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my passions!!

29 December 2017

There was also an episode in my groundschool years that I wanted to lift up my mom every day after school as a greating ^^ She was bout the 64 kilo. and I was only 34 Kilo. I loved it! to see that the impossible became possibible everytime. And she would scream and laugh, that i would breack my back like this one day. I recall that I told my friend who complained she was a bit fat and therefor not fysically smart, the next words; Don't let the obvious fool you. I am small but I can move bigger objects cause I bundle all my forces. I showed her right away how to do that and then encouraged her to try it as well. Her smile made me undiscribible happy. I felt usefull helping her and teaching her this tiny life lesson. I think I saw myself as boys see Zoda from starwars: the force is within !! I felt Often like a super hero and super proud on myself. Today I still try to feed this natural crazy urge of mine... still love to play the hero part now and then!
During groundschool I was light and strong, so I loved a love to climb anything. But also to run up walls, to do some handstands, balance on balance bars; challenging every kid to try to balance while playfighting. When I was 7 I asked for a skateboard. I recall convincing my friends to run op a tall wall at the schoolyeard, about 2.2 meter high. We where 11 years old en pretty small for our age. I convinced everybody that it was doable as long as you focus fully at the goal. The first tries where not even close to succeeding. And we tried and tried the whole schoolbreack. I mannaged to grab the ridge and pulled myself up the wall before the breack was over. My best friend managed the second breack as well. Ever since, we practised this every school breack for a couple off weeks untill we got bored. This story sticked somehow very strongly. I think cause it was to me the magical discovery off the joy off testing my limits. And proving to myself that I know where they are about :)
My journey started a long time ago. I have to start at the beginning.. I was very young when I decided that I liked to wrestle, to climb and jump around and to always test my fysical powers! My mother would recall that as a 2 year old I loved to dominate her face with my fat belly with full weight as she was napping or sleeping. The beginning of wrestling techniques where set ;p. She would also often recall that when I was 1,5 tears old, that I loved to wait for an unforseen moment to sprint on hands and knies to the edge off the big bed in attempt to dive off. Sprinting became a frequent exercize off mine during lower school. Just to see if I was faster then my friends. Luckely for me I was not bad at all. And don't worry my mom would fedge my enkle before I dived off. Although it could have explained some strange traits  off mine ;p
I decide to start a journal about my adventures who has yet to come and off those who had yet passed. Mainly about my passion for sports and movement.  And the most complex sport off all is to me dance. That is het I need to write about it as well. It is like a mistery to me that wants to be unravelled very very slowly. And not totally. It needs to keep a certain wonder.  And when I dance I dance for multiple reasons.. and mostly I do not really care much about the apperence off dancing. One off my most favorite toppics is: what coalition/together- dancing does internally.  And then the benefits off dancing: How it keeps you fit and healthy and how you can set goals and improve yourself constantly. Ever since I met contact impro (CI) and estatic dance, where there is a lot of partner dancing and fysical contact involved, I fell in love cause off the mystery and the adrenaline that it evoked, due  to the tension between two individuals. Now I am on a journey off revealing most off it