Europe, North America · 8 Days · 20 Moments · January 2017

Canada trip in winter - Montréal and Toronto

6 February 2017

Last two days in Canada! During our last two days in Canada we ended up strolling a bit into the city in Toronto, going to some food markets back in Montréal and yet again, trying out a new cuisine. We went to this really secluded restaurant in our neighbourhood in Toronto and tried out Ethiopian food. We were pleasantly surprised with the taste and texture and I can recommend it to everyone who wants to try something different and tasty. #ethiopian #cuisine #toronto #canada
CN Tower and Steam Whistle brewery 🍻🌆 We spontaneously went for a tour in this Canadian brewery called Steam Whistle brewery and it was a great decision! I thought this would be your regular brewery tour but I was wrong! I was impressed by their sustainable approach to the way they do business! Plus we got 3 beers with the tour which was also cool. Next we went over the to CN Tower which is also a to do in Toronto. Here you have your typical city view but it's well worth it! Another bonus is that these two places are just 2 minutes away from each other! #toronto #cntower #steamwhistle #canada
Ripley's Aquarium Toronto 🐟🐙🐳 I cannot say I am the biggest fan of aquariums but this one blew me away! Don't let yourselves be fooled by the impression that it's only for children! This amazing huge aquarium offers a really one of a king experience that can't be missed. They have many different types of exhibitions that will keep you hooked but most importantly they have this huge walk through aquarium that is out of this world! Don't miss it if you're in Toronto! #aquarium #toronto #canada
Best maple syrup pancakes!! 🍮🍴 In the quest of searching for great maple syrup pancakes I can say we succeeded. This place has everything. Authenticity, amazing and large portions, great coffee and good vibes. They offer a great range of breakfast items to choose from and these amazing pancakes that will forever be in my heart. 💙 Tucked away on a side street in Toronto, this place is a must go to! #auntiesanduncles #toronto

5 February 2017

Super bowl live from Toronto 🍁🏈 Being the biggest sports night in America we had to go out and have a proper experience! The tour bus from niagara left us exactly in front of this sports bar. Oh and guess what, they also had a table free in front of the big TV. This night started with absolutely no clue of how the game works and ended with me being a fan of game and cheering for touchdowns and scores! On top of everything we enjoyed a typical American meal and some beers for a really good offer. If you're into sports and want to watch a game head over to any hoops bar. You won't be disappointed. New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons #hoops #pub #toronto
Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-lake 🌊🎑 So our second day in Ontario we spent by visiting the falls and this other small city nearby the falls. We booked the journey behind the falls experience so we went behind the actual falls! I think the experience itself is way better when it's warmer outside cause now you struggle between taking pics and making sure you don't freeze! However, I have to say I was really impressed by the whole journey and with the falls themselves. It is also way better to see them from the Canadian side than the American one! The Americans had to actually built a half bridge over to Canada in order to see something. Canadians on the other hand, can easily enjoy hundreds of metres of a great view of the falls! Niagara-on-the-lake was this typical small Canadian town which I really hoped to see cause it gives me a better idea of how people actually live over there. It's definitely a must see especially in summer or spring! #canada #niagara #falls

3 February 2017

Great food, affordable prices and awesome atmosphere! Red room in Toronto 🍁 On our way out from the museum we were searching for a place that wouldn't make a hole in our wallets and that we can have some decent food and cheap drinks. And so we found it! Red Room in Toronto has this cozy student atmosphere and you can definitely drink a beer or two.. or three, without thinking how much money did I actually just spent on alcohol tonight! The food is also good, it's mainly coming from the Asian cuisine which was also nice for us since we love Asia food. The music is not too loud which makes it great for a night out with friends! Will definitely be back here one day! #toronto #canada #ontario #red #room #goingout
Welcome to Toronto! 🏢 After a long train ride we made it over to the English speaking side! So far everything is looking really good and we are really blown away by the city. Plus the temperatures are not so 'deadly' as in Montreal. First stop after checking in our airnbnb was Royal Ontario museum. Which, to be fair, looked a lot like natural history museums you can find in almost every major capital. Nonetheless, we were impressed by the architecture of the place and some of the exhibition caught our attention. Plus, it was fun to try our the interactive technology all over the place. So this place gets a + from me! #toronto #royal #ontario #museum #citylife

