Italy · 5 Days · 3 Moments · July 2017

Danielle's tour through Rome

24 July 2017

When me and my boyfriend wanted to have a shop, we found a shopping centre called Euroma2 Centro Commerciale. This shopping mall was hard to find as we only had public transport to rely on as both of us do not drive. We did happen to get lost but eventually found our way to the shopping mall. When we arrived at the shopping mall, it wasn't too air conditioned but the shops were amazing. There was your typical shops like Adidas etc. There was a Roma FC shop for any football fans. There was also a big sports shop with all football, basketball, boxing fans so there was something for everyone. There are lots of food options on the very top floor such as pizza, pasta, Burger King etc.

20 July 2017

On the first night of Rome, me and my boyfriend decided to hit the streets of Rome for some nightlife. We went to an Ice Bar near the Colosseum which was -5 degrees inside. ☃️ the drinks were delicious! After we went there, we decided to have a wander around Termini. Just a tip for anyone wanting to a have a smoke in Rome, there are men in groups selling marijuana in near the colosseum/Termini. The alcohol is quite expensive as well.

19 July 2017

I stayed at Camping Village Roma which was in the outskirts of Rome. As the location of the camping village was outside of Rome, the area was quite dirty and didn't get cleaned very much. The camping village has everything I needed such as restaurant, swimming pool and a mini market on the other side of the road. I stayed in a little cabin bungalow with two single beds and a single bunk bed. The cabin was clean but quite small. I heard reviews about the hot water not working so I immediately made sure the hot water was working before I unpacked etc. The room has air conditioning which was very refreshing when I came in from a long day sightseeing! The swimming pool was clean and the staff were very friendly. I didn't use the poolside bar but I saw people had slush's and ice cold drinks, they also did snacks such as crisps. I didn't go to the restaurant either but I looked at prices and they were reasonably priced. €8 for a portion of spaghetti Bolognese. Overall, accommodation was good