Greece · 5 Days · 8 Moments · June 2017

27 June 2017

The Blue Caves; an unforgettable experience and as a serious lover of the colour blue I was in heaven. Diving off the boat I couldn't have felt closer to Ariel, flounder and co if I tried. Crystal clear water, perfectly sculpted caves it was just a dream to see Mother Natures work at its finest.
Navagio beach, I'd seen this beach on various insta accounts I follow and thought I desperately need to go here. Although not as idyllic as I expected, the water surrounding the beach is the most glorious water you'll ever step in. Even if the white rocks do help you lose a few layers of your feet on the way in. The fact you can explore the shipwreck in its entirety is fascinating, from the mast to the bow. It's full of dark secrets and a mystery surrounds the eerie ship as it lies in the shade hardly catching the sun. I guess you could see this as some kind of metaphor.

26 June 2017

Hiring boats to catch glimpses of turtles was splendid, as a great admirer of Sir David Attenborough, I'm obsessed with the adorbs little creatures, probably because I hold the traits of them, with the laid back attitude and just generally floating through life (I'm stereotyping personalities of turtles here because of finding nemo)

25 June 2017

The balcony -zakynthos
Cameo island - a stunning wedding venue and out of this world panoramic views

23 June 2017

22 June 2017