Australia and Oceania, Asia, Europe · 9 Days · 20 Moments · June 2017

Danielle's journi to United Kingdom

7 July 2017

Wow. We just had Brackworst sausage for lunch at Boppard. After lunch we had a cruise down the Rhine. Just stunning. We went around Laureli bend which folk lore says the siren Laureli sings causing ships to crash.

6 July 2017

Just arrived in the Netherlands. Our guide gave us a stroop waffle, that sits over coffee. Very yummy. We also saw our first windmill. They turn anti clockwise and we're used to pump water out of the fields and into canals. They were also used as signals during the war. In Amsterdam there are canals and more canals.... and cannabis! Cannabis lolly pops, ice cream, chocolate, condoms, cookies, cakes, tea, and more! It's all you can smell. We went on a lovely canal cruise where we saw the 7 bridges. This is the only place on all the canal system where you can see 7 bridges at once.

5 July 2017

Dinner tonight was included and was ok. Todd, Jade and I had the fish and mark had the beef stew. After dinner we walked around town again as it doesn't get light till 2200. We walked around church of our Lady where Michael Angelo's statue Madonna is held. We wanted to go in but it was closed. We also saw the Basilica of the Holy Blood. There is supposedly a vial of Christ's blood held here.
There is so much history here. I guess it will be the same everywhere we go. We did a walking tour then walked around exploring on our own. We found a Christmas shop. I could have spent hours looking but time goes so quickly. I did buy a Christmas decoration. We also tried Belgian chocolate and Belgian waffles. They were delicious!! We sat to have a beer... it was like a full jug! We tried the fries because apparently they were first made in Belgium. We are them as they do.. with mayo.
We waited an hour for the engines to get fixed and then finally made it to France. Driving along to Brugge. We passed Flanders fields where 1 million men died in WWI. There are poppies growing, scattered throughout the fields. We arrived in Brugge which is s beautiful city. Here was where the fist form of the stock exchange came into play.
We have driven past Dover Castle and down to the White Cliffs of Dover to board the boat to Calais. Once on board and ready to go, we find out we are delayed due to engine failure! I wonder how long before we go.
Well off we go to Europe. Our tour guide is Brent and so far he is full of great stories. We passed the wall where Greenwich Mean time is measured and opposite that was a field on a hill. This area is Blackheath and it is where all the victim of the Black Plague were buried. The children used to sing " Ring a ring a rosy, a pocket full of posy, a tissue, a tissue, we all fall down. It was sung about the plague. The Ron a rosy referred to the look of the sites when they first appear. The pocket of posy was the post of lavender and other fragrant herbs that was thought to keep away the plague. A tissue refers to when people sneezed, they spread the germs and so they all fall down.

4 July 2017

Dinner was in China town which was a very short walk from our hotel.
It was a great entrance to the museum. You travel up the escalator in to the sun! We loved the dinosaur exhibition. Todd loved the history of mankind. Afterwards we had lunch in an Italian restaurant which served lovely pizza. We then went back and drank the Australian wine bought in Dubai, and our Harrods cheeses. Yumm
Today we hopped back on the bus and travelled to The Natural History Museum via Hyde Park. Next door to the museum is the Victoria and Albert Museum. Both buildings have bomb damage from WWII.

3 July 2017

After our ride we fought the tube to Harrods and went shopping. Jade and I bought a lipstick and some cheese. I want to get a Christmas bear for our new Grandchild but will wait to get it on way home. We walked back to hotel along Piccadilly Rd and Green park. It is called Green park because there are no flowers in it. It was a royal park. King Charles II was walking through with his wife Anne.he picked a flower. Anne said to give it to the most beautiful woman you see. King Charles didn't give it to Anne. He gave it to a maid that he had the hots for, so Anne had all the flowers removed! I. The way back we stopped and had dinner in an Italian restaurant where the food was lovely. The mixed bruschetta was yum
We booked in for our champagne Eye ride and hopped back on the bus to go to Harrods. I heard my name a looked up to see Amy sitting on the bus. Like wow! We knew she was I London but what aI e the chances we get on the same bus! This bus was better than the first one as we had live commentary. Alfie was so good! So knowledge and funny! We did underestimate the time to get around so we didn't get off at Harrods, we went back around to the London Eye and hade a horrible cheeseburger for lunch and then a bottle of Champagne before we got on the Eye!
We started our day with a hop on hop off bus tour around London. At the moment our bus is stuck in traffic and we aren't going anywhere!!

2 July 2017

After lunch Molly wanted to take " Aunty Danni to splash in water". We went to a fountain in Trafalgar Square, in the middle of an Eid festival, and Molly had a ball, requiring a full change of clothes! We then said goodbye to them and went for a walk up Regent st where they had blocked it off to traffic. They are doing that every Sunday in July. There were stalls and entertainment. It was around 4 pm so things were starting to wind down but it was lovely. We walked around and around along oxford Regent, Oxford and Bond st.... window shopping only!! We were looking for a pub to have a beer. We finally found one, had one beer and walked back as we were exhausted, only to find there was a few pubs around the corner of the hotel! We were in bed by 1930
What a long flight! We were all so tired but wanted to stay up all day so we could get into a good sleep pattern. We checked into hotel and started exploring. We walked around Trafalgar Square and then down to Buckingham palace, where there was the changing of the guards. We couldn't get close because of the people so we walked back through St James park, stopping to sit and enjoy the sun. We then went into the National Art a gallery and Todd saw his favourite painting, The Fighting Temeraire by JMW Turner, along with other Turner paintings. It was here that we met up with Susan, Lee and Molly. We went to Steak and Co for lunch and I gave Molly her belated birthday present. The waiters thought it was her birthday so at the end on the meal they bought out a little cheesecake with z candle and sing happy birthday. We didn't ask for it, it was just a lovely gesture.
It was a long first leg to Dubai. We sat at a table and I thought there were mints on the table. I ate one and found it to be a sugar cube. I am going to use fatigue as my excuse!

1 July 2017

And we are off. Just about to board our flight to London!! We are ready to party!!

29 June 2017

Well I guess with only two sleeps to go, I should start putting stuff into my bag!