Philippines · 5 Days · 10 Moments · October 2015

D and C's adventure in Philippines

5 October 2015

Watching the sun set from White Sands beach. The night before we went night swimming. As we swam, the bioluminescent plankton glowed and it was an absolutely magical experience. We've loved being here so much.
Another gorgeous and relaxing day.

4 October 2015

Last night at Rose Pike with our favorite server, Sweechey.

3 October 2015

Night out with new friends from Shenzhen that also went to Boracay for the national holiday.
Snorkeling trip! The snorkeling was ok, but the views going from place to place was amazing. Finished off the day at Puka Beach.

2 October 2015

Dinner at what became our favorite restaurant: Rose Pike at Boracay
Lounging on the beach! A much needed break after a very intense school startup.
Went for a sail around the island and it was awesome! Have now sailed through a wicked rainstorm, getting thoroughly soaked from below and above!!
We've arrived! And it's beautiful. Husband+Beach=Happiness

1 October 2015

In the Manila airport on our way to the island of Boracay!