Europe · 20 Days · 19 Moments · July 2017

Dana's adventure in Newcastle upon Tyne, Unit

25 July 2017

24 July 2017

23 July 2017

Newcastle Pride with National Trust :))

18 July 2017


17 July 2017

Can't say that work isn't fun πŸ’ͺ🏻 πŸ’ͺ🏻 πŸ’ͺ🏻 This experience is so so so great for me! Working in nature with kids, walking around outside all day, in every weather. Just... Amazing! ✨

16 July 2017

Durham Brass Festival :)

15 July 2017

Went out in Newcastle with Rob, Jodie and Alistair last night :) we went to The Botanist and ate at Chaophraya

14 July 2017

11 July 2017

Good morning everyone! It has been a busy start into the week, but today I can proudly present: my job! Wit proper work attire and a proper desk with a computer I cannot yet use because I have no login, whoop! Yesterday morning we had a group of 26 13-year-olds and freed a big area of bracken to allow some planted trees to grow. In the afternoon it was all office work and when we got back home at 7pm, we were dead tired and just watched some mindless telly. πŸ“Ί Let's see what today will bring.

9 July 2017

So much glitter and weird dancing 🎢 Good night, sleep tight <3
After having had a tad too much to drink during games night with Age's parents, I'm taking it easy tonight at Age's birthday party. Also! First ever ice cream from a mobile ice cream van! Exciting! ✨ 🍦

8 July 2017

I haven't spent two nights in the same place since I came to the UK. First night, I was at my room at Alistair and Jodie's place. Second night, I was sharing a tent with them at the pre-wedding party. Third night, I will spend at Age's parent's place. I've just had a brilliant nap there and I just know, I'll sleep like a baby tonight.
Agey's mum took me to a wonderful antique market while he and Jodie attend the actual wedding. There were lots of unbelievably weird things to look at.

7 July 2017

We've spent a wonderful night and morning at the pre-wedding party of two wonderful people in Stocksten, Manchester. There was amazing Polish food and lots and lots of glitter everywhere. Amazing!

6 July 2017

I've got the sweetest room all to myself at my friend Jodie's place. I expected to spend the three weeks on the sofa, so I'm absolutely delighted! ✨ πŸ’– Plus, the room is full of books I love! πŸ“™ I'm so excited for the first day of work tomorrow, really keen to see what I'll be doing here :)
Made it to Durham! What a cute place this is! Not the best idea to walk around with a big ass suitcase, though... There's stairs and stairs and stairs and the ground is not even... 😰 #whtever
Good thing the engine on this thing is so loud... Otherwise everyone on the plane would have heard my stomach shouting for food 🍲 #hungry #hangry
Why are all drinks sooo weird on this trip? I spilled the water all over myself like a toddler and while that sprite can looks hella rad, it's sugar free and quite disgusting 🀒 :(
And off I am! A whole three weeks of The Northℒ️ I'm so excited! 😊