Europe · 12 Days · 19 Moments · January 2017

David & Danelle's Journey to Europe.

24 January 2017

Tuesday, Jan 24th. Our Venice to Paris flight departed at 620AM. Many inconvenient options to get to airport (30+ minutes by boat) by 430AM. Public transit not running that early. Some travelers spend the night before early morning flight in the airport. We opted for private sea taxi. Airport was nearly deserted that early.

23 January 2017

From our Venice hotel. Off to sight see. Mon AM.

20 January 2017

Sat Jan 21 2017. Florence. Aka Firenze. Happy with hotel. Fri Jan 20 Went to Uffizi museum. Mostly medieval and renaissance art and sculpture. David craved beef and iced soft drink so we had McDonalds lunch. Danelle discovered McCafe, a coffee and pastry spinoff. Late afternoon watched CNN inauguration coverage. Had great supper across the river at #3 Florence restaurant from trip advisor. Chilly clear weather. Walking mainly or using our bus passes.

19 January 2017

Bon Giornio. Good morning. We just departed Roma for Finenze. Or Rome for Florence. On full train. We really liked our hotel being near Roma Termini. Or main Rome bus, train, subway terminal. Around Rome to get back to hotel we just looked for Termini and hopped on. Our hotel just past Trattoris Pizzaria sign.

18 January 2017

Wed. Jan 18th. Papal audience day. David got up at 6am to catch bus to St Peter's Basilica to try to get weekly papal audience tickets. See deserted early am St Peters Square. Got tickets from very serious well dressed men in office. Went back to hotel to get Danelle. A man on bus took kindly to Danelle and guided us. See picture of him.

17 January 2017

Tues., Jan 17, 2017. Pompeii, Italy. Founded about 600 BC. Near Naples. City and about 20,000 residents Buried by Mt Vesuvius volcanic ash about 70 AD. Discovered in 1750 and excavation continues today. Danelle stands by a stadium door where lions entered for Christian supper.

16 January 2017

Trevi fountain, a cafe with a great "set" meal that we found on the way to the Spanish Steps.
Trevi Fountain
Hotel Serena. Rome. Looking from our top floor window. Small shops and restaurants line the street. Just 2 blocks from the Termini. Rome Bus and Train Terminal. We ve already taken city bus to Trevi Fountain area. Then Italian supper which we loved. Expresso after supper. Then stroll to Spanish Fountain. Then packed subway home.
Underground was packed enroute to London City Airport. Local flavor. Our final train was the DLR. AKA DriverLess Rail. Took double decker buses many times.

15 January 2017

National Museum. Sunday, Jan 15 evening.
Our hotel is in center background. Picture shows how convenient it is to High Street Kensington Underground, plus buses. We used public transit and feet the entire visit.

14 January 2017

Saturday night we scored last minutes Phantom of the Opera tickets. This is its original location. Over 30 years of performances. Most sold out like ours. Her Majesty's Theater. Unforgettable.
Cover scene of Beatles Abbey Road album, plus studio. SAT. Jan 14 2017
Saturday evening after Rock & Roll Tour, before Phantom. Tried to have supper at Sherlock Holmes Restaruant. Recommended. Then Picaddilly Circus.

13 January 2017

The Tardis! (For all the Dr. Who fans)
A visit to Harrods. They had fruit I never heard of. Huge store with a commissioned Chihuly Glass chandelier. The urns are from the Egyptian escalator area. We had a lovely dinner at the Harrod's cafe overlooking one of several halls of fresh food for takeaway (take out.) They have 11 places to eat in the store.
Center Court at Wimbledon.
Flying into London at dawn. The London Eye (giant ferris wheel) is lit up.