2 February 2017

Last night (for now) in Montréal celebrated with Venezuelan cuisine! 🍴🍛 As we were trying to search for a Canadian restaurant and didn't have so much luck, we thought about trying a new type of cuisine tonight. Oh and boy did we love it! The place itself is really cosy and tucked away in a side street in Montréal! The atmosphere was really latino and the waitresses were really lovely. We ended up trying some recommendations from our waitress and we loved it! Affordable and good value for money! This is not the last time I shall eat this! 💙 #arepa #montreal #food #venezuelan
A cultural afternoon 🎭🎫 So as we didn't know much (or nothing hehe) about the Canadian culture, we though we should visit a history museum. And so we did. We went to the Center d'histoire de Montréal. And we were not sorry! I don't know if I was ever so well impressed with a museum. It was all the history so well presented that I was never bored for the 2h I spent there. And whats most, I've learnt so much about Canada and Montreal! Informative and interactive learning center. Definitely a must do! We spent the rest of the afternoon strolling by the lake side and checking our the settings at igloo festival! #culture #canada #montreal #history
Ice skating and a looooong walk through the Mount Royal. 🏃❄ We started with a slow and quite cold walk on the hill of Mount Royal. We ended up having a view over the city which was a quite nice addition to out initial plan of ice skating. After what was probably 1h walking we made it to beaver lake where we had the bets afternoon ice skating. The sun was shinning and the ice was perfect. I still remember the sun rays coming down into the forest while we were finishing our amateur ice skating day. Again, a must do in winter! Add in some snowshoeing and tube sledging and you got yourself a perfect winter afternoon in Montréal! #winter #ice skating #montreal

1 February 2017

The old town of Montréal. 🏰 Probably my favourite part of the whole city. Maybe it was cause it was quite cold and you can't really do so much outside in the city. This old part of Montréal is really what you can find in some European cities. Old architecture, a lot of personality, typical old cafes ready to meet all of your needs and of course the typical churches, old fortress walls and castle remains. Plus you can add the occasional sky scraper building among the old ones which makes a really cool contrast. What's not to like? Definitely a must see. It can only be better when you can stroll around for more than 30 minutes! #old #town #montreal #architecture
Canadian supermarkets are really funny. They are so huge that you literally feel so overwhelmed. And they only sell food. Yep. No other house supplies or conversion plugs for that matter. Thomas seemed to have found his heaven on earth with this huge walk in beer refrigerator haha. I swear he spent like 30 inside deciding which Canadian beer to buy. I myself was impressed with the diverse types of hummus and chocolate hehe 🍫🍙 Still, I couldn't find any maple syrup in the whole place! #skill searching #nevergiveup #maplesyrup

31 January 2017

Bienvenue a Montréal! After a long flight here we are!! First impression was that it's not as cold as I thought it would be. Temperatures are more or less like in Austria. Which is good! Yay! After a looooong last search for our airbnb apartment we finally managed to get in time for the ice hockey game. Absolutely great atmosphere and very interesting game. I even learnt some cheering techniques and on top of everything I tried some typical poutine! 🍟yumyum Allez Montreal!! 🍁 Montreal Canadians vs Buffalo Sabres #montreal #canada #finally #poutine #allez #montreal #ice #hockey
Bienvenue a Paris! Hopefully final layover until Canada! I already changed flights three times in Paris but have never visited the city. I think this calls for a weekend trip over here soon! 💙 👒 Canada here we comeeeeeeeee 🍁! #canada #atlast #montreal #flight
Good morning Amsterdam! Trying again today to make it over to Canada. Meanwhile we found these goodies at the airport! 🍷 #canada #take2 #innocent #smoothies #hats #longflight #paris #herewecome

30 January 2017

So we ended up taking quite a central walk through the famous channels. It was a good sneak peak of Amsterdam and definitely a sign that we shall be back soon! 🔜🌏 #amsterdam #brb #lovedit #dutch
Stranded in Amsterdam ⏳ So it turns out we just missed out connection flight by a few minutes and we were booked on another flight to Montreal via Paris!! Good thing is we've never been together in Amsterdam so now we are gonna check out the city center :) 🏢⛲🚤 #amsterdam #holland #citylife
Up up in the air.. ✈✈✈
Good morning Flughafen Wien! Started with a delayed flight in Vienna but we still have hopes:) 1 more hour to wait!! ⏳ PS: I can already taste the maple syrup pancakes 🍰🍴 #canada #soon #longflight🌍