 3 Days · 9 Moments · January 2015

Daniel's adventure in Netherlands

8 January 2015

Just been picked up by the taxi driver we pre-booked before we come! Time for Schiphol airport Been a good trip and an eye opener!
Due to fly home at 6pm, local time

7 January 2015

Picture of me in the Australian bar with a pint of the iconic Heineken beer
On the way to the Van Gogh museum we seen the I AMSTERDAM sign and got pictures! We went in the Van Gogh museum and had a walk round! Danny who I'm sharing a room with decided to stay and I rode back to the apartment block and stopped off at a coffee shop on the way and then went and chilled! Later on we went for something to eat at the australian bar and I had Roo skewers and a orange juice and 7UP mixed! It was cool and after it me and Danny went to barneys lounge coffee shop and then walked back, was a long walk but it did seem to end after a while😳
About to do a sudoku, waiting for everyone to get ready and then heading to the Van Gogh museum on the tram! Think the greenhouse is on the cards for later, was a really nice place and they even do super lemon haze! Think the overall atmosphere in Amsterdam is quite stubborn and has a really fast flow, city feel to it! Im enjoying it so far, but I am missing home for the main reasons!
We're into Wednesday morning now and just finished our breakfast! The Hampshire hotels are really nice and so is the food. We're all full now and going back up to the suite for a wash and to get dressed and then we're heading out to the Van Gogh museum by tram or bicycle! We haven't decided yet, we haven't got anything planned for later but I'm sure we'll find ourselves in a small, chilled, coffee shop somewhere in Amsterdam.

6 January 2015

We seen the equivalent of the British, Lotus Elise on the streets as we walked down to a locals coffee shop (Bas Joes) yesterday lunch time!
Today I got up, headed out for breakfast about quarter to 10 and came back to the room, had a shower and packed my rucksack up ready for an early 12 o'clock check out! We then decided to go to a coffee shop and then catch the tram to Central station from Rembrandt square, We checked out central station and it was quite busy, we walked along the shops back to Dam Square then caught the tram back! I stopped off at the souvenir shop and bought another Cap, adding to the t-shirt I bought in the supermarket on Tuesday! The T-shirt is for my favourite person👫 that's the only thing im looking to seeing back home! Not looking forward to the weather! These are just some of the pictures ive taken around the city over the past four days!🌎

5 January 2015

After arriving in Amsterdam for a short, 3 night stay on Monday 5th January 2015, we've done a lot of things! We wondered up to Dam Square, checked out the Damkring (the coffee shop where oceans twelve was filmed) and it was so busy, so we decided to head back towards the hotel and on the way we found this little coffee shop, The Saint! It was a chilled atmosphere, but the group didn't like the loud music so after an hour of chilling we headed back to the hotel for a quick wash and change of clothes before heading out for a meal (Italian) Then as the night grew old and everyone was ready for bed after a long day of walking and travelling from city to city, me and one of the group decided to head down to rembrandt square for a pancake! It tasted so good, but it set me up for bed so we went to sleep and slept right through.