Germany, India · 20 Days · 104 Moments · October 2017

EBZ goes India 2017

4 November 2017

3 November 2017

1 November 2017

Flughafen Kochi in Kerala Gleich am Ausgang ein Hinweis darauf, dass Kerala nach Goa in Indien der sicherste Ort für Frauen ist.

30 October 2017

29 October 2017

Der Wochenplan

28 October 2017

27 October 2017

26 October 2017

Trident, Delhi
Luminare/ Ascendas II
Luminare/ Ascendas
Trident, Delhi
First Morning Delhi, Trident
First Night in Trident Delhi Guargon

25 October 2017

Godrej One

24 October 2017

Hiranandani II
Hiranandani Township
Last day in Mumbai, Amplus Capital
Amplus Capital
Imperial Towers II
The imperial towers

23 October 2017

Phönix Mills High Street
Standard chartered
Standard Chartered & CPPIB

22 October 2017

Trident Bandra Kurla in Mumbai Very pretty rooms but no space for all the cloth!

21 October 2017

Great Party with delicous dishes, Beer from Goa and live rock music
Walking from the beach to the hotel and visit a regional supermarket (with some German products)
Beach of Goa (the only beach where it is allowed to swim - but nobody swam and the water was too hot)
On our way to the Beach (long way because of so much traffic)
Fresh Coconut Water - yummy :-)
Sightseeing in Goa: A old fort made by the Portuguese.

20 October 2017

Dinner in "Earth oven" a branch of our hotel
Regina Fortune Hotel. Some of us took the chance to get a massage or doing some sport.
First day in Goa: Transfer from the Airport to the Regina fortune hotel
Flight from Mumbai to Goa by Air India
Waiting for the flight (15 min. Delayed)
Airport and Art
On our way to Goa by Airplane. Short tea time in Starbucks
Anish and his girlfriends partying

19 October 2017

Near to midnight we joined a real expensive club called Drinking Kulture
Second house/flat we could visit and further rangoli
We even got a short view from the home of Anish’s friend, while she’s dressing up to go dancing with us
Nearby the house of the indish family we saw some (only for Diwali) real cute rangoli on the front of each house/flat. On diwali they use crackers and firework to render homage to their Hindu gods by making as many light as the can.
In the evening we could visit an indish family to celebrate diwali together
Tea Time and a little lunch
We went to Moksh Plaza and bought some authentic Indian dresses and ate shaka masala
Buying indian cloth and the tailor is nearby
Anish gave us a Short overview about Indian property/investment market and the education level/ political situation

18 October 2017

Beach in the afternoon/evening and a typical Indish dish.
Many waifs and all kind of animals (dogs, cows, cats and even goats) in the streets.
Lunch in the best persian Restaurant in Mumbai. The Traditional Drink (with peper) tasted a little bit like bloody mary. The garlic Bread was delicous (with big pieces of garlic and not even garlic oil like we all know from europe).
Fresh Sugarcane juice.
Two religious places on one day. First a Hindu Temple where you could Place a wish in return for money (you must push a coin against the wall and if the coins sustains on the wall your wish come true) and christian church in the Center of Mumbai
Day 2: next Station: one of the famous temples of Mumbai.
On our way to the exchange Office. It's slightly difficult to change Euro into Rupees.
Deutsche Bank and only Andrea gets her Money from the ATM while Bart is still searching for the right place for his card 🙂 Around the corner there is washday on the street
Changing money
Dosa for Breakfast and the skyline

17 October 2017

First Day with a seafood Dinner
Anish gave du a Short overview about the busines places in india (Mumbai = Financial) Picture of Our starter in a seafood Restaurant
The Hotel is well prepared for Diwali (Lichterfest)
Our Hotel in Mumbai. Marine Plaza Mumbai
Our Trip from Gateway of India to Our Hotel. 8 person in a 6. Person cab
Our group in front of the Gateway of India and the identification label of the City - Mumbai (written in Hindi).
Gateway of India
Sweet little Girl
A little walk after lunch towards the Gateway. Photo in front of the Institute of Science.
Pastry Bakery nearby the Hotel and a construction worker painting a Building in a slightly (for european people) dangerous way
A little walk after lunch towards the Gateway.
View from the rooftop of the hotel

16 October 2017

Departure in Frankfurt on the Main Airport