Thailand · 11 Days · 15 Moments · July 2016

Danielle and Clint diving through Thailand

31 July 2016

We say goodbye to Koh Tao today! Sad to be leaving, but it feels like the right time. Long enough to really appreciate the place, short enough to not get bored on a somewhat small island. We'll miss this place and we hope we get to return someday.

30 July 2016

Chilling on the balcony at Hillside Resort.

28 July 2016

Last day of diving! We went to the infamous Sail Rock. It took two hours one way of very choppy boating to reach it, but it was a super amazing pair of dives. Huge schools of barracuda, big groups of giant grouper, and more. A friend had a go pro so we got some cool pictures too!
Moved to a new place! Our reservation at Secret Garden ran out so we've moved to Koh Tao hillsides resort. A big hike uphill from town (about 20 min), but amazing views and so peaceful.

26 July 2016

Late late night out on the town! Started at Blue Water for dinner and a sunset, headed to Victor's Bar to watch our dive video (see link at end), then headed down the road to Banyan to celebrate several dive masters graduating from Roctopus, went to the Ladyboy Cabaret Bar, and finished off the night around 2 at the Fishbowl (which is basically a glorified frat pool of fun :P). Ended the night with the best of the best crepe in the world :P Video:
More beautiful views from the boat as we head out for our final round of diving to become advanced certified.

25 July 2016

Watching the sunset at the end of the road after a long day of diving.
Night out on the town on Sairee beach.

24 July 2016

Night dive!!! It was a long day to do a super early dive and a super late dive, but totally worth it. A beautiful sunset and a really neat dive.
Open water certified! Clint, Jon, and I celebrated at Idjang's up the road. Delicious food to prepare us because...tonight we start our advanced certification with a night dive!!
Super early morning of diving. We got up at 5:30 to head to Roctopus for our final two dives of our open water certification. Got to witness a beautiful sunrise as a treat for our early rising :)

23 July 2016

Fire dancing along Sairee beach at night.

22 July 2016

We've started our Open Water dive certification! I was a bit nervous to start with but...diving is amazing. It's so fantastic to be able to go down to the reef and stay down. We've been working on practicing our breath, working towards "perfect buoyancy" (don't go up or down, but stay neutral under water), and how to respond to certain situations (mask coming off while underwater, clearing your mask underwater, regulator being knocked out, etc.)

21 July 2016

Staying at Secret Garden Bungalows for part of our time here. Super cozy and nice. Sairee beach is the main beach in Koh Tao and is diving and party city. Secret Garden is nice because it's close enough to Sairee to be convenient for diving, but far enough away to be nice and quiet at night.
Back to Thailand! We changed our minds about our summer travel and decided to spend the last 10 days in Koh Tao, Thailand instead of continuing to traveling around China. A gooooood decision :P